Young girls gather around a local well as they collect water for their families.

Will you pray today for these young girls and so many others like them? Pray that they will have the opportunity to attend school and skills training courses so that they can break the cycle of poverty in their families.

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A brief video of a child’s life in the Maasai tribe.

via Operation Blessing International

Cambodia - A young boy proudly holds new school supplies.

Join us in praying for impoverished children in Cambodia and throughout Asia who do not have the opportunity or resources to go to school. Pray for special donations and programs that would allow these children to get an education and break the cycle of poverty.

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Lord have mercy, everyone should take time to pray for Nebraska today, this is so sad If you wanna help make sure us give to reliable sore like Crisis Response International, Operation Blessing International

Latest images from a severe weather event that has killed two people and left damage in the Great Plains.


Abandoned by her parents and left to scavenge the dumps for food, 11-year-old Mary finally found a safe refuge. But she had one wish: to have more beauty in her life. See how Operation Blessing partners helped make that possible.


After floods displaced these boys from their homes, they relish access to clean water brought by aid workers.

Today, please remember children like these in your prayers. Pray especially for those who do not yet have access to clean water, nutritious food and sturdy shelter.

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TOMS + Operation Blessing International, Peru

"…Good health is improving how a person feels about themselves, and removing the shame they may feel. Good health can come by good medicine, but it can [also] be given in the form of a canvas shoe." — Dr. Sandra Arbaiza, Operation Blessing International’s director of Medical Programs

Take a look at this Facebook photo album to learn more about Operation Blessing International & TOMS giving shoes in Peru…


A young boy receives free treatment at an HIV clinic in India.

Today, please pray for the more than 2 million children across the world currently living with HIV, most of whom contracted it from their mothers before they were even born. Pray for access to treatment and increased prevention of mother-to-child transmission.

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When Sokarn was born with a cleft lip, his mother worried about his future, and the shame and teasing he would receive from his neighbors and peers.

Thankfully, Sokarn was offered corrective surgery free of charge to his family. But there are still so many children in developing nations who can’t afford the corrective procedure. Today will you pray for increased access to the proper medical care for these children?

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Yunan was born with congenital heart disease. Thankfully, at three years old, she received the heart surgery she needed.

Now Yunan is on her way to a healthy, happy life, but many more children are still suffering from potentially life-threatening medical problems. Take a moment today to pray for access to medical care for children like Yunan who are still in great need.

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South Sudan

Batamas and her daughter are refugees from the Nuba Mountains in Sudan. Now safely living in South Sudan, they have been given shelter by local families and received food and supplies at a distribution for refugees.

Though Batamas and her daughter are safe and being cared for, there are many more women and children like them who are not. Will you please pray for refugees who have fled their countries because of violence, drought, and famine? Pray that they will find sturdy shelter, nutritious food and clean water to see them through.

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“One of the best things in the world to be is a boy; it requires no experience, but needs some practice to be a good one.” – Charles Dudley Warner, author

Today, pray for the children of Afghanistan. Pray for the young boys pictured here and children throughout the land. Pray for opportunities to learn and gain an education as they grow.

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Children in Myanmar receive brand new backpacks and school supplies.

Today will you pray for the education of children in developing nations? Pray that children will have access to schools, supplies, and uniforms. Pray that they will remain in school in order to secure a brighter future.

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Sierra Leone - In a nation plagued by the deadly Ebola virus, Hassan and his classmates work to complete an assignment during class.

Join us in praying for children in Sierra Leone and throughout West Africa who are at risk of contracting Ebola. Pray for additional resources that would allow these children to remain healthy and prevent the spread of Ebola in their villages.

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