Mural of Rev. José “El Viejo” Torres and Alejandrina Torres on Paseo Boricua in Humboldt Park, Chicago. Alejandrina is a former political prisoner and Viejo is the father of former political prisoner Carlos Alberto Torres. #boricuadiaspora #larespuesta #boricua #diaspora #puertorican #paseoboricua #humboldtpark #larespuestamedia #puertoricansbelike #march4oscarnyc #freeoscarlopez


A poem for Puerto Rican political prisoner Oscar López Rivera

The National Boricua Human Rights Network (NBHRN), Batey Urbano and Latin@ Coalition [commenced] “31 Days for 31 Years” in which 31 activists and community residents [are spending] 24 hours each in a makeshift storefront cell with guard, for a total of 31 days. The exhibit, which started April 29th, also features an exhibition of Oscar’s artwork… as well as literature and posters from the campaign to free Puerto Rican political prisoners for the past 30 years and a wall of Oscar’s letters to his supporters. [There is also] a station where people may write to Oscar, in the Batey Urbano, located at 2620 West Division St. Chicago, IL 60622. Batey Urbano is in the heart of ‘Paseo Boricua’ in Chicago’s Humboldt Park neighborhood.”


Paseo Boricua was definitely my favorite neighborhood in Chicago. It felt like the most close knit ones. The bottom picture is of a green house in one of the schools and we also are at la plena, which was definitely my favorite. I made friends with the owner and we talked back in forth in English and Spanish.

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Your in a better place now, Happy Belated Birthday !….. ur gone but never forgotten, i remember u used to come to my grandparents block partys in the summer n its krazy to say that ur gone, our familys were close a'f out by mii tio’s store well when i heard that u were gone i was like wow…. now even though u may be gone but plese look out for ur family espeacily ur dad, my papi told mii everything n i wanna say thank u for at least saying srry for my lost with our neighbrhood buddie PEPPER, well at least u have someone to be with <33 Love n miss u <33 and im sorry for not going to your funeral/session, papi perfered me not to -.-

R.I.P  Rey <3333 01.11.13