So as most of you know, I’m am running a raffle/fundraiser to raise money for the Wright Way Rescue here in Illinois. I’m trying to raise at least a few thousand for them, and here’s why. On October 2nd of last year, the rescue was hit by a school bus. You can read the full story here. They have been at a few temporary adoption centers ever since, and are finally getting their new ‘forever home’ built. They need all the help they can get. 

The Wright Way Rescue is close to my heart, because I adopted my baby Fozzi-bear there. They’re a great non-profit organization and they need your help! So please consider donating here and helping all the puppies and kitties! For every dollar you donate, you will be entered in winning a huge prize pack worth $800+, sponsored by the Color Me Rad 5k!


I know this is random, but I want to take the time to say if you have a pet at home.. please hold them and acknowledge them every day. My cats have always been such a form of comfort to me, and it breaks my heart to know that one day they won’t be around. So please enjoy what you have while you can. :)