random question for anyone who plays/has played Persona Q– Anyone have an estimate of how many hours it took you to beat the game? I’m clocking seven and im still on the 3rd floor of the first dungeon and getting my ass kicked lmao.

It’s my first persona game played (but watched someone play p3/p4)


Holy crap Kanji

Until May 21st, I’ll write the URL’s of everyone who reblogs this on a piece of paper and put them at random places around my school. No matter how many people reblog this. Go. You have less than two weeks until school ends.

Character Evaluation for the Persona 4 Protagonist from the Persona Q Art Book. Translation provided by the wonderful ahogehope! I’ve got no idea what the fuck Rei is referencing, if anyone could help, that’d be great!

i just finished persona q a while ago and it was really awesome!! i loved it!!!! it’s a super tough choice now between this or smt4 for my 2nd favourite 3ds game…hmmm..

but overall yeah i really enjoyed it! sure some parts frustrated me a lot (3rd and 4th labyrinth puzzles….), but i really enjoyed the character interactions and i had a constant drive to push through the game :p i’m also even more interested in trying persona 4 now…one day..