Also known as the manul, the Pallas’s cat are roughly the size of domestic cats but have long and dense fur that makes them appear stouter and heavier than they are. They are common in cold grassland and rocky steppe climates, often at high elevations up to 16000 feet.

The Pallas’s have long been hunted for their warm and luxurious pelts. Their isolated existence has left them with underdeveloped immune systems unable to fight off common infections they may be exposed to in a zoo environment.



"And Styx the daughter of Okeanos was joined to

Pallas and bare Zelos and trim-ankled Nike in the

house. Also she brought forth Kratos and Bia,

wonderful children.”

                                           ( requested byiamnotyour-darling )

Pallas Athena!
I know that she is described as dark haired in the books, but she is a goddess… she can look like what ever she likes… and Percy almost mistakes her for being Annabeth…I take that as her being blond…in that scene anyway… 
Never mind.. this is my Athena.
I wanted to make all of her attributes to, but there was no room for the shield, so I made it into a medallion instead.