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Everything is annoying. The sound of the birds chirping is annoying, the sounds coming from the game that they’re playing is annoying, Ashton’s ridiculously long hair is annoying, Michael’s accidental elbowing him in the knee is annoying, Calum’s sassiness is annoying, and also life. Life is annoying. 


Everything around him is just pissing him the fuck off and he doesn’t even know why. Because really, Luke’s home and he should be happy. He’s finally home after fuck knows how long and he’s so happy to be home but now he’s just so angry at everything and he’s wondering if this is what PMS feels like – to be angry and upset and annoyed at everything and nothing at the same goddamn time. 


But, like. Luke’s good at hiding his annoyance. Sure, his smiles are a bit tighter and more forced but the boys don’t seem to notice. One would assume that after being around each other 24/7 for basically twelve months, they would get sick of each other. One would be wrong. They still had their normal friends from school, yeah, but most of them were currently busy with school and whatever and really, the only people they could hang out with were each other, thus why a week after they’d separated, they were back together. 


Luke’s finally gotten tired of holding in his annoyance when Y/N comes into the picture, though. He loves her, really, he does. She’s the most amazing human being for putting up with him (and his mates) and him being gone for a majority of their relationship and not giving up even though she had a million reasons to. 


Now she’s just pissing him off. And she’s not even doing anything. She just sat down on the lounge next to him, then Ashton came up and sat on her other side because Michael and Calum put on Fifa (and the dude still doesn’t like Fifa) so Y/N’s literally bouncing closer to Luke and bumping into his side since Ashton hadn’t just sat down like a normal human being, he’d plopped his bum down onto the lounge and bounced a bit to get comfortable (further confirming everyone’s theory about him really being a kangaroo in disguise). 


"Ugh," Luke wrinkles his nose up, earning Y/N’s and Ashton’s side glance attention. "What’s that smell?"


Y/N frowns, bringing the collar of her top up to her nose, “I reckon it’s me,” she shrugs lightly. “S’my perfume.”


"Why does it smell?"


"Because it’s supposed to smell?"


"No. Like. Why does it smell disgusting?" Luke frowns deeper. "Fuck, it smells like someone fucking took a piss on you. Why’d you use so much? Do you not have any other perfumes?"


Y/N blinks at him, “Um. I didn’t use much? Just used the normal amount and it’s the same one I’ve used for god knows how long?”


Luke’s frown deepens even more. He pulls back a bit, giving her a once over. “Why do you look sick? I don’t want to get sick, you’d better not infect me with whatever you’re down with,” he warns, raising a brow and in his mind, it’s playful, but to the others, it’s not. At all. 


Wow," Y/N finally deadpans, dragging out the single syllable word. It’s practically silent now, since they’ve earned the other three’s attention too and the game’s paused. "Okay, firstly, I’m not sick. I just didn’t bother to put make up on because I figured if my boyfriend’s best mates don’t seem to give a shit that I don’t have make up on then my boyfriend shouldn’t give a shit, either. And secondly, if I really was sick, you basically told me to piss off because you don’t want to get sick. So. Wow. I just. Okay,” she nods, then she’s getting to her feet and walking away, mumbling things under her breath. 


Luke’s eyes just follow her, then he’s rolling them and turning back to look at the tele – completely disregarding the three incredulous faces looking at him. “What a fucking drama queen,” he mumbles and that’s when they lose it. 


"Are you fucking serious, Luke?” Michael is the first to ask, and Luke turns to look at him with a raised brow. The older scoffs, “Don’t fucking give me that look. What the fuck is wrong with you?”


"What?" He raises his brow, genuine curiosity in his tone.


Calum scoffs, “Seriously? You seriously don’t know what the fuck you just did?”


What?” He asks again, exasperation in his tone now. “Why are you guys mad at me?”


Why are we mad at you?” Ashton laughs mirthlessly. “Are you really fucking asking that? Luke, what is wrong with you?! Why were you such a fucking asshole to your girlfriend?”


Luke rolls his eyes, “She’s my girlfriend. You lot don’t really have the right to lecture me, do you?” He sneers. 


Three incredulous faces blink back at him. “Do you even hear yourself right now, Luke?” Ashton asks in the most disbelieving tone. “You basically said she smelled bad when she, in fact, did not, and then you said she looked sick because she was comfortable enough to not wear any make up around us.”


"For fuck’s sake, Luke, I didn’t even fuckin’ notice she had no make up on until you pointed it out. She’s so fucking pretty without make up and you still call her out on the dumbest thing ever," Michael chimes in, eyes narrowed on the younger. 


"Well she’s my girlfr – ”


"And she’s our friend," Calum interjects harshly. "Y/N’s your girlfriend, yeah, but she’s still our friend. She’s so amazing and pretty and she puts up with so much shit – and then you go and treat her like that after she’s been waiting for you and not giving up on you for months. And somehow, even though you’re gone for so fucking long, she still stayed. She stayed. She could probably get any other guy she wanted and she stayed because you are her boyfriend,


“– And you treat her like shit," Michael adds with a scoff. "Amazing."


"I do not treat her like shit," Luke fumes, breathing a little harder. He’ll take them basically telling him that he’s not good enough for her, but he will not stand for them saying he treats Y/N like shit. 


"From what we just saw?" Ashton asks rhetorically, "Yeah, you do."


"I’m having a bad day, okay?!" Luke finally exclaims. "Just. Shut the fuck up and leave me alone.”

"You having a bad day doesn’t validate shit, Luke," Michael mutters, then he’s getting to his feet and going towards the front door, the other two following suit right behind him. He turns, though, before he walks out the front door; lets Calum and Ashton walk through first. Luke keeps his gaze on the paused screen. "Treat her right, or someone else will."


A/N: [ unedited ] i used the word shit a lot and also this – this is pretty shit. i’m sorry.

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Scratches and Bruises - Calum Hood [fluff]

Requested - yes (requests always open)

maggieb883 - “Could you do on were a guy at a var comes up to you and starts hitting on you. You try to get away but he grabs you and hurts you. Then Calum comes up and punches him and takes you oy his place and he makes sure your ok and cleans you up”

Word Count - 990


Going out was never your idea of fun but your friends always dragged you out. It didn’t take long for them to find guys that they would spend the night talking to but you were never good with socializing, but it’s not like you actually wanted to be there.

This night in particular your friends had found guys especially quickly which left you to sit at the bar sipping away at a drink of whatever took your fancy. You were careful not to get drunk as that would be silly but you did end up fairly tipsy, the only cure for your boredom.

"Hey sweet cheeks, what’s a gorgeous thing like you doing here drinking alone?" a slushy smug voice cooed from behind you.

You turned around to see a stubbly brunette with horrendously gelled hair and the stench of vodka on his breath.

"I’m… waiting for a friend," you reply.

"I don’t see any friends," he leans against the bar.

"Exactly, I’m waiting for them," you respond.

"Oh, we’ve got a sassy one here haven’t we," he says moving closer to you, putting you far out of your comfort zone. "How about we stop all this… chitchat?"

He harshly presses his lips to yours which repulses you so you push him away.

"God no," you yell. "Are you crazy?"

"Come on now, love, you know you want it," he moves forward again and punches your ass.

"How about you don’t do that?" you say pushing him back and going to walk away.

He gives you a sharp shove causing you to tumble to the ground. You smash your face and head off the floor which makes you a little dizzy. Just then he grabs you by the arm and tugs you to your feet, how is no one stopping him?

"Listen here love, your going to do as I say, we’re going to find a nice quiet room and your going to let me do whatever I want," he hisses into your ear, giving you a vile feeling in the pit of your stomach.

You go to tug away but his grip only tightens as his nails dig into your arm.

"Y-your hurting me," you whimper in your light headed state.

Just then his hand is torn from your arm, which leaves relatively deep cuts from where his nails dragged along your skin and you fall against the bar clutching your arm. You watch as a tanned boy with curly black hair kicks the slimy man 3 times in stomach and punches him in the face several times rendering him immobile.

"Are you okay?" he rushes to your aid but his face is blurry.

You mumble something that comes out as a faint squeak before you feel yourself going weak.

"Woah there," you find him catching you as you fall. "I’m going to take you back to my place to get you all cleaned up, okay?"

That’s when you pass out. He carries you bridal style out of the club and back to his place, you still unconscious until he places you down on a soft sofa. 

Your eyes flutter open and he sits down next to you.

"Careful, don’t move to fast, you’ve had quite the blow to the head, you might even need a doctor," he says helping you lie back a little.

You glance to the side and catch yourself in the mirror. There’s a stream of blood down the side of your face coming from a gash on our head, your nose is bloody and your lip is cut and on your arm there are 4 lines from the guy’s nails and a distinct bruise.

"Oh god, I look a mess," you groan.

"That’s understandable you were just sexually assaulted," he adds his tone very understanding.

He stands to fetch you a glass of water and comes back with a cold flannel cloth in his hand too.

"Here," he gives you the glass and you sip lightly.

He gently dabs your injured head with the cloth making you wince.

"Your head should be fine," he says, his eyes examining your head. He tilts your face to his and gently cleans away all the dried blood, "Your face looks okay too"

"Thanks," you reply sarcastically turning away and taking another gulp of water.

"Oh no, I didn’t mean it like that your face is very…"

You stop his fumbling by saying, “I know what you meant, chill”

"Sorry… let me just take a look at your arm," he stumbles with his words before gently gripping your elbow and tilting your arm. "That’s probably going to need a little more that a wash, I think I’ve got something for that"

He stands and disappears. He returns with a first aid kit.

"This may hurt a little," he says unscrewing the top of a pot of antiseptic cream.

You wince as he applies a thin layer of the cream.

"You really don’t need to do this," you say as he wraps a bandage around your arm.

"It’s only the nice thing to do," he smiles. "I’m Calum by the way"

"[Y/N]" you reply.

"You’re more than welcome to stay here for the night," he says standing and putting away all the medical stuff.

"I would but I have no idea where this actually is and I don’t know you very well so I’m not sure," you reply.

"We’re not too far from the club, this is Saints Street, West Sydney," he tells you.

"Okay, so there’s only one thing stopping me from staying," you smile.

"Well I’ve got all night, let’s get to know each other," he sits back down. "And maybe tomorrow we could get breakfast"

"That’d be great," you laugh.

"Okay there we go, we’ve got our first trait," he picks up a random piece of paper and a pen and scribbles while he says, "Likes… breakfast…"

You chuckle again, “This’ll be a fun night”


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To My "You"

Yes it’s 4.40am, yes I just spent the last hour and a half ish writing this whilst with friends and being completely unsociable! SFW, 786 words.

Today was the day. The day she had been looking forward to for so long. Remembering back to the day she still lived in her small New York apartment and one of her goals was to birth a book into world and now here she was back in New York with the love of her life, preparing for her first ever book signing as an actual official author. A wave of overwhelming emotions rushed over her. She was nervous and excited and anxious and almost every emotion possible but she was filled with the reassurance that chester would be there by with her. Not necessarily right beside her but she knew he would be there and that was all she needed.

"Good morning beautiful" his voice groggy and hoarse but he still sounded sexy to her, his hair was ruffled and god was he attractive in the morning. He propped himself up on his elbow and kissed her gently on her forehead, she smiled softly and rubbed her eyes. She laced her fingers with his and ran her other hand through his messy hair. "Good morning" her voice also faint. They lay in bed for a while wrapped in each other’s embrace. Grace shed some tears at the rousing speech Chester gave about how proud he was of her and how hard she had worked. Never once did she willingly take a break, it was either prompted by viewers, Chester persisting or being ill and physically unable to do anything.


By the time they arrived at the book store Grace had practically chewed all her nails off and was bouncing her knees. Chester rested his hand on one of her legs to calm her and she Grabbed onto his hand. He shot her a look of “I love you and you’ll be okay”. That was all she needed. Just his comfort and that was enough. As they were driving past Grace saw how insanely long the line was. All to see and support her. A rush of anxiety coursed through her causing her breath to shorten and her body to shake. “Baby it’s okay, I’m here” he soothed. Chester was the only one ever able to calm her down and she usually felt better when he as there, her anxiety was worse when she was alone but he made everything okay. He offered to go with her and stay right by her side but she didn’t want anyone to know he was there, she just wanted the security of knowing he was. Luckily her panic attack wasn’t as bad as it could have been and she calmed herself quickly. Still a little shaky but better. She got out of the car and Chester squeezed her hand once more before their lips clashed together. “Be a beautiful idiot, I love you”

Almost two hours later, Grace was nearing the end of being the perfect dumb dumb and making a lot of people very happy. Chester had checked the ‘gracesguide’ tag on Instagram more times than he cared to admit and loved seeing how happy she got when she met people who idolised her. He decided he couldn’t wait until she was finished so he entered through the back door and waited somewhere she would have to walk past to leave. She finished slightly behind schedule but that was to be expected, she was a busy lady. He clutched her wrist as she walked past and pulled him into her. “How did it go?” He quizzed, still holding on to her. “Amazing” was all she managed to utter. Chester all of a sudden felt tears drop down his back. Grace was once again over whelmed with emotion and pride. Chester cupped her face in his hands wiping the tears away which just made her cry more. He supported her more than anyone had before and she never wanted to let him go.

She fell asleep that night exactly how she woke up, curled into him. She wrote the whole book in 6 weeks of summer and she knew she was cranky and stressed and probably took it out on him which he didn’t deserve because he had never been anything but supportive. He understood the pressure she was under though and he was totally okay with her being like that. He was proud and he loved her why wouldn’t be? He placed a gentle kiss on her neck and they both drifted to sleep like nothing else mattered apart from that current moment.

Title: Maybe We Were One of the Lucky Ones
Author: ficslesters (philslesters)
Artist: danthedork
Betas: howellsprincess and thatsmistertoyou
Word Count: 25,873
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: direct referencing to/direct transcript of the vday video, implied depression, brief mention of alcohol, near-death experience
Summary: AU in which everything is in black and white until you meet your soulmate. Or, the one where Dan and Phil meet and are thrown into a world of colour.
Link to art is here.


Original Imagine: Imagine Elijah Confessing HIs love for You and telling you he needs you

Author: Sammi

Reader Gender: (Female)

Word Count:  982

Warnings: none

You and Elijah had been together for about three years and you’ve not once fought; till today. While it wasn’t a real fight with screaming and yelling, it was one that broke your heart.

                You knew about Hayley and how they had a thing or something. Compared to Hayley, you considered yourself a 3 to her 9. In other words, she was better than you, after all you were only human. So that afternoon when you came back from work, you were only slightly surprised to see clothes on the floor. You figured Rebekah and Marcel were at it again but then you realized that it was Elijah’s clothes on the floor and you realized it was also the outfit you saw Hayley wearing earlier.

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What Are Best Friends For?

Coming out isn’t the easiest thing in the world, especially not to your brothers (one of which is seemingly homophobic at times). But with an archangel best friend and a loving girlfriend for support, it can’t be that bad can it?

Pairings: Reader/OFC (Romantic), Reader/Gabriel (Best Friends)

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: None (If you have a problem with homosexuality, then just…don’t read) 

Words: 433

Author: Cece

Request Submitted by bran-scary-don


Gabriel could always tell when you were nervous, even if he wasn’t in the room with you. That’s why, one day, he popped into your room to see you chewing on your nails - something you wouldn’t normally do. He sat down beside you and bumped your shoulder with his.

"What’s the matter, Kiddo?" he asks, putting his arm around you. You lean in to him and sigh, closing your eyes.

"…I want to tell them about Lucy."

Gabriel is silent before he kisses the top of your head. “Are you sure?” You nod. “Okay then, so why don’t you?”

You look up at him, and he smiles at you. “Because I’m scared of what they’ll think,” you mumble. He chuckles, squeezing you tighter to him.

"Kiddo, you should tell them. See how they react. If they don’t accept you, then they aint good brothers. Worse case scenario you can go live with Lucy. You’ll always have me around too, I’m not going anywhere." You hug him tightly, grinning.

"I’ve invited Lucy for dinner tomorrow, I’ll tell them then."


After dinner, you sought out your brothers. You found them watching TV in the front room. You cleared your throat, stood behind the sofa with Lucy at your side, Gabriel at the other. Sam and Dean looked around, spotting you and turning fully.

"Everything okay (Y/N)?" Sam asks, raising an eyebrow at Gabriel (who grins at him). You nod and take a deep breath.

"Boys…I have to tell you something. Lucy and I….well, we’re dating," you say, holding up your interlinked hands. "I’m Gay."

Sam and Dean are silent, and you bite your lip, before Sam starts to smile slowly. You smile back at him but turn to your eldest brother.

"…D-Dean?" He looks at you, looking a little shocked, but he too starts to smile.

"(Y/N) that’s…that’s great," he says quietly. You giggle and hug them both over the back of the sofa before turning to peck your girlfriend on the lips. Gabriel coughs and you turn to beam at him, pulling him into a hug. "Thanks Gabe, you’re the best."

"You’re welcome Kiddo."

Serious Adults (SherlockxReader)


Fandom: Sherlock

Author: Micia 

Character: Implied Sherlock x Reader

Words: 1.105

Warnings: None

(Y/N) ..First Name  //  (L/N) ..Last Name (Surname) // (N/N) ..Nickname


Author´s Note: This is actually an entry for a contest, wish me good luck ^^ <3



Serious Adults 

But it’s going to be funny!" You whined, clinging on Watson’s arm and looking up at him with a pleading glance. The men gave an exhausted sigh before he started another resultless attempt to shake you off his arm.

You were friends yes and to him you were like a little sister…a sometimes unbelievable childish little sister! Often enough John just gave in to do you a favor, but this one…

"(Y/N)…this is ridiculous! We are adults. ADULTS. You remember this term, do you? And as a full grown man I will not…" You couldn’t hold back a slight giggle as reaction to John reffering to himself as ‘full-grown’. "I WILL NOT RANDOMLY KNOCK ON PEOPLES DOORS IN THE DEAD OF THE NIGHT AND BEG FOR SWEETS! THAT´S MY LAST WORD (Y/N)!

Yes, this was the main subject of the argument. It was october 28th, only a few days to go until the best day of the year and you had decided to go on a ‘trick or treat’ with all of your friends…whether they liked it or not. It should be mentioned that they usually did not.

John was used to your ideas and ways to get him to join them, so he expected further resistance but surprisingly there was none…you had something worse in petto.

Instantly letting go of John’s arm, you gave him the deepest look of betrayal, a bitter expression sneaking in your features. “Alright. I understand." Your voice was steady and calm but had a harsh bitterness swinging in it.

If you do not wish to spend time with me. Of course…it’s your choice.” You turned around and headed towards the door, leaving a torn Watson.

No (Y/N)! I know what you are trying!” You didn’t even stop your movements but left the kitchen and went up to your room, still hearing John’s complaints behind you.

I’m not gonna agree with this! Not even if you...” the growing bad conscience in his voice was barely not noticeable.


You knew that you won when, a few minutes later, a hesitatingly knock was to be heard from your door.


You gave no reply.

Come on. This is no reason to be mad with me! I don’t want avoid spending time with you, I … we could do something else together at halloweens eve, you know maybe vir… I won’t…" The struggle he just had with himself was clearly to hear and you needed all your concentration to stiffle a laugh.

Okay, (N/N), damn it you won!" Sweet Victory.

I’ll accompany you, but I will not dress up!”

The evening of Halloween came.

So far you had won a fight but the war was still going on!

You were currently in Watson´s room, trying to convince him, that the Smee-costume he wore did not look childish or terrible, when you heard a door somewhere beneath you being opened and closed again. Your final target had arrived.

Telling Watson that you’d meet downstairs in some twenty minutes, you grabbed the costume you had prepared for Sherlock and hurried in the kitchen.

You had decided earlier that you would try to convince Sherlock to join the trick-or-treat just minutes before you left for your tour, so he wouldn´t have a chance of escaping. The second thing you were aware of…convincing Sherlock would be much harder than convincing John.

Sherlock hadn´t such a thing as a conscience when it came to other people…so you had made up a slight different plan.

Sherlooooock!” You exclaimed with a happy voice when you entered the kitchen, causing the detective to turn around instantly and narrow his eyes in distrust. Of course he knew what you were planning since the right moment he saw you.


Oh come on Sher, it´s…

(Y/N). I´m a mastermind. I will not dress up like a child and walk around bothering people…I have better things to do anyways.

No, you do not. I life in the same house Sherlock, do you really think I wouldn´t notice it if you had a case? AND before you say something else: Lestrade has me on speed-dial, he would have told me if there was something going on in London.”

“As if Lestrade would now anything” Sherlock muttered quietly but didn´t say anything further since he indeed hadn´t had a case.

Also…” Sherlock would come with you, this was your final goal, and you would try anything.

I have a costume for you. And I´m sure you will love it so much, there is no way you can resist joining us!” The man tilted his head a bit and started eying the bunch of clothes under your arm with an almost curious glance.

His blank expression changed to annoyance when you revealed the clothes: A complete Captain Hook costume.

You always wanted to be a pirate!” For some seconds you just stared at each other. You with a pleading look, Sherlock with a proper “Are-you-kidding-me-?” face.


Your first attempt failed…fortunately you had another ace in your hand.

Sher if you don´t join us…I will ask Jim to come along. He doesn´t have plans anyways.

It was a matter of five seconds until Sherlock had grabbed the costume and walked out of the kitchen without another word. The war was won.


15 minutes later you also had changed your clothes and left the apartment, quickly descending the stairs to meet Sherlock and John in front of 221 Bakerstreet.

The sight of the two men drew a wide smirk of you: A very unamused Doctor in a Smee costume and an even less amused Detective in a matching Captain Hook outfit.

At least the latter´s mood seemed to rise when his gaze met you. His eyes widened a bit and you could have sworn to see a swift smile on his lips.

TinkerbellReally? John didn´t approve your costume that much, but you overheard his incredulous comment, giving each of the men a small paper-bag with a painted pumpkin on it.

So, are you ready for some fun?” You didn´t expect a single positive reaction so you were fairly surprised when Sherlock grabbed your hand and pulled you along a few steps, with a lovely smile on his face.

Ready. But if we do this, we will do this correct! I want these bags to be filled by the end of the night! I´m Sherlock Holmes, I will not get fewer sweets than some ordinary children!

John watched the two of you with a doubting glance, shaking his head slowly before he finally followed you.

What have I done…dear god. I live with a sociopath and a child.

Comma Splices (Yes Mr Novak)

"If the two clauses are independent, then you don’t use a comma. A semi-colon or even a full stop will do just fine." "Yes Mr Novak."

You never were that good at English, but you turn up just for the cute teacher. When he asks you to stay behind after class for grammar lessons, will your dreams come true?

Word Count: 1096

Warnings: Kissing, a tad of bad language, mentions of neglect and obviously Teacher/Student

Genre: Fluff (I think)

Request Submitted by Anonymous

Author: Cece


As the bell goes to signal the end of the day, you grin. Starting to pack your stuff into your bag, you say bye to your friends as they pass your desk. You’re about to get up when that sickly sweet voice calls from behind you, “Miss (Y/L/N), stay right there. I wish to have a quick…word with you.”

A couple of other students snigger and laugh as you slump back in your seat so you just discretely flip them off under the table. You watch everybody file out of the classroom, leaving it eerily silent with just you and Mr Novak. You hear the dull thud of his shoes on the carpet as he comes to stand in front of your desk. You look up at him and swallow thickly as his gorgeous whiskey coloured eyes meet yours.

He drops your book on the desk, making you jump; it’s open on a page full of neat green writing all over your work. You look at it for a while before looking back up at him.

"Sir?" You ask, a slightly challenging tone to your voice. He matches it with a raise of his eyebrow.

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A Lot Like Love

Note: To @JuliElmo_101, thank you. Alam mo na yan. And belated happy birthday to @JE_Underground. To all readers, um hi! It’s been a while, hehe. I wasn’t gonna post anything but malakas kayo sakin eh. Chos. Anyway, sorry in advance and enjoy! ✌️


"Tell me something i do not know."

I said as I started to back away.. But she was fast and before i knew it, her arms was around me and her face settled on my back.

"Mahal kita. Mahal na mahal na. At kung alam mo na din yan then talk to me. Dahil kung hindi pa sapat na sakin mismo nanggaling-"

I turned around, cupped her face and kissed her. I kissed her like my life depended on it. I kissed her like she was my oxygen. I kissed her full of love and affection. I kissed her because at that moment, i knew. I knew she was the one for me and i knew that i fell. I was already deeply inlove with her.

She broke the kiss, tears running down her face. I wiped those away and gave her my sweetest smile.

"No you’re right. Yun lang sapat na."

"CUT! Great job today everyone!"

Unti-unti syang humiwalay sa akin. For sure, pulang pula ang mukha ko. I saw her blushing hard.. Hehe. Cute.

"Remember everyone, may rehearsal tayo ulit 4:30 pm sharp tomorrow. Don’t be late! Dismissed!"

"Ino boy!"

Ang lambot lambot ng labi nya. Para bang anghel yung hinahalikan ko.. Grabe lang talaga. Napacute nya, pati labi nya ang cute cute..


Yung mata nya grabe, hazel sya, dude. Hazel! Tapos yung ilong nya parang ang sarap panggigilan. Yung eye lashes nya, ang cute cute din hihi.


Ay isa pa, ang ganda ng boses nya! Grabe tol, parang nakikinig ka sa anghel. Angel face and voice na with hot sizzling body.. Sinasabi ko na talaga sayo, she’s perfect. She’s-

"Aray! What the f-"

"That one is for day dreaming about your drama play partner.." Ani ni Nico, sumabay pa sa tawa si Migs.

"What?! Psh. Ako? Tss. Daydream daw. Sus.. Aray!"

"That one is for lying about daydreaming about your play partner.."

"Hindi nga kasi! Tigilan nyo na kakabato ng tinapay sakin, please lang."

"Sus, hindi daw. Eh maya’t maya mo nga syang tinatawag." Sabi naman ni Migs. "Pabulong bulong sa hangin tas pangiti ngiti. Sinong niloko mo boy?"

"Pwede ba, hindi ko type si Julie. Tsaka alam na naman nating hindi nya din ako type no. I’m the biggest jerk and everyone knows that, even her."

"Try mo munang tanungin kung gusto ka nyang samahan sa homecoming bago ka nagpapakanega dyan. Moses, chance mo na to!"

"Ayokong diretsyo. Let’s add up some spices to the game."

Bigla naman akong inakbayan ni Migs sabay tango kay Nico.

Bumulong pa sakin na.. “Bahala ka bro. Pero kasi alam mo? Feeling ko.. si Julie na karma mo.”

Ano daw? Karma?


"And.. Action!"

"Kapag sinabi kong maganda ka, it’s either i’m being sarcastic o maganda ka talaga.."

Leaning away her table and putting her feet up her desk, she continued.

"Pero kapag sinabi kong ‘you’re ugly’ then too bad, so sad.. I’m pretty.. Choke on it biatch."

She saw how the model almost cried. Tsk. Audition pa more, hindi naman makatanggap ng ‘no.’

"Ma’am, please po. Kailangan ko po yung trabahong to. Please ma’am."

Aw. It does look like she needs the job more than anyone else. But then again..

"Excuse me but i have the best adverstising firm ever so as much as possible, i want the best of the best. And if you can’t accept that then i’ll have to call security."

"And.. CUT!"

Nagpalakpakan lahat ng nasa drama room. Pati na yung babaeng nilait lait ko kani-kanina lang.

"Wow! Julie Anne San Jose is in da haus! Grabe Jul, i’ve always known that you’re an actress but damn girl, you act so great when you have a fiesty character! Buti na lang talaga, always different scenes every class! Nalalabas yang inner macho mo!"

Ay, naflatter naman ako bigla. Hahaha. Lakas mambola nitong bespren ko eh.

"Sus, wag ako Cece, wag ako. Hahaha. Bola pa more. Idribble kita dyan at ishoot eh!"

Sasagot pa sana sya ng lumapit yung teacher namin. He looked at me with all smiles. Makes sense, lagi namang nakasmile tong si Prof. eh.

"Hi Sir Jann!" Bati naming dalawa ni Cece.

"I couldn’t help but overhear what Cece said. And she was right, with what you just showed, you are going places Ms. San Jose with Mr. Magalona."

"Wow sir. Thank you- wait what? With Elmo?!"

Napatingin ako kay Cece na nakangiting parang ewan sakin. Nyareh? Sinasapian yata.

"Yes! With Mr. Magalona! Try watching you two, which is actually impossible, but sinasabi ko sayo Julie, once you see you and Elmo up that stage.. Geez it’s like you two were made for each other!"

Ano ba naman tong si Sir, walang preno yung bibig. Made for each other? As if.

"Prof, wag kang ganyan.. Baka mainlove agad sakin si Julie Anne!"

I know that voice. Please elaborate why he’s here.

"In your dreams, Elmo Magalona."

"Can’t do that, Julie. You’re already in them." Sabay kindat sakin. Ew.

Napuno pa tuloy ng sigawan yung classroom. Hay nako. Puro, “Ayiee yun yun eh!” at “Naks! Ikaw na Elmo!” Tss. Teens will be teens.

Bigla naman akong hinatak ni Elmo sa kanya, nagpunta kami sa kabilang side ng classroom tas inakbayan. Feeling na naman nito?

"Ano ba, Elmo. Bitawan mo nga ako."

"Tsk, wag kang maingay."

"Don’t tell me what to do."

"Be quiet or i’ll kiss you senseless."

Napatahimik naman ako dun. Ano ba talagang trip nya?


Nabigla din ako sa sinabi ko but it made me smirk. I love the fact that Julie is irritated by my presence. She’s so cute whenever she’s irritated. Actually, she’s cute everytime.

"I’m just gonna warn you, Ms. San Jose."

She looked up to me, curiously, she’s so close that i almost got distracted by her red luscious lips.

"Warn me? Ako? Why?"

I smiled devilishly.

"By the end of the drama season, you’ll be in love with me."

And by that, she jumped out of my arms. “What in all of Earth and galaxy are you talking about?!”

"Shh shh. Be quiet, love. I’m just warning you. It happens."

Ang cute nito. Sarap pagtripan. Halos matanggal na yung mata nya sa sobrang pagkagulat.

"Are you crazy?! There will be no way, no way in the whole world or.. Or even alternate world that i’ll be in love with you!"

"Is that a challenge?"

She smirked, devilishly.

"Sige.. Sige lang. Try me, Mr. Magalona. Pero kapag.. Kapag mas nauna ka pang mainlove sakin. You’ll have to tell me, in person.. Na talo ka na, gets mo?"

I took a step closer, i felt her shiver against my skin then i whispered, “We’ll see.”

I pulled away. I was afraid that i’d really end up kissing her if i didn’t.

"Julie and Elmo! Mamaya na kayo maglampungan dyan, hihi. Rehearsal for the ‘Audition’ scene! Let’s go!"

Narinig kong sigaw ni Prof. Jann from the other side of the room so I started to make my way to him but i didn’t hear any footsteps behind me. Lumingon ako at nakita kong parang nakapako si Julie sa kinatatayuan nya. I smiled. Cute.

"Julie, tawag na tayo ni Sir. Ano, dyan ka na lang ba? In love ka na no?"

That seemed to do the trick ‘cause as soon as i said that, she almost tripped her way to the other side of the room. Just like i said, cute.


Drama season’s been going well. Julie and me have been at it for as long as i can remember. Oh wait, since last week lang pala. Hahaha. Parang ang tagal na kasi. I’m gonna admit, she’s a great opponent. She knows how to play her cards.. Like that one time..


"Nakakaloka Louise! How dare you cancel on me?! Ngayon yung model shoot mo with Kian! Ano na namang dahilan mo this time?!"

I can see how fuming mad she is already.. Hala. Patay kang bata ka.

"Okay whatever! Be back as soon as possible.. Shut your trap. Yeah, whatevs."

She then threw her phone across the room.

This is my chance.


She rolled her eyes. I hugged her from behind.

"Cath, baby ko, wag ka na mastress, kay?"

"Ugh. Not now, Kian."

"Tsk. Nasaan na yung ‘I love you’ ko?!"


"Ah ganyan? Okay. Bye."

I started to walk away and counted.. 1.. 2.. 3..

"Uy joke lang, dito ka lang please."

Tapos hinarap ako sa kanya at niyakap.

Bumulong bigla sya.. “Ano, Elmo. In love ka na ba?” Sabay halik sa leeg ko.

I froze.. And had a mind block. Wait, ano ulit yung line ko?!

"And.. Cut! What was that, Elmo? Tsk tsk. Minus points for you this time."

Humiwalay agad si Julie sa akin sabay takbo kay Cece. I swear i heard her giggle and say, ‘Julie-1, Elmo-0’.

See! She’s not playing fair! But tbh, i love the fact that she’s getting comfy with my presence. Nanghahalik na sa leeg eh. Hihi.

"Aww. Wawa naman si Elmo boy. Minus points sa drama class. Huhu."

"Tsk. It’s all your fault."

She pretended to be shocked by this and acted all innocent.

"Me? Wala akong ginagawa sayo ha. Wag mo akong sisihin sa fact na naiinlove ka na sakin." Sabay tawa ng malakas.

Nang-aasar talaga to eh.

"I told you, try me, Elmo. But yeah, i never said you’ll regret it."

She said that then she winked at me and walked away. Sakto namang dumaan si Cece sa harap ko.


Lumingon sya, “Oh, Elmo. Musta? May kailangan ka?”

"Oo. Magtatanong lang kasi ako kung ano yung bagay na gustong-gusto ni Julie?"

"Babawi ka?"

Natawa ako. “Paano mo nalaman?”

"Minus points. Up revenge."

"Yes exactly.. So will you help me?"

It’s payback time.


After a week of that scene with Elmo, medyo hindi sya nagparamdam. I barely see him, kahit sa drama class. Okay.. what’s up? It’s not like i miss him or anything ‘cause that ain’t even close to possible. Yeah, definitely yun nga.

I tried shaking my head as if the thought of him might be gone when a student approached me and gave me one yellow flower. Then i kept walking straight then i got another.. Then another.. Then another.. And then two more.. And then I saw Cece.. She’s holding two orange ones this time. She gave it to me and a card. She never spoke and so i didn’t as well.

As soon as she left, i opened the card.

"Payback time, babe. Go to the field, i’ll be waiting."

Without reading the sign, i already know who’s behind all this.

I reached the field and oh my goodness, was i shocked. There, in the middle of the field, is a giant hot air balloon. I repeat. A. Hot. Air. Balloon. Oh. My. Gosh. I’ve always wanted to ride one! How did- speak of the devil..

"Did you like it?"

A guy wearing a V-neck shirt, simple pants and converse approached me.

"What is this for?"

"Just to say my thanks."

"Thanks for what?"

He didn’t answer me. Instead, he reached out his hand and grabbed mine.

"Hey, wag mo naman akong hatakin."

"Tsk, you wanna ride or no?"

"Ay sus. Eto na nga eh. Let’s go let’s go! Chop chop, Elmo!"

"Sino nanghahatak ngayon?"

I can tell he’s smirking pero gusto ko na talaga sumakay dun sa balloon! Ang bagal nito ni Elmo eh!

Finally we made it, after a few minutes, we were up in the sky.. Me and Elmo sat down and felt the nice cold breeze. I saw him get up.. And i’m glad i did because we were watching the sunset. And oh boy, it was quite a view..

Napatingin ako kay Elmo. I’ve never seen this side of him. The sweet side. Yung carefree. He looks so peaceful, collected and calm..

"It’s very rude to stare, ya know?"

I smiled and kept my gaze.

"I don’t care. I’m rude enough already, what’s it gonna do anyway."

He chuckled.

"Thanks Elmo."

Lumingon sya. “For what?”

"For this. No one’s ever been this thoughtful you know."

"Took me a week but i guess it’s all worth it."

I smiled. “You bet it is.”


"Bakit? Naiinlove ka na ba?"

I smiled and kept it till i got home.


From: The Devil

Hey cute! I forgot my script at school. Can i come over and rehearse some lines with you?

To: The Devil

What makes you think I’m gonna make you come here and ruin everything of everything?

Napangiti ako. There’s no way he’s— What the? Ang bilis naman magreply nito.

From: The Devil

Because i’m right outside your condo and i will scream that you love me if you don’t?

Oh crap. Dali dali kong binuksan yung pinto. Baka may gawin pa tong demonyong to eh. Aba. Nasa labas nga ang loko. Bwiset.

"Hey babe."

Ugh ‘babe’.. Yuck.

"May nagpapasok ba sayo? Feel at home ka na agad ah."

Bakit ang gwapo kahit pawisin— Ay Julie Anne, ano ba yang iniisip mo!

"Sshh. Babe, nakakapagod yung basketball practice, tabihan mo na lang ako dito."

"Tsk. Tigilan mo nga kakatawag sakin ng babe. Hindi tayo, boy."

"Ssh. In love ka lang eh. Okay. Basta tabihan mo na lang ako dito."

Aw. Mukhang pagod nga si bab- Julie Anne!

Wala naman ako magawa kung hindi tabihan sya at kumuha ng malinis na towel. Baka matuyuan ng pawis at konsensya ko pa.

I made him take off his shirt and hell, i must say.. His body is a must look at. Hahaha. Sshh. After kong punasan yung likod nya, i left him to grab some shirt na naiwan ng cousin ko last time he was here. Mukhang magkasize sila eh.

"Oh, suot mo na-"

Pagtingin ko, i saw a snoring Elmo.

"Rehearse daw. Matutulog lang pala."

Natawa ako ng lumapit, nakatanday pa talaga kung saan. Kaso bigla biglang nagsasalita. Tsk. Hahaha. Sleep talker pala ang mokong na to.

"Bie.. Bie, wag. Bie."


"Uy, Elmo. Okay ka lang?"

"Bie.. Bie wag mo akong iwan. Please bie. Mahal.."

Nagulat na lang ako ng marinig kong umiiyak na sya.

"Bie. Bie wag please. Bie. Mahal na mahal kita, Bie. Wag. Wag. Please."

Nagising sya and he was crying so hard.. All he was saying was..


"Um, E-Elmo.. Um, ayos ka lang-"

"She left me, Julie. She left me. Sabi nya, her dreams matters more than us. Wala naman daw kaming patutunguhan. Di nya naman daw talaga ako minahal. Wala daw akong kwentang boyfriend.." He looked me in the eyes, nakikita ko yung bigat ng nararamdaman nya. "I told her that the second she walks out the door, kakalimutan ko na yung magmahal. She was my first love and it hurts because i’m still trapped by the fact that she didn’t choose me. Masakit, sobrang sakit."

"Ssh. Tama na."

"2 months after, I saw her. She was with some guy. Nakasalubong ko sila but she acted like she didn’t know me. Sampal sa mukha ko yun. Na hindi nya naman talaga ako iniwan para sa ‘career’ kamo nya. Iniwan nya ako dahil may gusto na syang iba. Nagsawa na sya sakin."


"After that, I never became serious with anything ever again. I hate every girl ever made because i just get reminded of the pain i felt about 4 months ago."

"W-why are you.. Um, telling me this?"

I regretted that question as soon as I said it. Because after it did, he stood up and before he left, he said,

"I dunno. Para makita mo kung gaano ako kaseryoso na mainlove ka sakin. Kasi parang.. Parang talo na yata ako.”

*tbc or the end*

The Smell After Rain

The Smell After Rain —

She just wants to sleep. Nothing more than that — close her eyes and escape the real world for a few hours, maybe dream about a unicorn. Anything but this.

“Whatcha thinkin’ bout, sleeping beauty?” his voice rang across the room from the door way of the bathroom. A turquoise towel with ducks was hanging low on his hips, water drops falling from his soaking wet hair as he marched a few steps to his suitcase.

They and their friends had decided to go on a adventure trip across Europe and have now landed in Prague. The city was beautiful and seemed to never sleep. In the nighttime it would still be as alive as it was in the daytime and it was light up with thousands of lights and billboards. Even when you’d go to sleep, you’d still hear all the people outside and every so often a police car or the paramedics would race through the beautiful streets and tear everyone out of their sleeps. Somehow no one seemed to mind though or they were just used to it. Either way, if you were awaken shortly before sunrise you’d stay awake to watch the sun come into view and start warming up the city. Nobody ever complained about losing sleep when they were in this city.

“Nothing really…” she mumbled, turning in his bed and clutching the white sheets tightly to her body.

They had decided on the girls sharing a room whilst the boys slept in another, but she always quite enjoyed sleeping with him. Not in a sexual way, just the innocent sleeping. She loved curling up next to him so that her nose would be close to his neck and she could smell his perfume mixed with that special scent of his own. Sometimes when it was really quiet and her head lying on his shoulder near his heart, she’d hear it beating through his shirt. With each beat she would be reminded that another second has passed that she is not his or he hers. But real life isn’t like those in movies or books. This is real life and real life is complicated and sometimes two people that like or even love each other don’t just automatically end up together. Sometimes it’s harder than that and in real life it takes them a lot of courage to admit their feelings. Because admitting it means commitment and commitment means scared as shit.

After pulling up some sweatpants he stepped closer to where she was lying. “What? No shirt?” she asked.

“Nope,” he answered with a cheeky grin. “Cuddle?”

She reached her arms out. “Yes, please.”

A low chuckle came from him before he took one of her hands and intertwined them. As he laid himself down the girl immediately curled her legs up to his side like an instinct. And just like that his scent filled her nostrils again.

They were both warm people so cuddling was always a very tricky thing for them to do. She on the one hand can’t sleep — or cuddle for that matter — without a blanket and he goes crazy with it. Still they managed to do just fine.

A few heartbeats later, he let out a sigh and whispered, “You know… I’m sorry about today. I was out of line and I am sorry.” He squeezed her tightly. As she tilted her head up to look at him, a strand of hair escaped the rest and slid down her face, tickling her nose. Of course he immediately brushed it away.

“We never put a label on ourselves,” she spoke. “And I think that this isn’t gonna be the last time something like this happens. Either we finally make it official so that we actually have the right to get protective or we don’t. And if we don’t then we’ll have to move on. ‘Cause this isn’t healthy.” She let out a breath and stared at his eyes. Then she breathed him in again. “Nor is it fair to either of us.”

“I know, I know.” Sighing, he adjusted his arms around her. “It’s just… you mean so fucking much to me and I’m scared that if we become official… well then it’s official. Which means that I’m yours and your mine and—”

She scoffed, hurt. “And that’s bad exactly how…?”

“Hey, let me finish,” he interrupted. “You being mine means that I could actually lose you, you know what I’m talking about? If we make this official it means that we could break up. And that’s what I’m scared of.” And as he said that suddenly the whole room lit up. A thunderstorm had interrupted theirs with a much more powerful roaring, reminding them that no matter how big their problems were, he — the thunderstorm, God, the world, whatever — was still bigger and they were just little fish in a big gigantic ocean.

After a few moments of listening to the rain pounding against the window, she confessed, “I’m scared, too. I’m scared that if we make this official, we’ll lose what we have now. I’m scared that you’ll get bored of me or we’ll change around each other. Because I actually like what we have right now. But still.”

“I know, princess, I know. But let’s not worry about that right now. We have time. We’ll figure it out. We always do,” came his simple answer and he pulled her even closer than she already was. “Go to sleep, baby.”

So she closed her eyes. And laid her head near his heart where she could smell his scent and listened to it beating. And each beat reminded her of how time passes but how they still had so much of it left to figure it out. Because they always do.

It only took a few minutes until sleep took over their tired bodies and the rain kept pouring down on them. It didn’t matter what problems occurred on the world — it wasn’t stopping for them. The earth kept circling around the sun and the rain kept falling and the leaves and flowers kept growing. People try to escape their responsibilities by going to sleep but truth be told, they’re gonna have to face it someday. No one can hide from the unavoidable.


They woke up to voices gushing over how cute they are. “Look at them clutching to each other,” one said.

“Shh,” another one hushed. “Let them sleep. They’ve had a rough day.”

The boy turned in bed when he felt a flash of a camera go off and tried to hide his head under his pillow, but couldn’t since the girl’s head was lying square on it. Her arm then fell from around his waist and pulled the blanked with it. “Ew!” their friends screamed all in one. “Did you guys do it?”

“Guys!” the boy shouted and abruptly sat up. The blanked has now ridden completely from his body showing that he was wearing sweatpants, indicating that no, they haven’t had sex. “Please. Out.” he said forcefully. “We just wanna sleep.”

They mumbled silent sorry’s and excited one after another, leaving the couple — or rather not-couple — by themselves again.

Lying back down again, he re-wrapped his arms around her waist and pressed a short kiss on her cheek. “Go back to sleep. We’re going back home for college tomorrow so you need to be well rested,” he whispered and yawned.

His only response was a silent hum mixed with the sound of rain followed by snoring. Chuckling, he kissed her jaw. “That’s my girl.”


The next few days she could smell him everywhere. Anywhere she went, she always had his scent in her nose. Everything she saw reminded her of him. Her whole world was slowly turning into him. Because he was her world.

Their relationship was different. Their love was different. Everything about them was different. But different meant unique. And unique meant beautiful. Just like his scent.

Two Girls, One Farm

Fandom: Resident Evil
Pairing: Alice/Claire
Genre: Romance/Friendship/Fluff
Rating: K+
Words: 1,238
Chapters: 1

Super fluffy farm AU as requested by Tumblr user kuro-and-chan. Alice and Claire run a farm together and get up to stupid, grossly cute things.

FF | AO3

The golden sun beamed in through the window, the rays slipping between the red and white plaid curtains and shining in on the occupied bed.

Alice rolled over, shoving her face deep into the soft pillow in an attempt to shield her eyes from the bright light permeating the room. Mumbled nonsense slipped from her lips, muffled by the cushion. The only vaguely coherent sound was a groaned protest.

"Wake up, grumpy," the redhead behind her murmured with a smirk as her fingertips trailed up and down well-muscled arms.

"Five more minutes," the sleepy blonde grumbled and burrowed impossibly deeper into the warm covers.

Leaning down to press a soft kiss to the shell of Alice’s ear, Claire chuckled quietly. “We have a farm to run,” she pointed out, but quickly amended. “If we’re going to shun our responsibilities and stay in bed, I can think of better ways to spend the time than sleeping.” The redhead trailed kisses over her lover’s jaw and down her neck, stopping when she reached the point just above the collarbone, where her neck joined her shoulder.