• falco:fox.
  • fox:mmmhm.
  • falco:i booked us an entire week of vacation.
  • fox:mm.
  • falco:we've got the best of the best officers on duty while we're away, there is absolutely nothing to worry about.
  • fox:mmmmmm-hm.
  • falco:so.
  • falco:can we please have a date where you don't try to make excuses and run to your arwing.
  • fox:[bites lip, slaps hands rhythmically on table, looks to the side]
  • falco:fox.
  • fox:[keeps rhythmically slapping]
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I bet he could be popular and get friends and whatever. He just doesn’t want to (he said so himself, didn’t he?) i bet his parents try to bribe him or other people into friendships. “Look, hang out with my boy, I’ll pay you” “?” “no mum”

when he comes home with his squad (a thug, an old man, an egyptian fortune teller, a literal dog, a french freeloader or whatever polnareff does for a living honestly) his parents give him a weird look and then start crying bc ‘look at him.. he made some friends’

So Happy Together

Summary: Sequel to Donuts. Getting knocked up by his best friend’s father was not in his five year plan. 

Prompt: Sequel to donuts Blaine ends up being pregnant?

Prompt: Oh my god Donuts - can you write Isaac finding out about Kurt and Blaine (that they start dating). Please write more about Blaine’s parents being absent and Kurt comforting him!

Warnings: Age difference (but it’s legal), Mpreg, slight talk of abortion

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Now that I’m done with university I can focus all my attention on doing commissions, which is the only thing I can do to support myself right now! So if you can’t commission me, please signal boost this post so I can get more exposure! Thank you!!   ★~(◡‿◕✿)

  • Payment is upfront and I won’t start a commission until I’ve received the payment, and all prices are in GBP (£)!
  • Keep in mind that all prices are per character, so 2 characters would be double the base price, 3 characters is triple, etc.
  • I’ll naturally send sketches/WIPs if I need your approval for something, but if you’d like to be updated throughout the whole process just ask!
  • I do try my best to finish orders within a month of receiving the order, but if you need something done by a specific date please tell me that when you send your order so I can plan ahead!
  • NSFW material is £10 extra per character
  • I’ll draw pretty much anything (OCs, fanart, etc.) so just ask if you want to know what I can or can’t do!
  • If you want to contact me about an order, or have any questions, feels free to contact me at

Terrestrial Path, by eyeofalens

Terrestrial Path pop it on Black please Stay up to date at with the latest at Visit EyeOfAlens This is one of two images captured under these conditions in Bandon. Personally I prefer this one but have also have a variation in its process, that perhaps ill save for another time. Whilst out on the beach some woman was wondering what I was doing basically sitting in the tidal gutter more or less during darkness, she couldn’t quite grasp I was taking photos & seemed surprised. Suppose thats understandable when no one else was around.

Taeyang and Min Hyo Rin...

Although most fans are aware of this already, the ‘rumor’ of BigBang’s Taeyang and actress Min Hyo Rin (who was seen in Tae’s music videos “Eyes, Nose, Lips” and “1AM”) is back.

Here’s what the agencies had to say.
YGE: “It’s difficult to give a response.”
JYPE: “Representative is out of the office.”

So there you have it.


YGE has responded “We can’t check right now because Taeyang is recording Sketchbook. If it’s true, congratulations.” JYPE says, “Unable to comment on personal life.”
And pictures of the two were released.

And another update: YGE stated, “After asking Taeyang personally, it’s true that he’s dating Min Hyo Rin”, while JYPE said, “It’s true they’re dating. Please look upon them kindly.”


World Archaeology Festival 2015

  • Start: Jun 13, 2015 12:00 PM 
  • End: Jun 13, 2015 05:00 PM
  • Location: UCL Institute of Archaeology & Gordon Square Gardens

“The Institute’s contribution to the Council of British Archaeology’s Festival of Archaeology will take place on Saturday 13 June from 12pm-5pm

The ‘World Archaeology Festival: Passport to the Past’ will involve lots of activities taking place in Gordon Square and in the Institute of Archaeology building for families and all members of the public.

Tours of the Institute’s world-renowned collections and object handling-sessions will be available while archaeologically-related activities for adults and children alike will also be on offer as well as displays of experimental archaeological techniques.

Please do save the date and come along to participate in the event. All activities are drop-in, there is no need to book and all are welcome!”

(Source: UCL)

anonymous asked:

What would you do when you try to please me? (If we dated)

If you mean sexually that is not something I would describe on here to someone I don’t know where a bunch of people can see omg.
But if you mean to just keep you happy in the relationship I would honestly do all of the following:

-Cook for you because I like to cook
-Bring you breakfast in bed sometimes
-Buy you things (im so bad with this in the sense that I would probably OVERLY buy you stuff. Oops)
-probably tell you a ton of dumb jokes
-probably kiss you whenever I get the chance
-i would come up behind you and hug you randomly
-take you on cute dates

Probably more but its too much to write ahha

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things i'll never say

Put ‘Things I’ll never say’ to my inbox and I have to tell things what my muse would never admit to yours

“BrUH you better look after my homie Rosie or I’ll kick yo ass to Amazon Lily.”

“If I’m a ‘D’, and you’re a ‘D’, does that make us siblings?”

“Are you a man or are you a chicken? Just ask RoRo out already!”

“Could you please give me a date with your brother. The hot blonde one.

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Omg hi! Ive been reading your fics for like ten days straight. (Again and again) they are just perfection. I was wondering if you could right somthing like Percabeth's first time or Percabeth/Jiper double date. Please! I would die!!!

awwww! thank you! yes, of course! double dates are great. actually, they’re terrible. but. fun to write.

summary: Jason is really bad at parking and also at bowling.

notes: This just… this happened.

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I really wanna go on a date. Someone take me out please. The last date(s) I went on were with a guy whose breath smelled like the inside of an old refrigerator. I gave him three chances to brush his teeth or eat a mint or something and he never did, so I never talked to him again.

The bar’s pretty low here and I’m reasonably attractive, it’s a good deal