The Secret Life of the Pencil

There are closeups of writing instruments beloved by the contemporary sculptor Anish Kapoor, the designer Tom Dixon and the author Dave Eggers alongside lesser known talents such as the BBC court artist Julia Quenzler. “We were surprised at the sheer variety of submissions,” Hammond says. “Beyond the obvious physical differences, each pencil gives an insight into their owners’ personalities — be it a funny inscription or a frantically gnawed tip — and the environment they were used in.”


Everyone knows Martin Freeman for his acting roles, but ask him a question about music and you quickly forget that this is the man who gave fresh life to iconic English characters such as Arthur Dent, Dr Watson and Bilbo Baggins.

What’s the first record you remember hearing as a kid and thinking, ‘this is me’?

There were three. In the summer of 1980, or I think it was the summer of 1980, I heard them on the radio. They were‘On My Radio’ by The Selecter, 'Lip Up Fatty’ by Bad Manners and 'Baggy Trousers’ by Madness.

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