So I finally got this done x3

I had fun with the last picture, it was done quick and it was fun to draw! So now im going on a little brake from the ponies, or at the least from this blog just for a bit, until I feel like I need to get back to drawing babies.

So I have names for the two new ponies that may or may not be permanent, the Pegasus  will be named Ragweed or Weed for short (most ponies call her weed) then the unicorn will be named Sugar Ade. I like them both x3

Btw the color change in the lines for Sugar, I was going through some colors for mlp nurses and found that a white nurse pony in the show had blue lines, then I found that the white color to my eyes with the ginger colored hair didn’t really please me so I changed it to a light gray.

so if you want to still see some drawings from me I have a mod blog I never got to using that im going to start using on my brake from using this one

You can find it here: http://brokendonutmod.tumblr.com/

The first and last time I had Vegemite was in 2003, and it was shit. But few days ago I felt like eating Vegemite for some reason, so I bought a small jar. This time I actually love it, it’s like meat pies in a jam, what a bloody miracle. Now Vegemite is a part of my regular diet.