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i didnt know "miniature minuet" was a term, is is special breeding or is it scam talk for "runt of the litter"

Some people /do/ try to sell the runt of the litter as a miniature, or teacup, (not the case for bean, i was /very/ careful in my research and subsequent breeder search) but there’s actually a gene for it, minuet is the new recognized name for previously titled Napoleon  cats which are munchkin Persian mixes, mini/teacup/toy minuet is a teacup/min/toy per/munchkin mix, and that’s what bean is! she’s half the size or less of all her brothers and sisters, smaller than the “runt” and has significantly different proportions, the same thing that makes a teacup Persian a teacup Persian, adult seen here;  looking much like a kitten forever, but only slightly bigger.