Carmilla created content for an audience that is desperate for more queer representation than mainstream television and even most web shows often provide, and they did it well. […] With a second season in the works, and lots of behind the scenes content still coming out in the meantime, it’s likely that this show will continue to be one of the most popular shows on YouTube and hopefully go on to inspire more creators to tell stories that matter to them. If things like Lonelygirl15 and ‘The Lizzie Bennet Diaries’ are considered stepping stones, then VerveGirlTV’s Carmilla is easily on the roster of web shows taking things to the next level.
—  Rachel Kiley, New Media Rockstars - NMR Top 100 Honorable Mentions

- not the first nor second time he’s been caught publicly

- she stayed through it all so I have no sympathy to offer her

- I’ve never really ruled out for myself whether this relationship was real or fabricated but one things for sure something isn’t adding up

-some of you who are really in denial about his cheating ways need a lesson on self worth as much as she does.

- it was only a matter of time before it would happen again.

- since this is the third time (that we know of) that this has happened, half of the blame should be placed on her as well. She had two chances to leave and didn’t. She allowed this to happen to herself two more times.

- as far as he goes, I knew how he is from the get-go. I may be a lot of things but a fool is not one of them.

-they could be in an open relationship but…. Girl. You can’t be writing songs about leaving your bf who’s cheating or doing you wrong when you’re in an “open relationship”.

 -hopefully this relationship isn’t one of those that where the guy or girl does drastic things like proposing to their gf or tattooing their name/face on their body to keep their lover from leaving them when they fuck up. Just a theory.

- but at the end of the day, its their business. Oh well!

So Khloe Kardashian just posted this picture of her and Kim paying their respects at the Armenian genocide memorial and people are… mad at them?
A ton of people just said they were doing it for publicity. One comment said, “a sign of true respect would be not photographing this moment and using it for positive publicity.” I’m sorry, random angry person, but drop your god damn superiority complex. It’s 2015. Not to mention, the Kardashians are REALITY TV STARS. People document EVERYTHING.
It’s not disrespectful to spread awareness while doing something good. I knew nothing about the Armenian genocide before this and now I do. This may actually be the only time the Kardashians have ever taught me anything.
Why are you wasting time trying to put down billionaires who don’t care what you think? Your reasoning basically implies that you can’t do anything publicly for any other reason than to publicize it. Publicity doesn’t negate sincerity. Instead of being mad at people you don’t even know for sharing the fact that they did something positive on social media, maybe go… do something positive?
Oh, and then don’t TELL anyone, because according to you, it’s only sincere if no one knows about it.
It’s 2015. We have access to literally the whole world at our fingertips. Sharing your life doesn’t make you a bad person.