I’m ridiculously happy today… I’m so excited of the news that Taken at Midnight is being transferred to the West End! I will get to see it again next year!!! And I’m so happy for Penelope since this play means so much to her. The whole run has been such a huge success, and she has got nothing but rave reviews across the board for her performance. And the fact that it’ll end up at Theatre Royal Haymarket, it’s such a beautiful theatre - but it also means they have to change all sceneries etc. They can’t play it the same way as they do now at the Minerva Theatre. It’ll be very interesting to see what they will do, if they’ll keep costumes etc. I swear to God, I’ll end up having seen this play more than ten times before it’s over. But she shines in it! It’s a huge role for her to play, and I’m thrilled that she takes it to the West End now. (x)


The Doctor + consequences 2/?

'I thought I knew the name. Harriet Jones, future Prime Minister. Elected for three successive terms. The architect of Britain's Golden Age.'

Except Harriet never fulfills her three terms as remembered by Nine, as Ten deposes her and she is removed from office after a vote of no confidence. This rewriting of history gives the Master the opportunity to gain a foothold in the British government and be elected Prime Minister.