こどもの日。Children's Day.

今日5月5日は端午の節句。Today, the Boys’ Day Festival called ‘Tango-no-Sekku’ is on May 5th.(↔the Girls’ Day Festival is on March 3rd).

女の子だけど記念にと写真撮影。“お兄ちゃん”であるドラえもんとお揃いの兜。少し複雑に折って格好良くね。In Japan, there is a custom of holding variety of events praying for the healthy growth of boys on the day of “Tango-no-Sekku”, and May 5 is a national holiday, called “Children’s Day”.

外では青空の下、大きな鯉のぼりがほんの少しだけ泳いでいたよ。兜はシンプルな折り方で、可愛いくね。The carp streamers called “Koinobori” were flying in the wind in the blue sky. “Koinobori” and “samurai warrior helmet” are famous symbol to celebrate “Children’s Day”.

もしカレンダーを自作するなら、五月はこの最後の写真にしよう(笑)I made samurai warrior helmets out of a sheet of newspaper for Dorami to wear♡Dorami is a girl,though。。。


Hang up your towel, with style! 🐵

Monkey around: Towel Origami 🐒🐒🐒


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2D + stop mo fun from awhile back

Based of a man’s pain

1. Fold paper in half both ways and turn over.
2. Fold diagonaly both ways.
3. Push two opposite sides together and flatten to a triangle.
4. Fold both upper layers to the midline above and turn form over with top down.
5. Fold the top over the bottom edge, so the tip sticks out a little bit. Not flatten the raised edges (circle).
6. Fold the tip over the side and turn the form over.
7. Fold in half along the centre line bringing both wings together.