“2002” Chevrolet Opala “350 V8”. It looks like the owner of this Opala corrected the Historical mistake of General Motors from Brazil that never fitted a Small Block V8 in its main product. The original engines were the 4 cyl. 2.5 and the 6L 4.1.

The model on the pictures began its life as a modest standart 4 cyl 2.5 liters with 90hp. Now, the swap with a crate V8 350 and a few tricks, it makes 700hp! The best part for the fortuned ones is taht is for sale.

Asked price its R$ 100K wich is around US$ 35K.


Chevrolet Opala (by Rodrigo Romão via The Oldie But Goodie)

The Chevrolet Opala was a mid-size car sold by General Motors do Brasil from 1969 to 1992. It was derived from the German Opel Rekord and Commodore, but used GM USA sourced engines

It was used by the Brazilian Police for many years. The military dictatorship used the Opala for its agents through the 1970s. Its reliability and easy maintenance made the Opala the choice of many taxi drivers and also popular on racetracks.