Day off today, but couldn’t wait to share this custom daith piece I did on @kailpe last week.

Its a pair of @industrialstrength 3mm opal balls and a flower after we played “she loves me, she loves me not” and removed 4 of the petals.

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Chisolm House, Dalkeith, Australia

Posh 1930s Deco home in the Perth area.

From a feature article (which includes info on an interior renovation that brought things back to the 1930s/1940s rather than the 80s mismash it had turned into):

Its been the backdrop for Hollywood films, and has a story so rich that it could have a movie of its own, but now Perth’s heritage listed “Chisolm House” is up for sale.

Built in 1939 by renowned architect Oswald Chisolm, the stunning Dalkeith home is a perfect example of genuine art deco…

…“It was Oswald Chisolm’s family home up until 1961,” said the current owner.

“When he first moved in he had with him a cook, a butler and a maid, but two weeks later war broke and they were all conscripted, so he was left without any staff.”

A famous Perth name, work of Chisholm’s firm in the 1930s included the Forest Park Methodist Church and the remodelling of the AMA House, St Georges Terrace.

The current owner bought the house in 2000, shortly before it was heritage listed.

Architecturally the home was stunning, but the interiors had become a mismatch of 80s style and more modern attuning.

It took her 14 years, and more than a million dollars, but she wanted to make sure she returned to home to its former glory.

I. We could have grown apart the old fashioned way- watched our love get old with the seasons. Maybe it would have left us in the fall. I could’ve written a poem about how winter felt without you.

II.We could have broken each other’s hearts quietly. It could have been sad but simple- you’d stop laughing at my jokes and I’d fall asleep before you even came to bed. Even if our love had to die, we didn’t have to rip it apart.

III. I want to go back in time and kiss our foreheads. I want to apologize to our younger selves for what we are going to do to them. I want to tell them to pack their things and leave in the night before they set each other on fire. Go. Go now. You don’t have any idea what is coming for you.

IV. It didn’t have to hurt this much. I shouldn’t still be reeling.

—  We could have watched our love grow old with the seasons.
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