Leave London at breakfast, and you can have driven to Paris just in time for lunch, passing under a sea, an international border, and a language barrier. If you’re in Frankfurt and fancy a spliff at a coffee shop, you can leave at dawn, have a joint in Amsterdam by high noon, and still make it back in time for bedtime, assuming someone in you car isn’t too blazed to drive.

Drive from Perth to the nearest Australian city - Adelaide - and you’re going to need to stop, overnight, twice. Drive to Melbourne solo and you’re realistically talking four days each way. 

It is oft repeated that this lovable town on the corner of the globe is the most isolated state capital in the world, but it is hard to comprehend how obscenely large and barren this magnificent continent is without having several million meters worth of it pass under ones tyres. 

One thousand dollars in fuel, three states, two cities, and one 2002 Toyota Corolla. If I don’t come back, make an unrealistic horror movie about me.