I made big ref of a new persona.
Yeeeeeeeeeeee I wanted to make this nerd for a while now. They represent my personality and a lil bit of my physical features
Also they come with some items of clothing I actually have!! The rest I don’t have but idk, maybe I’ll come across them.
Oh and I don’t eat trash just in case anyone asks. I just liked the idea of them being raccoon like.
So now to the lil biography thingy mo
Name- Jessie
Age- 14
Gender- Other
Eye colour- Blue-gray (I probably wont draw them with a iris but it’s always best to have it here)
Hair colour- Mousy brown

Also their disorders/illnesses are Bipolar disorder, Anxiety disorder and Multiple personality disorder (Mainly consisting of PPD, SPD, BPD, APD and DPD)

This sketch is not yet finished, but here is a little peek at Skelvera’s progress (…unless I randomly decide this is going to be a different character, that is haha). Hopefully I’ll get around to CGing him soon!

So I think I ALMOST got an inking style and a color pallet down, i just need to do 2 or 3 more images inked in and i’ll be decent.

Anyway, this ls the main character of my series thing. You know, “the successor to Gako and Rio”. This is the main character, she’s lazy, sarcastic and cynical but also has a strong moral compass and does the right thing in the end (so basically a slightly nicer Gako). Here current WIP name is Sammy Samuels but that’s subject to possible change.

I talked about this on the live stream I did recently but the 2 shows after G&R are Surrounded by Idiots (which a lot of things from G&R is recycled in) and Dr.Funk (more info coming soon) SBI is targeted for 10+ while Funk is more mature.

I found an almost year old sketch and still really liked the design. So I redrew it last night. I am calling him the Christmas Klutz, I also named him Steven because why not? His favorite food is eggnog and he goes around during Christmas time and steals mistletoe and replaces it with holly leaves. (though if there is something to drink nearby he will take that instead) I should have used different paper but I still like how it came out.

ten important character development questions: 
1) if someone put their hand over your character’s mouth while they were talking, would they in response: a) lick it? b) bite it? c) continue talking in a muffled manner? d) have their feelings hurt and stop talking?
2) how would they react to one of those slaughterhouse videos?
3) do they like the silly he-man song meme? 
4) if they had nothing to do with a day would they spend all day inside their room/house?
5) if someone walked in on them dancing to a song they priorly claimed to hate, how would they react?
6) how would they react to being hit on by someone they found attractive?
7) how would they react to suddenly finding a person of a gender they are not attracted to incredibly hot?
8) how stupid on a scale of 1 to 10 do they act around their closest friend?
9) favorite kind of websites and why? 
10) general reaction to spending an entire day in a library/museum/barnes and noble?

…I did a thing.

This is North, the seriously androgynous sorcerer from Siren (my queer fantasy story that is many years in the process). Now, let’s take a moment to mourn the loss of my poor hand; It has been too long since I’ve used a tablet and it’s come at a heavy price. ; A ; *sob*

You are hereby invited to come join us at Camp Universe! There are food, friends, and fun waiting for you! People come far and wide –from places you never knew were real- to be a part of it! I am your humble guide, the counselor! Since I want you to join, I’ll tell you how to get to Camp Universe. Simply take the stamp (in the envelope) and put it on a part of your body. Make sure to pack carefully- only things attached to your person will make the trip with you! We hope you will come and play with us soon!

halloween is the perfect time to work on hella spooky character designs for a hella spooky ghost-cowboy western story.

Heavy Spook-

Large, lumbering spooks that wander the desert. Being a larger spook, it feeds off of larger human fears, specifically the fears of isolation and death. Its primary body is made of the congealed fears of the people its preyed on. The larger the black-mass of the Spook, the more calm and stable it is. The thinner, more skeletal ones are far more dangerous, as they are less stable and starving for human fear.