The Rosetta Disk fits in the palm of your hand, yet it contains thousands of pages of information on over 1,500 human languages. The pages are microscopically etched and then electroformed in solid nickel, a process that raises the text very slightly - about 100 nanometers - off of the surface of the disk. Each page is only 400 microns across - about the width of 5 human hairs - and can be read through a microscope at 650X as clearly as you would from print in a book. Individual pages are visible at a much lower magnification of 100X.

The pictures above is from an interactive version of the Rosetta Disk that gives you an idea what it is like to browse the contents of an actual Rosetta Disk through a microscope. The interactive version shows the first prototype design of the Rosetta Disk which has two sides.

It can be found here: [x]

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Mid-Semester Progress Report

A brief check-up & reflection on my progress in the first semester so far:

  • Philosophy of Mathematics

Essay 1 is over and done with! I have another essay coming up, but I think I’ll be able to handle it better now that I’ve done the first essay. I won’t be getting my hopes up about the marks, though…

I got 10/10 for all my PhilMath tutorial quizzes so far. I was so ecstatic when the professor referred to my answer to the last quiz as “an excellent response”. I’m just so relieved because I was really worried about this course; it’s the first time I’m taking a course of this nature and I wasn’t sure that I’d be able to do well in it. (I’m still worried about the final exam, though…)

  • Programming for Engineers

Practical assignments are really simple, so it’s not difficult to score 100%. Still, I shouldn’t take it for granted. My goal is to score 100/100 for every single practical assignment until the end of this semester.

I made the silliest mistakes in the class test (wrote down 1 instead of 1.0, for example), which cost me a lot. I was just being careless - I underestimated that test. I shall never repeat this mistake! 

  • Mechanics of Solids

The first class test took the entire class by surprise…. (The class average was 43%, and no one managed to get 100%). I honestly thought I’d completely flunked the second part of the test, but it turns out I didn’t! In fact, according to the tutor I scored second highest in the class :D

  • Intro to Electrical Engineering 

I was, once again, careless and made the most stupid mistakes in the class test. I could have got the perfect score if I hadn’t made that mistake and carried it over to the following question….

  • Material Sciences for Engineers

I wrote the first class test on Thursday, so the results are not out yet… The test was long and tedious; I just hope I didn’t make any stupid mistakes!

The funny thing is that I got the same %mark for all the class tests I’ve written so far. I hope that the Material sciences test will break this pattern….


My current marks don’t meet my goals. The results aren’t too bad (I’m not failing anything), but I know I’m capable of more. I tend to better towards the end of the semester, but I shouldn’t take anything for granted. I shall work harder and meet my goals in the upcoming tests!

I have gone through the 5 Stages of Grief

…over Vikings. 💁


Stage 2: they killed him for absolutely no damn reason. I’m done. I’m fucking done. Good day show. I SAID GOOD DAY.


Stage 4: *crying at a hockey game thinking of Ragnar and Athelstan not getting to see each other again, even in the afterlife*

Stage 5: So. That happened.

Nori Appreciation Week - Day 7

Theme: Home

Fandom: Diamond no Ace/Daiya no Ace

Rating: G

Characters: Kawakami Norifumi

Warnings:  None
Pairings: None

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Conjurer Wand from Final Fantasy XIV

My first time making an actual prop for Cosplay! 

For the next convention I’m going to, I’m going my as my character from Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

The rules state that I’m not allowed anything over 1 meter so no Thyrus for me Q_Q In reaction to this, I decided to go for one of the lower level wands!

I murdered a plant that I found outside. I found a branch from outside and used that as my base. From there, I used gardening wire to get the desired shape I wanted. After I got the shape I wanted, I got my hot glue gun and used about 24 sticks of glue to mold everything in place.

After a few hours, I was finally ready to paint. I mixed 2 browns together and with a gold metalic paint, I went over my base colour to add some highlights.

I then grabbed my hot glue gun yet again and stuck the flowers and leaves on. I then painted over the newly added glue.

As a final touch, I found some hemp yarn and wrapped it around the handle.


Materials I used

-A Branch
-Garden Wire
-Hot Glue Gun
-Hot Glue Sticks (x24)
-Acrylic Paint
-Fake Flowers and Leaves


Server: Masamune
Data Server: Mana
Characfter: Elix Alexander
Final Fantasy Blog: Lalafellin-Parade