"Antisj" literally means "anti social justice" and i. i cant wrap my head around this. you are against. justice? you are aginst making the world a fair place where everyone is treated equally you, in the year 2014, are against this. you are not supportive of this.? i dont understand . this is?

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"Geoff Ramsey: Ass first into danger!"

The Ghost from P.T. Makes an Appearance in Metal Gear Solid V

Hideo Kojima is no stranger to cross-game shenanigans, but this most definitely tops any previous trolls he’s slipped through players’ hands. In a video uploaded by TheGrateDebate, P.T.’s terrifying apparition shows up to devour the souls of every Phantom Pain player… probably. Then again, I’m a grade A, unpasteurized pussy, so my thoughts on the matter are about as reliable as John Dowell.

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And here we have the Apple, he pomaceous fruit of the apple tree, Malus domestica of the rose family. It is the natural predator of the medical doctor, otherwise known as the Physician. Doctors will flee at the sight of an apple out of fear, for once a day a member of the apple herd is sent out to keep Doctors at bay.

im going to skip class because at this rate i am going to be so unbearably tired since i wasnt able to set any alarms im not going to get anything productive done please reassure me i am not a bad person or student