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Kit!Stiles gets spotted in his fox form and it causes a bit of an uproar with the local humans. Nobody's able to get him to admit if it was an accident or not. Or if he does admit it, he says it in a different language, so they're like >=/

(Follow-up post to this.)

If Kitsune get drunk, they tend to revert to their true form, so maybe Stiles gets smashed because it’s an overall bad day for him, and he wanders into town in his fox form where people see him. Next day, he’s kind of embarrassed about his loss of control so he talks circles around anyone who asks, pranks them if they get too pushy about it, and just overall goes off and sulks about it because he should be too old for drunken mistakes, and he’s still sort of depressed from old memories.

Peter finds him later and doesn’t push, is mostly just amused by the panic Stiles stirred up in town.  But he doesn’t like seeing Stiles all morose either so he ups and decides to drag the kitsune out of town for the weekend on a road trip or something, and after they check into an inn for the night, maybe Stiles tells some of his past to Peter, reveals some of the mystery, or he’s falling asleep curled up against Peter, isn’t really conscious of what he’s saying and ends up admitting that Peter makes him feel safe for the first time in decades/centuries, and that he really doesn’t want to leave…

peter going through the vault and contacting old family friends to gather together what few photos they have left of the hales and putting them all in an album.  he gives it to derek (though not on christmas or on a birthday because it’s not a gift, derek, it doesn’t mean anything i just had them lying around and i don’t have a use for them, do i?) but when derek works himself up enough to flick through it he realises that peter didn’t add a single picture of himself, not even from when he was a kid.  when derek asks him why peter tells him it’s supposed to be his family and derek scowls at him and tells peter he is family, that’s not going to change, and he better give derek the rest of the photos right the hell now and oh my god i’d forgotten you used to have that haircut and whoa, do you remember that blanket?  cora wouldn’t go anywhere without it and is that me?  what am i wearing?

Steter Crackfic: The Boy with the Fluffy Tail (Part 1)

Rated: NC17, NSFW or small children

Warning: Is it underage bestiality crackfic if Stiles (age 17) is half fox and Peter is all wolf? HAHA! No, Peter isn’t a wolf when he fucks Stiles (but he probably wishes he was *coughs*)…but Stiles has little fox ears and a tail. OK, I’m warning for underage bestiality crackfic, just to be on the safe side.

PART 1 – The Boy with the Fluffy Tail

In which Stiles wakes up one day, post-Void mess, with cute little nogitsune ears and a fluffy tail.

“Ohmygod I can’t believe this!” Stiles jumped onto the metal table in the animal clinic. He let out a pitiful sounding whimper when he sat on his very fluffy tail. “Ow, damn this stupid thing!” He took a deep breath and let his feet dangle over the side. “Come on, Deaton, you’ve got to be able to fix this. You can fix everything.”

Deaton gave him a kind grin. “I appreciate the faith that you have in me, Stiles, but sometimes, some things that are in nature shouldn’t be fixed.”

Stiles gave him a look. “Oh don’t tell me that this is a normal part of nature.” He waved his hand over himself and rolled his eyes.

“But you’re so cute, Stiles,” Kira said, trying to be helpful. “So…huggable. And soft looking. Can I touch—“

“NO!” Stiles let out a growl, which even to his ears sounded kind of like a kitten. He grabbed his tail protectively, shielding it from her touch. “No petting. And that’s not being helpful!”

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'The Price of Absolution' for duskendales (Lydia/Peter, NC-17)

Title: The Price of Absolution
Recipient: duskendales
Creator: ivorygraves
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Peter/Lydia, mentions of Allison/Lydia
Warnings: Major Character Death, Underage (Lydia is a minor), Explicit Sexual Content, Unhealthy/Manipulative Relationship

Summary: Death is inevitable, resurrection is fleeting, and she has the power of both in her hands.

She’s always been his perfect plan.

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