Great Advice #4

This is advice I have to remind myself of often.

Your art matters and is just as important as anything else people dedicate their time to. Society may not place a lot of value in art, but that “value” is VERY misdirected. What do people do when they want to wind down after a day at work, what do people want to go see on weekends or a day off, what do people save their whole lives to travel to see. ART .Whether it’s a movie, a museum, architecture, music, theater… the world wants you, and values your talent they just don’t recognize that the process is a hard one. It’s like spending years in a lab, or hours on a chalk board, you don’t poop art, it’s not that easy.

In other words, you’re important…love yourself and what you do. Because the world needs more people who do what they love, people who live with passion and are happy. So to the people keeping art alive, you fucking rock.


Gravity to Balance Violence - Zhu Jinshi - 13 ft. by 9.5 ft.

I’m obsessed by Zhu’s work lately. His impasto is so raw, exudes such stark power and emotion - it’s awe-inspiring. And when you consider the scale - this painting, for example, is 13 feet high and 91/2 feet wide (bottom photo) - amazing. I don’t know where this work is but I’d travel almost anywhere to see it.

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