The Best Playstation 2 Game Ever Toplist!

The PlayStation 2 is the best-selling console of all-time, at over 155 million units sold worldwide. That’s INSANE. No other home console has made it far beyond 100 million - heck, the GameCube barely sold 20 million units.

The point is, there’s a pretty good chance you owned a PS2, or at least spent a decent portion of your life playing one. But what games truly defined the greatest console of all-time? It’s up to you. Click here to vote! Let’s figure this out.

Toplist Results: The 25 Greatest PS2 Games of All-Time

With one of the most jam-packed libraries of any video game console, it would be almost impossible to narrow the PlayStation 2 down to say, a couple dozen standouts. But you crazy bastards did it! After millions of votes, Dorkly readers have selected the 25 greatest games to ever grace the PS2. Mad that ICO didn’t make the cut? Absolutely baffled at the amount of heartless trolls that didn’t vote for Katamari Damacy? Well, you probably hate democracy. But hey, free speech means you are welcome to degrade others for their terrible choices in the comments.

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I’m making controller pendants now, I hope you guys like these.  Also planned: SNES, Xbox series, Dreamcast and possible Gamecube (I’ll have to see how well that one works). :D

I wanted to get more than one console done today but after doing one PlayStation controller and thinking about Spyro and Tekken the whole time, haha I thought it would be best to have one for all the generations (no PS2 since the controller pretty much looks identical to the PS3’s).

Pendants by Trinket Geek:

PlayStation Controller Pendants