Zoya’s Guide To Blizzard Preparedness! 

I don’t know if you heard, but there’s a giant #blizzard coming and its gonna drop all kinds of cold stuff over us and the places where the dandelions grow! Lame! We shells of the #turtpocalypse must be prepared when a situation like this arrives! So here is my Blizzard Preparedness guide!

  1. Snuggly Blankets. I mean, these are vital in the winter in general but EXTRA important during blizzard times. Your human can wrap a heat pad in them and then warp you in them so you stay warm. You can snuggle in them if your human needs to clean stuff in your castle or if you wanna watch a movie. Its important to make sure they are snuggly so definitely test em first. 
  2. Always have lots of noms and back up noms, and more noms. You don’t know how long it will be till you can send your human out for more. Hide some extra, extra noms somewhere no one knows, in case you need a late night snack hehehe.  
  3. Long Lasting air activated heat wraps (not the stinky kind with that icy hot stuff on it… those are no good) The cold is no good. We have our heat lamps and space heaters, but you have to be ready in case the power goes out! Humans use these things when their backs hurt or something, but they can also be used for a short time if we need to be kept warm and snuggly during a winter (or any other) power outage. These are cool cause they just need air to make them work and they stay warm for 8-12 hours!! That’s a long time of warm snuggles you’ll have while your human figures out where to go so you can get your UVB and heat lamp back in order.
  4. Battery Operated Radio. This is important so you can keep up with news while your human goes out to do things, like shovel or take a nap. If the power goes out, it can tell your human where you can go for warmth and noms (I vote California). Its also helpful if your human is listening to something sub par and you wanna have some of your own jams in your terrarium… hmmm..Maybe that’s a personal problem never mind. 
  5. The Humom hoodie heat & Snuggling device. (the most important one if you ask me).  I think this is self-explanatory. Humom’s hoodie is warm and snuggly! its useful for warmth, snuggles (and if you wanna be extra cute in an attempt to get extra noms this is the place to go!) .
  6. Humom suggests making sure We’re hydrated and getting our regular soaks but I’m not gonna list that cause I don’t like baths. *pout*