Day 22 - Truth or Dare.

Dare: Barney dares to jump into the water off a rock (which is actually the edge of the path round the currently flooded lake).

He loves to swim & loves to jump into water although he does like to make a VERY big deal out of the jumping part. Prior to this sequence Barney had been running back & forth along flooded path, barking & whining & growling to himself for quite some time!

Truth:Oh, & I very rarely get the stick/ball/toy back after he’s “rescued” it from the water. He expects me to either follow him & pick the toy up from wherever he’s got bored carrying it & dropped it, or to find another thing to throw instead. He plays fetch nicely at home but on walks it’s very hit & miss. Sometimes he will, sometimes he’s just not in the mood! The only thing he’ll reliably retrieve to hand when we’re out are my keys & I’m not chucking them in a lake…

"I feel you there, in every pore. Your silence clamors in my ears. You can nail up your mouth, cut your tongue out-but you can’t prevent your being there. Can you stop your thoughts? I hear them ticking away like a clock, tick-tock, tick-tock, and I’m certain you hear mine."

No Exit (1944)
Jean-Paul Sartre

Attracting Tips

Something that I have heard works for many and definitely works for me in terms of attracting: having fun.

Keeping the heart open with joy and laughter makes everything come by so smoothly.

This is why, when starting manifesting, so many people suggest starting small with silly things.

Mackenzie Scott made very clear that she always works with the heart chakra in terms of manifesting (me too, I think its super easy this way),

and thats because when there is play and fun and yumminess in the desire, the vibrations are relaxed. So the realization of it is, too, making things manifest so much faster.

When there is play, the desire says, ooo that would be so cool and fun and yummy if it were in my existence, and just that thought feels like the vibration of the thing.

However, when there is fear and heaviness and resistance the desire sounds like I really wish I had that because I hate what I have now and I always feel like I dont have.

The vibrations of the two are completely different; one is light hearted and easy, the latter is from deprivation and struggle. And each attracts its equivalent.

It may not seem easy to shift the vibes like this, hence I, too, suggest starting with small things, just to see what youll have fun manifesting,

because with little things like, grapes or nail polish or a particular kind of conversation, there is a neutral feeling that allows one to be happy about it in thought without feeling punished by the not already having of it. 

Its cool how frequencies operate. And I have seen its super effective when the frequency is joy and play.

It becomes more about the playful feel than anything else, and I think thats when the real fun begins.

Pleeeeaaase ask me these cause I'm in Little Mode!!!

1. How Little are you?
2. Favorite color?
3. Sippy cup or bottle?
4. Are you more sexual or cuddly?
5. What nicknames do you have for things? (E.g. calling your pacifier a paci)
6. Favorite Disney film?
7. Favorite stuffie?
8. Favorite cartoon show?
9. Bows or lace?
10. Diapers, big kid undies, or pretty panties?
11. Suck your thumb?
12. Are there certain foods you’ll only eat when you’re feeling Little?
13. What’s your favorite part of the playground?
14. Do you have dolls?
15. Have you ever accidentally referred to someone as a CG when they didn’t even know you’re Little?