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Why do love Lucy so much?

because tell me why not???

I already replied to that question once but I will do it again just because

And i will not shorten this reply because it’s obvious that I can’t reduce it to one or two sentences. Plus, everybody should read these reasons because Lucy is important in Fairy Tail and everbody should understand and value that.

1. Appearance 

  • she’s cute as fuck (┛◕‿◕)┛彡*✿~♡*✿ 
  • she’s smiling all the time and omg her smile is so freaking precious and makes me smile too because it is so pure and not fake at all, just such *breathes deeply* precious and warm smile :’)
  • Her outfits are awesome!!! !!!!!
  • her voice awww, like… it’s nice and cute but not girl-ish at all, gosh I just love this voice actor! Even the nastiest words would still sound nice and charming when it’s her saying them (ノ)ω(ヾ) 
  • I love her brown eyes :3
  • also she’s hot
  • I stop naming reasons now because everything eles about her appearance is just as obvious as the last point was lmao, I mean she is just perf

2. Character

  • She’s so good-natured!! She would never do anything with having an ill intention and she always sees the good in other people :’) Like when she found out that Michelle had ill intentions towards Lucy and she was like “Why aren’t you mad at me, Lucy?” she was like “Because you are my sister and I love you no matter what you do to me” and aHHH IT MADE ME CRY SO HARD!! or when her father excused to her and she forgave him right away and omg I can’t even think of it without having my heart suffering orz
  • She knows she is not the strongest but nevertheless she always tries her best to protect her nakamas whether it is effective or not
  • That’s one reason why I admire her; she is aware of the fact she is not as strong as Erza or Natsu but she is self confident and tries to put herself in a fight as helpful as possible
  • she was born a princesse but never needed pretty dresses or a lot of money, she always knew that the precious things to her are her nakamas ♥ 
  • She’s sacrificing everything for other people’s sake! like when she stood face to face to the celestial spirit king the first time in order to save Loke, a guy she hardly knew but still was very important to her. She had no idea whether talking to the king would work out or not but she just did what she was able to do because sHE HAS SUCH A GOOD HEART
  • She’s not whiny at all! She cries, yes, but that doesn’t make her whiny and that’s what makes her so freaking cool because she is never complaining about a certain situation e.g. when she puts herself in danger! 
  • she fights to the very end and would never give up, for no reason!
  • that’s what makes her a fairy tail magician btw haha
  • She treats everyone with respect and dignity, just look at her relation to her celestial spirits, she loves every single one of them so much although they are some kind of “servants” in some people’s eyes
  • she’s not afraid of showing her feelings, whether it’s crying, laughing, screaming or whatever
  • she’s full of joy (I especially realize when she’s writing her roman uwu)
  • she’s never becoming tired of getting beaten up, she always insists on continuing the fight!

3. Acting

  • she has so much trust in the people she loves :’) Like when she heard Natsu’s voice and jumped of the extremly high tower!! (which also proofs her strengh and courage btw)
  • when it comes to protecting her friends she fights with every weapon she has, which is not only her celestial spirits. Like when her celestial spirit were captured she lends her comrades her support by using her whip. Also she often defends herself and her friends with words, like when she convinced Erza Knightwalker of how insane and strong Erza Scarlet is and that she could never be able to beat her. Words can hurt just as bad as material weapons do.
  • She’s honest with everyone! 
  • She loves to spend time with her Guild which is like family to her
  • I love when she’s walking down the street next to the river together with Plue and then kindly says hello to the fishermen because that is one example for how open-hearted and candid she is ♥

Overall I just want to be exactly like her!! I want to look like her, to be as nice and lovely as she is, and I want to value everything important as much as she does. I want to act like she does: with trust, determination, honesty, altruism,bonhomie and contentment. Everything about her is just perfect and that’s why she needs to be protected at all costs ok?

I love my friends omg

So delusionalexotic (can’t link her since I’m on mobile, but go follow her she’s great) is a rl friend of mine and she is complete BL trash and it’s great because she is into hardcore possessive smut and I’m just like 1000% into fluff

And oh man, whenever she sees fluff, she gets so uncomfortable and I’m just like ??????? fluff is great what’s wrong with you

This girl hates (HATES) affection and cute stuff whether it’s in rl or in stories which is why

Oh gosh

Sometimes I’ll just come out of nowhere like “I love you, Ravin” and she just smiles a bit and goes “I love you too” and I SWEAR









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you're really sweet and nice and i can tell you've gone through some hard stuff so i know youre very strong and powerful. you are a wonderful person and if i wasnt a shy baby i would totally come off anon and talk to you. also, you are drop-dead gorgeous. like wow. are you even real.

I can’t describe how much this made me smile omg you precious lil bean

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hello!! i'm here to tell you that you're simply P R E C I O U S. i hope you're having a wonderful day!! ❤❤❤❤

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the only thing that you need to know about taemin is that every time someone cries he's laughing right next to them or filming them. and when he's about to cry he still keeps smiling. never change my precious bby

Omg nice, he sounds kinda like a sweet kid but also a bit of an asshole but not in a bad way? And I like that, that’s awesome

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First of all, Lydia, your hair is so pretty and you're absolutely gorgeous! How are you live? :) And also, what's one gift that would put a rather big smile on your face?

awww thank u so much!! :-) and anything with thought put into it tbh i like when ppl make an effort!

compliments | you have such a precious smile omg i love it so much!! + good posts

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His laugh is so precious. I love how he squishes his face all weird. My favorite (which I laughed at for months) is the bts bomb “in the singing roon” (yes they spell room wrong) where they have the karaoke app during WoH era. His face 50 sec in=love

LMFAO roon how did I not notice that? xD YES YES YES I love that bomb when he plopped to the ground randomly when he was singing I died xD the squishy face yess omg it’s so cute I just wanna pinch his cheeks he is just precious ugghh and you know when he smiles with his eyes omg ugghh im sorry he is just perfection  


omg his smile is so precious

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(*yells from the rooftops* THAT WAS SO DAMN PRECIOUS FKHDSK OMG I CAN’T STOP SMILING?? nono that was /so/ adorable, holy crap. Souta calling him an angel and falling more in love with him ohhghjfsgk (/w\) Thank you sooo much for the beautiful fluff!)

(I AM SO HAPPY MY FLUFF COULD MAKE YOU SMILE AND YELL FROM ROOFTOPS haha Haruka may not feel like it but he’s Souta’s angel <3 lol you are very welcome for the fluff and thank you for sending it! ^^)