Paolo Ceric, aka Patakk, is a Croatian digital artist, based in the city of Zagreb, who creates awesome and astonishingly lifelike monochromatic images composed using a single spiraling line.

"The long, winding mark manages to simulate the appearance of lifelike figures through the expertly administered boldness and thickness of the line in any given spot. By diluting and condensing the saturation of the sole circling contour, the artist is able to mimic light and shadow, allowing it to reflect a sense of depth and realism.

Ceric is able to produce his deceptively realistic images through a set of digital effects. The seemingly hand-drawn illustrations are, in fact, computational renderings. The artist blurs and plays with the boundaries between real life and the digital world in his work. He has honed his skill to generate thought-provoking illusions.”

Not only do these beautiful black and white renderings appear surprisingly realistic, the line spiraling out from the center of each piece stirs the notion that each image was discovered by zooming in on someone’s actual fingerprint. It’s as though the Patakk is revealing his subject’s true identity as it was encoded within the lines on their fingertips.

Click here to follow Paolo Ceric’s artwork on Tumblr.

[via My Modern Metropolis]



What GIF best describes how you are currently feeling?

Oh, this one -

When did you first start making GIFs? What was the first GIF you made?

I started making them about four years ago. At first, I mostly made GIFs out of movie/music video clips I liked, the first one being “Mouth of Sauron” (May 23rd, 2010). It’s a clip from the extended version of The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.

What attracts you to the GIF format?

The fact that it’s so simple to play (no special video player required), simple to share, and of course its looping property. The looping property makes it different from other video/image formats, it makes you think in another way and that’s what makes me excited. It’s the component I always take into account when making new GIFs, I always want to make a perfect loop, not to break the motion.

Where do you find inspiration?

Literally everywhere. I rarely actively look for it, it just comes to me when I observe things around me. Also the internet as a whole, it offers so much freedom in exploring works of other people whose ideas resonate with mine.

Do you have any artistic training/schooling or are you self taught?

I’m self taught.

Favorite artists?

There really are many GIF artists and I’ll fail to recall all of them, but here are a few of the ones I’ve known about for a long time which I really like:







Favorite GIF?

Mine? This one.

Need some more awesome from Patakk? Check out his page on And, if you have a Mac iOS 10.7 or higher, be sure to download the screensaver.


Tumblr is the social network made for the gifs. Gifs everywhere, for everything. We can find cats, dogs, babies, parts from series and films, and Miley Cyrus, but we don’t find everyday beautiful gifs.

Patakk makes beautiful gifs. He uses Blender and other animating softwares and then posts them on tumblr. Maybe they will disappear in the depth of the internet, or maybe they will be reblog 1000 times (like me)

That was a thing I saw