Cats + Crafts + Whac-A-Mole = Homemade Whac-A-Mouse

Japanese YouTube contributor Neko-ore Munchkin used a cardboard box, wooden sticks, plastic cups, and toy mice to build this awesome game to entertain his two playful kitties.

Inspired by Super Mario Bros., the box is covered in green Japanese gift wrap and wrapped in brick wallpaper. The wooden sticks work as levers to make the toy mice pop up out of their respective holes.

We doubt any cat could resist.

[via Faith is Torment and RocketNews24]

These are my two lops, Talon and Neelie. Talon likes to wear one of his ears up sometimes, and Neelie has lost half of one of her ears years ago in a fight for top bunny position when my group was still bigger. They are both around 12 years old and have travelled to and lived in three countries with me! 

Wow! That’s amazing, I never knew buns could live to be so old! Most dogs don’t even live to that age :O 

Submitted by  shishishida