And my fury about using baby animals in cage advertisements continues.

Seriously the one in the cage can’t be more than a week or two old. That is not even close to a suitable sized cage for an adult pig. Grumble grumble.

And it’s kinda cool looking so I bet a ton of people will buy it. Fun.


"Our handmade totes are stylish and sturdy! Made of quality materials and offered in multiple sizes and colors."

(Visit Etsy here)

Hey, my uncle uploaded a few more things on his Etsy shop! He’ll probably be adding a few more things later on, but for now I’m sure he’d really appreciate it if you checked out his store, or at least reblogged in case other people are interested. :)

Can You Bring Pet Supplies, Victoria?!

Victoria! Are you all psyched for tonight’s show? We have been working with The Ally Coalition for our last several shows and we have received some awesome donations for a variety of local organizations. At tonight’s show we will be collecting pet supplies for The Boneless Project! Please bring donations if you can! Looking forward to seeing you tonight!


I think I'm closing down the hammock shop :(

I haven’t really been enjoying it recently and I feel like I’m taking way too long to get people’s orders out because I have a million things going on and I don’t really enjoy it so it’s become more of a chore than a hobby. 

Now that I’m going to be starting a paying job, I won’t need the money as much. I’m going to finish up the current orders but that might be it :/

I still have a lot of fabric so I am going to use it for a few giveaways (expect a Halloween/5,000 followers giveaway very soon!) and then I might donate most of what I’m not going to use for personal hammocks. 

I feel sad to be abandoning it but I think it’s for the best. Then I can get back to really enjoying my free time vs. always feeling guilty that I should be sewing. 

Thank you so much to everyone who ordered and supported the business. It was an awesome experience and now I actually have some sewing skills!

Puppy Mill Dog Delilah Experiences Pure Joy When She Tries Out a Soft Bed

Delilah is a sweet and friendly Lhasa Apso who spent 9 years living in a wire cage in a puppy mill until she was saved by National Mill Dog Rescue earlier this month.

Her intake date is listed as October 10, so she has only known freedom for several days now.  She was bathed and shaved after her rescue, and on October 12 her caregivers shared one of the most heartwarming videos ever, with Delilah, all clean and unmatted, rolling around on a soft bed and feeling sheer joy.

This video shows Delilah experiencing a bed for the first time in her life:

You can see Delilah’s adoption listing HERE.

National Mill Dog Rescue gratefully accepts donations so that, in their words, “more dogs can have the chance to learn about soft beds and most importantly, love.”


Purina Pro Plan Dry Dog Food, Select, Adult Sensitive Skin & Stomach Formula, 33-Pound Bag, Pack of 1

The more you give.

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It’s a commitment that extends beyond the food bowl. Our rally to rescue program helps rescue organizations give rescued pets the nutrition, care and loving homes they deserve. To learn more, visit rallytorescue.org. Pro Plan is also the brand of choice for breeders. More than half of the top 100 champion dogs are fed pro plan*. Our commitment to research and financial support of the canine health foundation helps all dogs live happy live happy, healthy lives. *Akc topdogs all breed competition.

Purina Pro Plan:

  • Everyday nutrition for healthy adult dogs
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Puppy Mill Raid in Jackson County, West Virginia

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office in West Virginia is reporting that at least 135 dogs were successfully removed from a home on Route 21 in Sandyville.

Law enforcement officials were tipped off by a man that entered the property to purchase a puppy from the couple that lived there.  The man reported the horrific conditions in the home immediately upon leaving to the Humane Society of Jackson County.  The Sheriff’s Department was then brought in to help in the investigation.

When officials arrived on the scene they reported seeing the dogs living in filth.  They was moldy dog food all over the floor, and the smell of the urine and feces was overwhelming.  The dogs were in a terrible state themselves.  Many were caked in feces, and had various other health issues such as eye and ear infections.

A veterinarian on the scene commented that all of the dogs were small breeds like malteses, pugs and many others.

The owner of the home refused to comment to any reporters.  So far, she hasn’t been formally charged with anything.  However, law enforcement officials confirm that it is simply a matter of time until she is.  Hopefully, charges are filed as soon as possible, so the dogs are not returned to the owner and the property they had been living in.

Anyone wishing to help these poor dogs out can drop by the Humane Society of Jackson County.  They are located in Cottageville.  You can also call 304-372-6064.  More information to come as it’s reported.

WOWK 13 Charleston, Huntington WV News, Weather, Sports

KONG Extreme Goodie Bone Dog Toy, Medium, Black

What dog can resist a treat-filled toy? Dogs stay busy removing tantalizing KONG treats from the patented Goodie Grippers of the KONG Extreme Goodie Bone. Recommended for high-drive adult dogs that are aggressive chewers. Medium bone made with Extreme KONG Hard/Most Durable Rubber.

Price: $5.32

So, this is the pet supplies business that is run by my puppy Philomema, along with my other two labs - Inky and Finn. It’s launching pretty soon and so if you’re into your pets and you want new collars and leads, coats etc. for them then you should sign up for the newsletter and prepare for launch! Thanks guys! :D

Two Men Jump into River to Save Drowning Dog

In Argentina, two men jumped into the Gualeguaychú River to save a chocolate Labrador that became entangled in a buoy. The dog struggled to stay afloat and almost drowned, but thanks to the heroic men, who didn’t think twice about jumping into muddy water, the canine is alive and well.

Damián Ocampo jumped first and tried to untangle the pet, but when he couldn’t free the dog, Marcelo Garbino, the second hero, swam to the dog and saved the pet’s life.

A passerby used his cell phone to record the moment Garbino and the dog swam back to safety. Those standing on a bridge overlooking the river cheered when both, man and dog reached safety.

Watch the video here.

Taste of the Wild Dry Dog Food, Wetlands Canine Formula with Roasted Wild Fowl, 30-Pound Bag

Diamond Taste of the Wild Wetlands Canine with Roasted Wild Fowl

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Over 120 Dogs Rescued from Two Fighting Rings

October 25, 2014 

Posted by  in Arrest, Dog Fighting, Dog News, Investigation, News Video, Photo Article, Police, Rescue, Senseless Tragedy, Video

Over 120 dogs have been removed from the homes of two people authorities are saying were running a dog fighting ring in Polk County, Florida.  “Nickie” Nicole Sanders, 44, and Hewitt Grant, 47, are charged with multiple crimes related to dog fighting and animal cruelty.

Polk County Sheriff’s deputies executed search warrants on the 22 of October.  They were also responsible for the removal of the dogs from the two properties in question.

Detectives say that a total of 20 dogs were taken from a home on 122 Martin Luther King Junior Street in Fort Meade.  Several of the dogs were seen wearing heavy chains designed to strengthen the dogs for fighting.

There also appears to have been a fighting ring that had been recently taken down on the property.  Other training equipment was also confiscated as well.

The reports said also say 41 dogs were removed from a home at 880 L.B. Brown Avenue in Bartow on the 22 of October.  There was also a lot of fighting equipment on that property.  It also contained a collapsible fighting ring, and there was blood all over the floors and up the walls as well.

“We like to think we rescued these dogs but the reality is this guy created dogs that are really that are dangerous,” Chief W. J. Martin of the Polk County Sheriff’s Office.  According to him, Grant has been arrested before and convicted of dog fighting.

There are a total of 48 charges of animal cruelty against Sanders, and 78 charges to Grant.  More information to come as it is reported.

WFLA News Channel 8

Midwest Quiet Time Pet Bed, Fleece, 30” x 21”

The Midwest Quiet Time Pet Beds are ideal for use in Crates, Carriers, Dog Houses and Vehicles. Keeps pets cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Quiet Times are available in 3 Colors/ Fabrics- Fleece, Cinnamon Plush Fur and Gray Plush Fur and seven sizes. Bed color conceals shedding. Completely machine washable. Comfortable polyester filled bolsters and cushioned Poly/cotton base.

Price: $9.79