Disney entertainers - Luke Hemmings AU [FLUFF]

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Summary~ On the first day of working as a disney princess in Disney world Florida you were too nervous to eat, little did you know that disney entertainers could be so wonderful

Word Count - 1426

Working in a disney resort has been your dream since you understood that the characters that wander around in the parks are actual people. You researched it for weeks trying to figure out all the ins and outs of auditioning as well as the best places to audition. You never expected to actually get a position but the audition was one of the best experiences of your life and when, only a week later, you got a phone call offering you the job of Ariel, working 7 days a week from 8 til 7, you just had to take it.

So, at 7.45am, you show up, early, just in case, causing you to miss breakfast, though you were to anxious to eat in the first place. The Magic Kingdom doesn’t officially open until 9 but everyone is expected in to help out with the hair make up and costumes, you, specifically, have a very ornate costume considering you are a mermaid for half the day and for the other half you get to actually use your legs.

As you walk into the back entrance you are hit by a sudden wave dizziness that you try to walk off but you end up loosing your footing and collapsing, but before you hit the ground you feel yourself being caught by someone.

When you regain consciousness you find yourself in a room with a heavy smile of hairspray and on some level paint. You sit up and look around seeing a bunch of make up benches and people in ridiculous costumes. The Disney entertainers dressing room.

“Hey, look who’s awake, hey there Sleeping Beauty,” a boy with an Australian accent, a blue shirt and holding a brown wig.

“Shut it, Lucas,” a girl dressed as Princess Aurora hisses with a smile eating a banana.

“Jesus, what time is it?” you ask.

“8.15,” the Lucas boy says.

“Aren’t you busy getting ready?” you question him.

“Boys don’t take as long as girls I just need to put on a wig and get my makeup done a little,” he grins. “Plus my new Ariel hasn’t shown up”

“So you’re my Eric,” you sit up properly.

“Ah, you were on time, I go by Luke when I don’t have the wig on, were you too nervous and you fainted?” he says.

“I din’t have breakfast this morning,” you admit.

“Here,” you turn only to have Cinderella throw a muffin at you, so surreal. “Eat up and head through to wardrobe and they’ll get you kitted out”

“I guess I’ll see you in the Grotto,” Luke smiles as you exit to get ready.

That morning you are guided out to ‘the Grotto’ where you are sat on a huge padded rock ready to meet any children that come by. You fall deeply in love with your costume; a shell bra that was at first odd to wear but is now fine, a beautiful red wig and most noticeably the shimmering tail that makes it insanely difficult to walk You think that Luke will be there already but he saunters in with only a few minutes before the grotto is open.

“You look different,” he grins. “Wait let me guess… you got your nails done”

“Ha ha, you’re so funny,” you roll your eyes.

“I know, that’s how I got the job as Eric,” he tells you. “It helped them look past my blonde hair, did you know that there are very few blonde disney princes”

“I’ve never really thought about it,” you chuckle.

“You know what else I think is funny, the fact that every Ariel I’ve worked with has had to be up on that rock a solid ten minutes before opening,” he leans against the fake rock wall.

“How many Ariels have you worked with?” you giggle.

“You’re the 3rd,” he tells me.

“Grotto is opening guys,” one of the employees says leaning into the room.

“Places Princess Ariel,” he winks.

The whole morning you have to try not to laugh or break character hearing Luke, who for the entirety of the time you’ve known him has had an Australian accent, speak in the most perfect disney prince American accent. He, however, has to do the same when you start talking in your squeaky princess Ariel voice.

“Last kid,” the employee says sending in a girl with a badge that says ‘7 today’.

She runs up to you, up the tiny stais up the side of the rock to hug you tightly.

“Hello there,” you announce, “And what’s your name?”

“Izzy,” she smiles.

“Well nice to meet you,” you say. “I’m Ariel”

“I know, you’re my favourite princess,” your heart swells.

“I see it’s your birthday, what did you ask for?” you ask.

“My mom brought me here, but I also asked for my own Prince Eric,” she exclaims.

“That’s a difficult present to get because there’s only one of him and I’m afraid I have him,” you say.

The two of you glance at him and he blushes scuffing his polished shoes along the floor.

“Ariel?” she says.

“Yes, Izzy?” you respond.

“Are you in love?”

That’s when Luke, or Eric, interjects, “I’m sorry, Izzy but Ariel needs her lunch”

“What does Ariel eat for lunch?” Izzy asks Lu- Eric.

“Sushi, I bet,” the little girls mother says taking her daughter’s hand.

You make an exaggerated gasp, “Of course not, I’m strictly non-pescetarian”

Luke chuckles as they leave, “You coming for lunch then,” his accent is thick again.

You cough trying to get rid of the cheesy voice, “Uh, can you help me down, it’s damn hard to walk in this frickin’ tail”

“Of course,” you expect him to give you a hand down but he full on lifts you bridal style and carries you into the dressing room again. “Don’t worry, you get changed after our 90 minute lunch break and you get to wear on of those flouncy dresses that all the girls seem to love wearing”

He puts you down near the costume department where there’s a dressing gown hung up with ‘Ariel’ embroidered on the front.

“I’ll let you change, the costume department don’t care as long as you hang the costume,” he says.

Before he leaves you stop him, “Uh, Luke,” he pops his head around the door. “Could you maybe unzip the tail for me?”

“Erm.. sure,” he crouches and swiftly unzips the tail as if he’s suddenly in a rush.

Lunch in the dressing room is strange, eating lunch with 7 or 8 grown adults who are dressed up as disney characters, this is going to be your usual day. You learn a lot that day, like how Peter pan is the most popular character with an older demographic, and how there’s a whole other dressing room for the disney villains and miscellaneous characters.

That afternoon you get changed into a fancy blue dress fit with a corset that is strangely comfortable, your hair is tied back with a blue bow ad you are given a pair of heels to walk in.

“You ready for the walk about?” Luke asks, waiting for you outside the costume rooms.

“The what?” you open the door and show him you dressed in your second costume.

“Wow,” he glances you up and down, “You do look a lot better in these puffy dresses than most of the prncessses”

“I don’t hink I’m going to get used to beng called a princess,” you giggle before repeating, “What’s the walk about?”

“Walking around the resort, getting to meet the kids outside of the grotto,” he explains.

“Ah, if I’m honest I’m just excited to hear your disney prince voice again”

The day goes well and by the end of your shift at 7 you are insanely tired.

You catch Luke waiting on you after you get changed out of the costume, you’d forgotten he’s blonde. You catch him fiddling with his lip in the mirror.

“What are you doing” you ask.

“Well I was waiting for you but I needed to put in my lip ring,” he turns to you to show the black ring in his lip.

Damn it’s attractive on him.

“Did you enjoy your first day, or are you going to bail on us already?” he grins.

“No, despite my fainting spell this morning, I’ve had a magical day,” you tell him.

“Well, to make sure you don’t faint again, I’ll make you a deal, I’ll meet you here, every day at 7.30 so we can have breakfast together,” he says.



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One Shot - Midas Touch

I shouldn’t have spent the last two hours writing this because university is a pain in the ass right now and I need to finish a paper. (It’s also kind of sad how little I can accomplish in two hours.) But I haven’t posted anything in so long and I haven’t written just for the fun of it in a month, maybe longer, so I just felt the need to do this. 

This is from this list of prompts, no. 22. “Do you… well… I mean… I could give you a massage?” (This was supposed to be a drabble, and the ‘action’ also kind of is, but I always feel the need to give background information so due to the beginning I’ll count it as a one shot).

Since this is my first writing in a while, feedback is greatly appreciated :)

Midas Touch

It is week 7 and by now Val’s back is killing him. It’s not the first time his back is troubling him, but he threw it out a couple of weeks ago when they tried one of the death lifts he really wanted to have in their Argentine Tango, and ever since then Val feels like there is a dinosaur standing on his shoulders and weighing him down. Standing is painful, walking is painful, and dancing has become almost unbearable. Of course he receives the best treatment, massages every day, ice baths, medication, but everyone knows it will only get better if he did the one thing he cannot do: rest.

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The Guessing Game | Phan One Shot

“What do you mean you like someone?” Dan declared Phil shrugged blushing a little 

“I did not mean to say that”

“Oh c'mon! You’re my best friend and you weren’t going to tell me?” Dan faked hurt

He chuckled writing down what the teacher had written on the board “Before you ask, I’m not telling you who it is”

Dan pouted “Please! Like boy or girl?”

He blushed even harder “It’s a boy”

The slightly younger squealed to himself and he rolled his eyes.

“I regret ever telling you that I was bi” he sighed

Dan slapped his arm playfully “No you don’t you love me, so are you gonna tell me more?”




“Pretty please?”

“Fine, just stop doing that with your eyes erm let’s just say that he has… pretty eyes” he answered

Dan thought for a moment “Okay so that rules out me…"Phil nearly face planted. He had mentioned how much he liked his friends eyes before. He decided to say nothing so he wouldn’t give anything away. 

”…Hmmm, ooh Troye!“ Dan said proudly "It has to be him”

Phil shook his head. Dan whined, it was really frustrating that he no clue who it was and he wanted to go all inspector like about it. It was also frustrating for Phil because Dan really couldn’t see that it was him. 


“Next clue?” Dan pleaded

Phil sighed, Dan had been begging him all the way from school to give him more information. They were now sitting on the train on their way home. “How tall is he?”

Phil thought for a moment remembering Dan’s height “Five foot eight”

“So like around my height?” he questioned and Phil nodded in response. Once again, Dan sat there frowning. He thought and thought and thought. He was a pretty average height for his age so the clue was pretty much useless to him.He scowled at Phil “You’re not making this easy”

Phil laughed and shrugged “You’ll find out who it is soon”

“How soon?” Dan perked up

Phil blushed “Erm I was actually planning to tell him on the last day of school”

Since Dan and Phil were both in their final year, they were finishing school in two weeks. “I can’t wait that long!” Dan whined slumping in his seat “I wanna know now!”

“The next station is Treensford” the intercom of the train announced. 

The two teenagers stood as it was their stop. “Do I know him?”

“Yes, very well actually” Phil replied before stepping off the train. Once again he left Dan baffled. They actually lived in the same block of apartments. Dan lived on floor three whereas Phil was on floor twelve at the top. All the way to the block of flats, Dan acted like a child, bombarding Phil with questions about his little crush. Phil was so tempted to just blurt it out but he wasn’t ready yet. That’s why he wanted to wait until the last day of school because if he messed it up, he could just leave and would never have to see Dan again. 

But of course that wouldn’t work because the two boys had applied for the same course at the same college so they would be in the same classes and they lived a few doors away from eachother so Phil’s plan had to work. 

They pressed the button of the elevator. “Why can’t you just tell me? It’s gonna keep me up all night!” Daniel stomped his foot

Phil chuckled “You can wait two weeks, and anyway you’ve got more important things to worry about at the moment”

The other scoffed “Like what?”

Rolling his eyes, Phil replied “Like your GCSEs? Those really important exams that we have coming up that determine our future, I know we got a place in college but it’s only a reserve so we can only get in if we get the grades”

Dan rolled his eyes at the speech Phil gave him. Teachers, his parents and now his friends were constantly reminding him of the dreaded exams. He just wanted to forget all about them. “Ugh don’t remind me” Dan grumbled 

The elevator dinged at him floor and he stepped out “See you tomorrow Phil, and I will figure it out who it is”

The doors clamped shut and Phil pressed the number twelve. 

“If you want to know so badly then just look in the mirror”


“You can’t tell anyone!” Phil pleaded to Tyler

Tyler smirked “Oh I won’t, but I think he’ll figure it out soon enough”

“Hi guys” Dan walked up to them and sat at their lunch table 

“Hey Dan” Tyler and Phil said simultaneously 

“You gonna give me anymore guesses?” Dan grinned

“Let me see… he has dark hair” Phil replied carrying on reading his book

Tyler bit his lip to stop himself laughing.

“Wait he knows now?” Dan whined

Tyler burst out laughing covering his mouth “I’m finding this hilarious”

“Awh! Is it really that obvious?” he asked

Tyler thought for a moment while Phil eyed him carefully “Well, kinda…I guess”

“That does not make it any easier” Dan laughed

“Well, you guys have fun, I’m going to go find Troye, see you” he got up, grabbed his bag and walked off

“Aww don’t pull that face, y'know you get what you want with that” Phil giggled while Dan pouted at him

“Another clue? Please? Like is he in many of your classes?” He asked

“He’s in most of my classes” Phil concluded “And that’s your last clue”

He was worried that Dan was actually going to figure it out. But knowing him, he probably wouldn’t. 


The day had finally come. It was the last day for the seniors. While Dan was excited I finally be leaving school, Phil was standing in front of his mirror shaking. 

“It’s gonna be fine” he mumbled to himself “What’s the worst that could happen? Him rejecting me? Oh that’s just brilliant”

He wiped his now sweaty hands on his skinny jeans. Since it was the last day, it was sort of a tradition that the guys wore jeans and the girls could wear what skirt they liked. He kissed his mum on the cheek and left his family’s apartment. 

Pressing the elevator button to Dan’s floor, he leant against the wall deep in thought. So deep that he didn’t realise that he had reached the floor. He had to quickly dodge the closing doors just in time. He rang his friends door like usual and smiled when he heard Dan rushing about on the other side. 

“Hey” Dan swung the door open “Let me just grab my stuff”

Phil nodded like normal. Dan was never on time. Finally Dan came back to the door and shut it behind him. 

“Can you believe it? We actually leaving after give years of that hell, we’re saying goodbye” Dan murmured 

“Five years? Where did it all go?” Phil chuckled as they stepped out of the apartment complex. 

Once they made it to school, everyone in their year had to go to the special assembly. Of course Dan and Phil sat next to each other with Troye and Tyler next to Phil. Throughout the assembly, both Troye and Tyler were giving Phil knowing looks but he just brushed them off. 

Afterwards the entire year just relaxed on the school field. “Wish me luck” Phil mumbled to his two other friends while Dan was playing with the daisies at his feet. The two squealed and giggled. 

“You’ll be fine, you have nothing to worry about" Troye reassured him

Phil nodded before turning to Dan “You ready for me to tell you who it is?”

Dan nodded eagerly and the two stood up before walking off. “So who is it?” he asked

“Well they’re a bit younger, pretty eyes, dark hair…” Phil trailed off looking up at Dan 

Dan frowned “I still don’t know”

Phil sighed “Erm they’re very close to me, I’ve known them for five years now…” he was gonna say it “I’ve liked them since I sat next to them in Maths in Year Seven…”

“You next to…” Dan’s eyed widened “…me?”

“Yeah” Phil breathed. It was now or never. He quickly stood on his tiptoes and kissed him. At first Dan was shocked but then he realised he liked what was happening. Phil pulled away blushing a madly. 

“I had no idea” Dan mumbled

“I didn’t expect you to” Phil sighed “I’m sorry, I’ve probably messed up our friendship now-”

He was cut off as Dan kissed him this time. “You should have told me sooner” he mumbled against his lips. 

The two then held hands before walking back to the field, full of happiness. They got a few weird glances but they didn’t care. They had eachother now. And that’s all that mattered.

Baby {Tayvin One Shot}

“Babe” Taylor whispered.

“He’s kicking me again” Calvin moved his hand over Taylor’s stomach waiting for the next flutter.

“That’s so cool!” Calvin smiled as the next one came.

“It’s not cool when it’s every two seconds and it’s breaking your ribs” Taylor whined.

“I think he is ready” Calvin laughed.

“I’m not” Taylor buried her head into the crook of Calvin’s neck.

“Of course you are, you’re going be a great parent. Unlike me who will probably drop him at least three times before the age of one” they both laughed.

Taylor immediately stopped laughing when she felt another painful kick right on the edge of her rib cage. To which she let out a cry of pain. The pain of the other kicks had been nothing compared to this. She wanted to cry.

“Do you want to go to the ER?” Calvin asked. He was getting quite concerned about this. He knew it was normal but Taylor seemed to be in a very uncomfortable and painful situation.

She had been complaining of this for weeks. Of course it is normal for a baby to kick the woman’s ribs however sometimes he would kick so hard it would affect her breathing. They had been to the doctor last week but he said she was overreacting. Which Calvin wanted to punch him for but Taylor told him to calm down and that she would be fine. Flash forward two days and she’s shouting cuss words at her rib cage.

“Come on, we’re going to the ER” Calvin held her hand to help pull her out of the bed.

“Babe it’s like, 4am” Taylor whined partly of pain and partly of the fact that despite her job she was not a morning person.

“And you’re in pain, let’s go!”


“Right let’s see” the doctor felt around her rib cage.

Even though it was 5am Calvin decided that he was going to drag Taylor to the hospital whether she liked it or not. He was worried about her and his little boy. Taylor was in so much pain he couldn’t bear to see her like it. It took about half an hour of persuasion but she eventually agreed to go and check it out. It mainly involved bribing her with food and more cats.

“Ok so after feeling around I think you may have a fractured bottom rib. This was most likely caused by your son’s foot being stuck in between two of your ribs. He then more than likely kicked whilst his foot was stuck and your bone cracked.” Taylor was quite amazed at how the doctor knew this. He didn’t even use an x-ray as this is dangerous for the baby. She was now a lot happier that she went to the hospital because the pain was pretty much unbearable and hopefully they would be able to give her some pain medication that wouldn’t affect the baby in anyway.

“And what are the options?” Calvin piped up, being a protective husband and almost father.

“How far along are you? 38 weeks?” The doctor mumbled to himself and checked his clipboard to answer his own question. Taylor also nodded confirming.

“Well, as you may know normally for a fractured or broken rib all we can recommend is rest and it should naturally heal. However as you are 38 weeks you could go into labor anytime now really and if you did this could possibly do more damage to your ribs. So, if you are comfortable with it, we may be able to induce you.”

Taylor’s eyes grew wide. She remembered her conversation with Calvin just this morning about not being ready for the baby. But now the doctor saying that they want to induce her two weeks early panics her more. Calvin on the other hand was very excited about the thought of meeting their baby but of course he was not the one going through the pain.

“It’s your choice love” Calvin reached out to grab Taylor’s hand waiting to see what she would say.

“The only thing is that you would not be able to give birth naturally it would be via cesarean section. However this would be the same as if you went into labor early and were not fully recovered from your injury.” The doctor added.

“So I’d need a cesarean either way?” Taylor asked quite worriedly.

“Yes” the doctor replied.

“Let’s do it, get it over and done with” she grabbed Calvin’s hand a squeezed it.

The doctor then left them in the room for a minute as he went to sort out the room and Taylor’s induce. He booked the cesarean and gave them all of Taylor’s notes.

“Okay so, go home, collect your things and be back here by 8am then we’ll get your baby out!” The doctor smiled.

“And what will happen when we get back?” Calvin asked.

“You’ll arrive, get into a gown or robe, have an IV inserted and you’ll be given fluids while they monitor your blood pressure. They may do some monitoring of your baby’s heart rate as well. You’ll meet with the anesthesiologist and have a spinal or epidural placed. After the medication takes hold you’ll get a catheter and head off to surgery!”

The doctor said it so quickly Taylor couldn’t quite take it in, so he continued by saying:

“Don’t worry, when you get back the midwife will tell you again”

“Okay, thank you!” Taylor chuckled to herself about how confused she was.

“Anyway, we’ll get going and we’ll collect our things” Calvin and Taylor both stood up, said goodbye and left the hospital.

As soon as they got in the parking lot Calvin helped Taylor into the car. He opened her door and made sure she got in safely without falling or tripping. He became even more conscious now, knowing that she has fractured ribs. After he let her in he walked around to the driver’s side, which he was finally getting used to, even after many years living in Los Angeles. The drive back to their home was thirty minutes long and eerily quiet that was until Taylor piped up.

“I’m scared Adam”

You could see the fear in her eyes as the words spilled out of her mouth. He never called him Adam. So he knew she was serious about this and she needed some real comfort right now.

“It’s all going to be okay babe. They’ll get our baby out so your ribs can heal properly and then we say hello to our little boy a couple of weeks early. We get to meet him, how cool is that? And then when I drop him and he cries we can both sing him to sleep and we’ll end up calling your Mom because we don’t know how to do anything. Then she’ll laugh at us and say it’s easy and then she’ll take him for the night and we can have our time” he winked.

“Stop being silly, I’m trying to be scared” Taylor laughed.


“You’ll feel some tugging but other than that the numbness should be enough” the nurse told both Taylor and Calvin whilst they were just starting the operation.

“Thank you” Calvin smiled back at the nurse who he was towering over. When she walked away he lent down, brushed Taylor’s bangs from her face and kissed her forehead.

“I love you” he mumbled at the same time as the kiss.

“I love you too” she smiled up at him and grabbed his hand linking their fingers together.

The room was very quiet as the operation was in process. They didn’t want anything to go wrong of course. Calvin didn’t take his eyes of Taylor always making sure she was okay and never letting go of her hand, not that she wanted to let go either. Calvin’s eyes only left Taylor’s once and that was when their son was bought into the world.

“He’s so handsome” Calvin whispered bending down on his knees to Taylor’s height so he could kiss her cheek.

“Really?!” Taylor’s eyes sparkled like he had never seen before. After Calvin calming her down when they actually got to the hospital and had the IV but in Taylor had been very excited.

“Yeah” Calvin replied followed by their new baby’s short cry.

That’s again the second time they let go hands. For Calvin to hold their new baby. He cradled him in both arms looking down at him with wonder and amazement. The thought that Taylor and himself managed to create something so special and so intricate. He was all theirs, nobody else’s.

“You want to hold him babe?” Calvin asked and Taylor of course nodded.

Calvin slowly placed the little boy in Taylor’s arms on top of her chest, just like the nurse had told them too. The like the baby to be able to hear the Mother’s heartbeat and have a skin to skin contact, helping the baby’s senses develop.

“He’s so tiny, he’s ours and he’s here. I can’t even” Calvin laughed through a couple of teary eyes at her Tumblr vocabulary showing even just after she had given birth.

Whilst Taylor and their son were having their moment Calvin was snapping some pictures and sending them to family and friends to which half of the people were shocked as Taylor wasn’t due for about two weeks.

“Do you love him?” Calvin recorded a video that would never be shared with the world but he wanted that moment to be kept with him forever.

“Of course I do” Taylor smiled brighter than Calvin thought he had ever seen her smile before.

“So what are you going to name him?” The nurse asked.

“Are we going with the one we agreed with?” Calvin asked.

“I think so” Taylor looked down at their son in a full trance.

“Noah James” he smiled kissing Taylor’s head and watching over both of his loves.

And in that moment they didn’t care. They didn’t care that they had been spotted by the paparazzi walking in here and that they were most likely still outside. It was just them and their precious little Noah James made from their love.

Peaches (malec ofc)

It was always around 10am when the customer came into the shop, and it was always at the beginning of Alec’s shift. The shop was usually desolate around this time mostly because of their specific menu, which consisted of organic fruits, and the fact that it was located in an abnormal location. However, there was always one customer who never failed to show up and Alec realized that he was actually becoming excited to see the familiar face. They couldn’t be considered friends, Alec didn’t even know the guys name… but he was the only form of interesting in the small, lonely shop. There were three distinct characteristics of this particular customer that had snagged Alec’s attention in particular.

Firstly, he always came to Alecs till, no matter the line (however short) or the fact that there were other tills available.

Secondly, he always bought peaches. Always. It continually confused Alec because really how could one buy so many peaches? He always bought around 5 or 6, which meant that he ate 5-6 peaches every single day. Alec thought that maybe he just really enjoyed the fruit. Or maybe he was on a really strict diet that consisted of only peaches. Which would be horrible because peaches were only so good, there comes a point when you need some variety

And thirdly, he was devastatingly handsome. He was tall, barely exceeding Alecs height but exceeding it nonetheless, which was a feat that he hardly ever encountered. He had creamy, tanned skinned and Alec noted that he had very nice arms, maybe he works out… His charcoal hair was usually styled into spikes and occasionally had a strip of colored dye, that changed each time Alec saw him. He particularly loved it when the dye was a shade of green or yellow because it made his eyes pop in the most flattering way. The customers eyes were a deep shade of green with small specks of gold and they were nothing like Alec had every seen before. It was as if a piece of ember was dipped in liquid gold and the droplets created bright spots all around the surface of the gem. The first time the customer had ever purchased anything, Alec was so mesmerized that he had dropped his peaches and sputtered out an embarrassed apology before rushing to replace them. The customer only smiled when Alec offered to pay for the soft fruits but it was so genuine and gentle and heart stopping that he couldn’t help but want to make the customer smile over and over again.

It was a particularly cool morning when he had learned the named of said customer.

At ten o’clock on the dot, Alec heard the unsurprising ding of the door being swung open and the familiar figure sauntering in. He threw a flirty wink in Alecs direction before heading over, Alec flushed and then promptly scolded himself internally. He did this every single time and he still couldn’t control the impending flush of his cheeks. He hated how easily embarrassed he could get and how the customer flirted with him anyways. He could barely hold a proper conversation with a regular person, but when someone flirted with him, who was especially gorgeous, Alec couldn’t help but become a flustered mess and melt into a pool of awkward.

He strolled over and Alec mentally prepared himself. Be normal and for the love of god don’t do anything stupid.

“Well if it isn’t my favourite cashier.”

Alec grinned, “I’m your only cashier, I can’t help but notice you always come to my till. Probably hoping I accidentally drop your peaches again so you’d get some free ones.”

“You caught me dear, the 3 dollars I’m spending is extraneous and overwhelming.”

“I can only imagine. Money must be getting tight what with all of the expensive stuff you wear. A gold shirt? Really?” Alec wrinkled his nose.

The costumer smiled widely and made a grand gesture towards himself, and with a haughty expression he gasped, “Dear, I am the embodiment of confidence and baddassness and I should shower myself in what I rightly deserve: Gold. Because gold is for winners and I never lose.”

His voice dripped in sweet sarcasm and Alec couldn’t help but revel in the friendly banter. Magnus’ cheshire grin was contagious and Alec mirrored the look. He was never one for joking or at least he had never really become comfortable enough with anyone who wasn’t his siblings. It was refreshing to have… a friend. The thought immediately depressed Alec and the smile dropped from his face, he didn’t even know this guys name and he was already fawning over this one-sided friendship? How pathetic.

The customer snapped his fingers in front of Alecs face and looked over him with concern, “I’m kidding darling I can perfectly afford these peaches. Why do you suddenly look like you found out you’re adopted and accidentally married your cousin in the same day?”

Alec smiled at his absurdity, “You’re so weird,” and with that his doubts vanished because somehow the customer had this innate ability to make Alec feel worth something and confident and it always left a warm feeling in his stomach. Feeling important and acknowledged and visible was incredible. No one ever paid him any attention so Alec absorbed this in like a sponge.

The customer grinned and strolled over towards the peaches and after testing the firmness of each he returned to the counter with 5.

“Okay, your total comes to $2.90”

He dutifully handed over his change, which was already counted. After all, it wasn’t his first time buying peaches, he had probably memorized the price at this point. However, instead of throwing a sly comment and leaving a flustered Alec, he stood at the till and looked over at his nails casually.

“You know blue eyes, we’ve been doing this for a while now and I can’t help but notice I don’t have your name. You don’t have a name tag, very unhelpful by the way,” he shot his hand forward in front of Alec and smiled brilliantly, “I’m Magnus. Magnus Bane. And what’s your name, lovely?”

Alec hesitantly grabbed his hand and shook. He prayed to god Magnus didn’t notice how clammy his palms were.

“Uh- um.. I-”

“I know you enjoy the pet names darling but I’d rather like to know your name.”

“I-It’s Alec.” Alecs cheeks flushed a bright red and his eyes fluttered. He whispered his name as if he was telling Magnus a great secret and realized how dumb he was being. It was just a name. Why was he being so weird?

“Well hello there Alec,” Magnus purred and promptly exited the shop, but not before throwing Alec a flirty wink and a small wave.

And this is how it was with Magnus, he would arrive every single day, buying a handful of peaches and unabashedly flirting with Alec before leaving and repeating it. It had become a routine that Alec didn’t mind at all. Not one bit.

“You want to go out with me?” Alec spluttered. It had been a normal morning, Magnus had come in, chatted with Alec shortly before going over to pick some peaches. After a few more flirtatious comments and Alec’s oblivious responses, Magnus huffed and set both hands on the counter. Alec thought Magnus was getting bored at chatting with him. He wasn’t as interesting and someone like Magnus would probably want to chat with someone who was bright and loud and social; all of which Alec was not. He was about to apologize before Magnus had suddenly asked him out.

“Alexander,” Magnus huffed, “I’ve been coming in every single day to buy peaches and I don’t even like peaches all that much. What do you think?” He rolled his eyes.

Alec stood frozen, his jaw dropping at the fact that this customer, this attractive, kind, funny customer, asked him out.

“So what do you say?”

Alec stuttered, “I-I.. well..,” he had been waiting for this moment for a while but he had never once imagined that it would happen and now that it had, Alec was lost. What if everything went bad? What if Magnus realized how boring he was? But, a small voice in his head said, maybe you’re not boring. Magnus made him feel brilliant. Alec wanted to return the favour. He wanted to make him laugh and smile and positively glow. He looked at Magnus with sudden wave of decisiveness, “Okay.”

Magnus clapped his hands together, “Excellent. How about you come over to my place after your shift? We’ll have peach pie. My treat.”

Alec couldn’t help but laugh at the absurdness of the situation and looked over at Magnus fondly, “sounds perfect.”

I’m begging you not to go
  • Fandom: Thor
  • Pairing: Loki x reader
  • Genres: Platonic fluff, implied sex, anger, angst, cheating, angst, fuff
  • Request: Anonymous - Hey! May I please request a Loki x reader fic where you become really good friends with him and have been for 100’s of years but you don’t realize he loves you (but you love him) and so you date someone else, who is jealous of Loki and asks you to eliminate Loki from your life, so you do because you’re blinded and desperate to get over Loki? And the guy you were with cheats on you and was using you for your status (because you’re a very noblewoman) and then you go back to Loki.Because you need him and he’s there for you and stuff and just a lot of angst with you apologizing and a love confession? (Doesn’t have to be elaborate, I know you’re not a huge fan of writing them) thank you so much! Have a good day and remember that if you feel alone, remember that I, a random girl who doesn’t even know your real name, is here for you and supports you!! :)
  • Word count: 1229

My rules & FAQ - Link

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Teen Wolf Stiles - Eichen House

This was requested, here is the exact request “can you do a teen wolf imagine where you meet Stiles in eichen house? when you meet, you explain to him that you’re not actually crazy, you’re a psychic medium, but your family considered that crazy and sent you to live at eichen house for the mental help they thought you needed. you help Stiles get into the basement of eichen house and, as you’re a medium, you pick up on stiles’ mom and let him know she’s always with him (fluff).”  
Word Count: 1093 words
Requests are open, all requests are appreciated!

Life in Eichen house is pretty much the same routine all the time.  It gets pretty boring really, and all you want is to go home.  Most of the people there think you are crazy, you can’t blame them really.  It’s not exactly common for people to be able to sense and hear ‘ghosts’ or ‘spirits’.  

You all sit in a circle of chairs, you all being everybody around your age.  There is a new boy here today, you send him glances out of the corner of your eyes until Ms Morrell starts off the session.  “Hi everyone, as you have probably noticed, we have someone new joining us today.  Why don’t we all go round and introduce ourselves.”  The person to the left of Ms Morrell starts and when it gets to the new boy he introduces himself as ‘Stiles’.  “So how are we all feeling today?”  Everybody murmurs fine or okay before Ms Morrell decides to pick on someone, that just happens to be you.  “And how are you today {Y/N}?”
“Just grand.”  You roll your eyes.  Ms Morrell sighs and gives you a pointed look.  “Would you care to expand?”
“Not really but I suppose I’m obligated to aren’t I.  I just don’t want to be here, nor do I need to be here.”  
Ms Morrell nodded.  “It’s understandable that you feel that way.”  
“Of course it is, but no offense, you don’t exactly know what it’s like to have your family tell you you’re crazy and send you to a mental facility.”  Ms Morrell simply purses her lips and moves on, asking something about guilt.  

When the group finally finishes you add your chair to the stack and head back to your room.  You are almost there when you hear running footsteps.  “Hey.”  A hand taps you on your shoulder and you turn, it’s the new guy Stiles.  “Hi, why were you running?”
“Ms Morrell wanted to speak to me, I wanted to speak to you.”  Your face pulls into a frown.  “Talk to me?”  He nods and you pause, allowing him to rein in his rapid breathing.  He smiles at you gratefully as his breathing slows and begins speaking.  “About what you said, did your family really do that?  Send you here because they said you were crazy?”
“Yes, they believe I am crazy, or at least in need of mental help.  Why, isn’t that why we’re all here?”
Stiles seems to pause before nodding, leaving you unsure whether or not that is the real reason he is here.

“{Y/N}!”  You whirl to see Stiles hurrying towards you.  “You know your way around this place pretty well right?”
“Where is this going?”
“I need to get into the basement.”  
“The basement?”  Stiles nods.  “I don’t know if we can, only Brunski has the keys.  It’ll be difficult getting them off of him.”  
“Doesn’t matter, we’ll manage.”
“Stiles, seriously, Brunski is not to be messed with.  Why are you needing into the basement anyway?”
“It’s complicated, and I promise I’ll tell you later okay?  Can you please help me?  I swear I wouldn’t be doing this unless it was really important.”
You sigh, already knowing you’re going to agree.  “Fine, but if we get caught we’re telling them you forced me.  We say you blackmailed me or whatever but we get the point across that this was your fault.”  Stiles raises an eyebrow.  You cross your arms across your chest.  “Fine.”

“Stiles you need to hurry.”  He is fumbling with the keys, trying key after key after key.  “There’s not many left now.”  One more.  Two more.  You’re in.  Quickly you go through the door and close it quietly behind you.  The room is dark, with a little light filtering through vents.  “Can you explain now?”  Stiles sighs and scratches his head.  You pause.  “Wait.”  A look of panic flashes across his face and you cock your head. “What?”  
“I need to tell you why I’m here okay.  Maybe I am crazy but you have to believe me.”  Stiles face softens and he reaches out to take your hand as you descend the steps to the floor and sit on the bottom step.  “I’m sort of a, well, I suppose you would call me a psychic medium.  I can sense and communicate with ghosts or spirits.”  You look down at your hands, avoiding eye contact.  This was the part where people told you you were crazy.  “Okay.”  You whip your head up.  “Okay?”  
Stiles nods.  “I don’t think you’re crazy.  Believe me, I’ve heard worse.”
“Someone’s here.”  Your voice is a whisper and Stiles immediately tenses up.  You stay still, paying attention to everything.  “I think she knows you.”  Stiles’ grip on your hand loosens and he asks, confused.  “She?”  You nod, paying close attention now.  Trying to get a name.  “Claudia?”  You turn to face him, hoping for recognition.  To your surprise tears are glistening in his eyes.  “My Mom.”  You reach an arm around his shoulder and double your efforts to tune in to her.  “I think.”  You pause, paying close attention.  “She’s always with you.”  Thinking back you can remember feeling a faint presence around him sometimes.  A tear rolls down his cheek and you rub it away with your thumb.  “She loves you.”  You wrap an arm around his shoulder and he leans in.  “She says she’s proud of you.  And your Dad.”  You can feel your shirt dampening as the salty water runs into it.  “She misses you.  She wants you to know that she loves you and your Dad.  No matter what.”  Stiles sniffs and you pause, feeling yourself losing contact, you could only keep it for so long.  “And she says keep fighting, she believes in you.”  You stop, straining out for more, but catching only echoes.  “I’ve lost the connection.  I can only keep it for so long.  Do you know what she means?”  Stiles nods into your shirt and you rub his back comfortingly.  “Thank you.”  He whispers as he sits up, rubbing at his eyes.  “No problem.”  You attempt a smile but reckon he can see the sadness in your eyes.  You can’t imagine losing a parent.  You kiss his check as you rub away one last teardrop that he missed.  “Do what she said.  You know what she means, so keep fighting.”  He nods and smiles a watery smile.  “Now do what you came down here to do.”  You command with a grin as you stand up, pulling him up by the hand.  “It better be worth it.”

anonymous asked:

Yesss prompt lists! Could you do a Jon/Sansa “If you keep looking at me like that we won’t make it to a bed.” :) Orrr if you not in the naughty drabble mood maybe “I almost lost you.” Thank you!

This one is pretty long and there is quite a bit of smut, so I’m sorry for that. I’m just trying to get back into the swing of things. I hope that you enjoy it!

A few years had passed since Jon Targaryen, First of His Name, took his place on the Iron Throne. Yet his victory over both the Lannisters and the White Walkers was still celebrated each year in a week of banquets, jousts, dancing, and joyous revelry. The only thing that kept him sane throughout was the woman who sat at his side.

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Home Is Where The Heart Is (Jelena One Shot)

Home Is Where The Heart Is (Jelena One Shot)

P.S. This is set back in 2013.

Selena’s POV

I wanted to go home.

I had been on tour for two months and it was already taking its toll on me.

When I was on stage with my fans, that was the greatest feeling ever. Just interacting with them and the adrenaline rush that came with performing.

But when I came off stage and the euphoria wore off, that’s when I felt lonely.

I was missing my mom, Brian and Justin.

The last tour I had Justin wasn’t with me either but at least then I still had mom and Brian. They didn’t come with me this time because Gracie was too young and I completely understood that. That didn’t stop me from missing them though.

But the person I missed the most was Justin.

Yes, we did have a lot of problems and had been on and off this year but we had worked them out and we were now back to the completely-in-love couple except this time we were keeping it a secret.

So because of that decision that I was now regretting, I was here while Justin was in LA recording for his new album Journals. 

“Selena! You’re on in ten!” Someone called out to me through the dressing room door.

I had locked myself in here and had been thinking to myself, mainly trying to convince myself not to be so down but it was to no avail because I missed home to much.

Taking a deep breath, I plastered a smile onto my face almost effortlessly -years of being an actress definitely helping- and opened the door walking out.

“I’m ready.” I told whoever was listening.

We all gathered around in a circle and said a pre-show prayer, ending by chanting ‘SWAG’ which was something I had picked up from Justin because he always did that whenever he was with me on the last tour.

My smile faltered a bit as he entered my mind yet again but I quickly covered it up.

Someone handed me my personalized microphone. It was covered in black rhinestones with 'SELENA’ spelled out in hot pink rhinestones. I twirled it around in my hand as I waited for my cue to enter the stage.

Once I was given it I walked through the underground thingy and smiled as I heard the ground chanting as the lights dimmed and the stage was flooded in fog.

“Hello Selenators! Are you guys ready?”

The screams were almost deafening. I loved doing this.





It was only when the concert was over and I was back in my bus, already on our way to our next destination, did I allow myself to break down.

I had showered and changed into one of Justin’s shirts I had brought with me and was curled up in the bed, hugging the teddy bear he had won for me when we had gone to Disney World.

I was thinking about everything and next thing you know I was crying into the bear.

I heard my phone go off, the specific ringtone letting me know it was Justin.

I wiped my face and sniffled trying to stop the tears.

“Hello?” I answered trying my best to hide the fact that I was crying.

But Justin was able to see through me even when he wasn’t looking at me. “Why were you crying beautiful?” He asked immediately.

“No reason, I just missed home, that’s all. It’s normal.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t worry about it.” I reassured him. “So what did you do today?”

“I’m done recording all the songs, I just gotta go in so we can tweak everything to perfection then it’s ready for release.”

“Really? That’s great. When am I going to get to hear it?” I asked, my mood instantly lifting as I spoke to him.

“When next I see you I guess.”

We went on like that, just talking about anything and anything until I felt myself falling asleep.

“You should go to bed, you sound exhausted. Where are you guys heading to next?”

“Uhm, Atlanta I think.” I mumbled, forcing my eyelids open.

“Okay, do you want me to sing you to sleep?” He asked knowing I loved when he did that.


“Okay, goodnight Angel, I love you.” He told me because odds are I will be asleep before the song hits the chorus.

“I love you too Justin.” I mumbled, crawling under the covers as he began to sing 'Be Alright.’

I groaned as someone from the team told me it was time for me to get up but I did nonetheless.

The first thing I did was call Justin, like I usually did but the phone went straight to voicemail. Figuring he was still asleep, I sent him a good morning text then went to get ready.

Once I was decent and ready for the day -or somewhat ready because I was still missing Justin and wanted to spend the day in bed- I headed outside to where everyone was gathered about eating breakfast.

“Morning.” I greeted everyone.

I got myself a piece of toast.

“What?” I asked when I realized they were all staring at me with creepy grins on their faces.

“Nothing. So what do you want to do today?”

“Can’t I just stay here?” I groaned.

“Nope. You’ve been down these past days and we are going to cheer you up.” One of my dancers told me.

“Fine.” I huffed, giving in because I knew they wouldn’t stop until I did.

“Right, so as soon as you’re done with your breakfast, we’ll leave.”

I did and went back to my room, getting my phone. I frowned as I saw he still hadn’t responded but then realized I was acting too clingy.

I walked back outside, still creeped out by the smiles they were giving me but walked ahead of them, outside of the bus.

I froze in my shoes, staring at the figure in front of me.

I briefly wondered if my eyes was playing tricks on me because what I was seeing Justin standing there with a wide smile on his face, his hands tucked into the pockets of his jeans.

“Justin!” I exclaimed, running into his arms when he extended them.

“I missed you so much! What are you doing here?” I asked excitedly, hugging him tightly.

“I figured I could surprise you so surprise!” He grinned, pulling me into a kiss.

I smiled throughout the entire thing.

“I love you.” I told him when we pulled back for air.

“I love you too sweetheart. Now do you still want to spend the day in bed or we could do some fun stuff with your crew.”

“How’d you know I wanted to spend the day in bed?”

“Because that’s what you usually do when you miss home. Speaking of home, do you still want to go because I can get your manager to pull a few strings and get us to go back for the weekend.”

“I am home.” I said.

“No you’re not?” Justin said quizzically.

“Home is where the heart is, so yes I am.” His mouth formed an 'O’ and I laughed.

“Some of my cheesiness is rubbing off on you I see.”





So here you go. I didn’t want to make her like completely heartbroken so I made her just miss him. I hope that’s okay with you guys.

Tell me what you think.

Here ya go rainyjelena

One Shot: I Guess I Like You...

Title: I Guess I Like You

Summary:-See Request-

SubmissionHi could you please do an Eric smut oneshot where when you first meet you can’t stand eachother so you have banter with eachother, so flirt with eachother without realising. However when there is a fight, Eric gets protective over you so you won’t get hurt. Then you go back to his room and he admits his feelings and then smut. Idk if that’s enough detail, thankyou! :)

Warnings: Cursing, Ends with ‘fondue starter’ (If you catch my drift)

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Much Needed Comfort (Dipcifica OneShot)

Pacifica sighed and closed her eyes as she lay on her bed. Any other day she’d complain about boredom, but she knew that was not a good idea. Especially considering she was grounded. Despite the fact that she had saved everyone attending the party and removed the curse on her family name, her parents did not think that it was as fantastic a move as she did. Her father in particular was extremely annoyed at her.

No, she wasn’t going to lie to herself. Her father was fuming at her. Not for putting herself in danger, but for going against his orders and allowing the ‘common-folk’ in to their home. And honestly, the fact that her father cared more about the family name then his own daughter hurt her more than any punishment or grounding.

In fact, when he had threatened to banish and disown her, she almost hoped he did. Because he was a father, but not her dad. She didn’t have a family, she didn’t have friends. And that’s why, as she lay on her bed with her eyes closed, Pacifica Northwest wept silently.

If her father heard her crying, she’d be punished even further. She absentmindedly reached and grabbed the toy she used as a security blanket when she was younger, her stuffed llama. She had named him Major as a child, and even though they disapproved of the childish name (apparently it was too childish for a five-year-old) her parents allowed the name. And since then, she had held it close to her chest whenever the pressure of her parents became too much, and today was definitely one of those days.

As she held Major to her heart, she thought about her loneliness. She had always felt like this, ever since she was a toddler. Even back then, her parents’ expectations were so high, and when she had failed them, they had shown her how disappointed the Northwest’s could be. She had not placed in a toddler pageant, and that was when her father had first used the bell.

Oh, that bell. She hated it so much. Just hearing it made her hairs stand on end. Her parents had never hit or hurt her physically, but that bell had traumatized her more than they could ever fathom. It was the look in her father’s eyes, that look of disappointment and rage that flashed in her mind whenever that bell rang out. It was her mother’s look of disgust at her failure of a daughter that made her cringe. That metallic clanging sound was her greatest fear in life.

Pacifica opened her bloodshot eyes, and sniffled. She couldn’t think of a time when she felt alone. Then, she remembered Dipper. Despite his awkwardness and him being a nerd and an idiot, she had really liked being around him. It was the first time in a long time she had smiled a true, real smile. And she had smiled so much. It was actually fun! For the first time, she felt like she had a real friend.

Suddenly, she heard a faint chime in her mind and flinched. No, he wasn’t her friend. No one could be her friend, not a stuck-up girl like her. Besides, what would a guy like Dipper, who was busy with his paranormal investigations, and who had a loving caring family want to do with a girl who up until a week ago had done nothing but hate and anger him and his sister?

She sat up, still softly crying. Dipper was not her friend, she knew that. All of a sudden, she heard a tap at her window. Then another. She wiped her eyes, and put on her angry face. She stomped over to the window of her bedroom on the fourth floor, opening it and yelling down at whoever was throwing rocks at her. “Listen, I do not have the time for this right now so just leave me alone!”

“Pacifica! Hey!”

She looked down, and instantly regretted her harsh words as her eyes and face softened. “Dipper? Why are you here…?”

Dipper smiled at her, not able to see her red eyes from the ground, not to mention it was almost dark. “I thought you might be lonely, so I came to visit. But I figured your parents may not appreciate seeing me any time soon, so I thought I’d do this instead.” His bright smile was enough to make Pacifica’s own smile broaden, and he could only just make it out from the ground. “Wanna come down here? You can come over to the Mystery Shack for the day if you’d like. Your parents would only know if they came to check on you. Will they find out?” Dipper asked nervously, know regretting even coming. He was asking Pacifica to purposefully anger her parents, who were already angry at them both anyway.

As she just stared at him he tried to backpedal. “You know what, never mind! You just stay there, I don’t want you getting in trouble, so I’ll just go and –“

“Wait there!” She called down to him, and ran back into her room. He waited a few minutes, and started to wonder if Pacifica was even going to come back. He heard a thump, and saw a large suitcase beside him. Then he looked up to see Pacifica Northwest climbing down the side of her house, another bag slung over her shoulder. He watched in awe as she gracefully descended to the ground, dusted herself off, and hugged him tightly.

He blushed heavily, but decided to try for a joke. “Do I get a bribe to forget this one too?”

Her soft giggle was reward enough. “No, idiot. This one’s free.”

“Why the bags, Pacifica?”

She shook her head as she pulled away from her first real friend, and smiled. “I don’t want to be here anymore. This place isn’t my home, it’s a prison.” She then blushed, looking at the ground. “Do you think that um, Mister Pines would let me stay at that Shack for a while? I mean, if there’s room or whatever, I don’t want to be a hassle.”

Dipper smiled, and picked up the suitcase that she had dropped out her window. “If he doesn’t we’ll find you a place to stay. I wouldn’t want a friend to be alone. Especially in Gravity Falls.” Dipper bumped into her shoulder, and she blushed at him, returning the gesture as he laughed. “Grunkle Stan isn’t exactly known for his generosity, but I’ll try to convince him. And we have a spare room, but it’s only got one bed.”

Pacifica almost tripped. “W-what do you mean by that? Why would I need more than one bed?” Her mind was racing, hoping that Dipper wasn’t suggesting what she thought he was. There was absolutely no way that she was sharing a room with a boy, no matter how nice or cute he was. She almost tripped again as she realized she had thought him cute, but was drawn out of her thoughts by Dipper’s response.

“Well, considering you’ve been locked up in that house for a week, I figured you’d want a roommate when you went to sleep. You know, for comfort.” He was looking forward so he didn’t see Pacifica’s blushing face. “So I figured Mabel could keep you company in the attic, and I’ll take the spare room. Or the lounge, depends.”

Pacifica was part relieved and part disappointed, even though she would never admit that. “Oh, right! Well, I guess that would be okay.”

Dipper decided to tease his new friend. “Oh? Would you rather me, Northwest?” he asked, and winked overdramatically.

Her blush and stutter was not what he was expecting, and he apologized profusely, proclaiming it a joke. As she stared at the ground with a beet red face, an errant thought ran through his head. Could she… Actually like him?

No, that’d be impossible. A girl like Pacifica Northwest would never have any feelings for him. With all of her money and her blonde hair and pretty face and –

Wait, no! He shook his head, trying to drive the thoughts out of his head. Little did he know that Pacifica was doing the exact same. Her mind kept thinking about how nice and helpful Dipper was being, and how she might actually prefer him over Mabel. Because she knew him better, of course. Not for any other reason at all.

They walked in silence for a moment, before Pacifica spoke up, still blushing like mad. She mumbled something softly, face somehow getting redder. “What was that?” Dipper asked, worried that his friend might be getting sadder.

“I said,” she whispered, “could you stay instead of Mabel, please?”

Dipper stopped walking, shocked. “What did you say?”

Pacifica, now looking slightly mad, stopped and turned to him. “Listen, I know you better than Mabel, and other than that mini-golf game I’ve never even hung out with her. But at the party, with the ghost, I had so much fun with you. And I know I can trust you! So please, just for tonight stay with me?” She had walked towards him during her speech, her handing grabbing his.

Dipper was amazed, and a little nervous. Could he share a room with a girl that wasn’t his sister? This was exactly the scenario he might have dreamt up with Wendy, but that ship had sailed. But with Pacifica, who up until recently he had hated? He swallowed, and looked at her. “Of course, Pacifica.”

He couldn’t say no, not with what he knew she’d been through. If only for her sake, Dipper would endure the deep feeling of anxiety over the situation for her. And her full smile and resulting hug proved to him that he had done the right thing.

As they entered the Shack, once again in silence, they talked to Stan.

“Hehe, sure she can stay here kid. I owe ya one anyway, for lyin’ to ya anyway. So, the girl can stay here as long as she needs, free of charge.”

Of course, Dipper asked what the catch was as Stan was being unreasonably nice to someone he knew had access to a lot of money. “Well, she ran from home, Dip. If it’s that serious, it’d be wrong of me to take advantage of her.” This, while still odd, seemed to placate the younger Pines, as he left to show Pacifica the room. He missed Stan’s knowing smirk as they left, and his wistful sigh. “Ah, young love…”

As they reached the attic, he suddenly became very nervous. “So, uh… You sure you’re okay staying in here?”

She smiled. “Anywhere is better than the Manor.”

He nodded. It was for her. He shouldn’t be embarrassed. So what if it was the first time she’d been in his room? What did it matter that he might have left his clothes out on the floor or his bed? It was for her to feel safe. He took a deep breath and opened the door, letting her in ahead of him.

She decided to try and make a joke, noticing how tense he was. “My my, a Pines who actually has some manners. This is a first.” She walked into the room, nudging his shoulder as he chuckled a little.

“Well, with Stan and Mabel as the only other two you know I would be the only one, yeah.” He smiled, feeling better as he followed her in. “Just put your bag in the closet, it’s empty anyway.”

As she did, he did a quick survey. The room was mostly tidy, bar a few bits of his clothing on his bed. He also saw a note on his sister’s bed, which he grabbed and read to himself.

Hey Dipper! I’m going to stay at Grenda’s with Candy for a sleepover, so you get the room to yourself tonight! Don’t go crazy without me!



After that was a crudely drawn picture of him frowning, with any arrow pointing at him which said ‘ALONE’. He sighed. Well, Mabel wasn’t even an option. At least he didn’t have to explain why Pacifica was sleeping in her bed to her until tomorrow.

“What’s that, Dipper?” Pacifica almost snatched it out of his hand, but stopped herself.

He smiled at seeing her trying to be more polite to him. “Mabel’s at her friends for a sleepover, so it’s just us.” He then grabbed his clothes of his bed, took his shoes off and lied down.

Pacifica looked lost for a moment. “Dipper, um… Where would I, like, be able to change into my pajamas?”

He blushed. “Oh, right. Well, the bathroom is on the bottom floor, or I could just leave until you change?” She affirmed she was okay with the latter, so he left and stood outside the closed door until she told him he could come back in.

Seeing her in sea green pajamas was an eye-opening experience for Dipper. She seemed to not notice his reaction as she prepared Mabel’s bed. “So, are we going to bed now?”

Dipper looked at the clock and, seeing how late it was, nodded. “Yeah, probably for the best.”

“Are you not going to change into your pajamas too, Dipper?” she asked, worried that her being there was making him not feel comfortable. He just laughed and took his jacket off.

“Done! I just sleep in these, it’s easier that way.” He then pulled the covers back and slipped in his bed, not noticing the incredulous look on Pacifica’s face until he was already in. “What?”

She just shook her head. “You are seriously weird, Dipper.”

He just laughed, and she soon joined in with him. Eventually, the laughter died down and they were lying in the darkness, neither of them able to sleep. Something seemed to be keeping Pacifica awake, and Dipper had already told himself that he would stay up until she fell asleep.

“Hey, Dipper?” Pacifica was staring at the roof of the bedroom, slightly blushing. “Have you ever, like, slept in the same bed as someone?”

Dipper blanched, then struggled for an answer. “W-well, I mean, uh… Sometimes, if Mabel or I have a bad dream. And when I was little, with my parents. So yeah, why?” Dipper was trying not to look at her, as he was certain she was doing the same.

“So, like, for comfort?”

“Yeah, exactly.”

“Huh,” she almost whispered, sounding slightly sad. “My parents never comforted me. They made me cry myself to sleep, saying that ‘A Northwest must forget they’re problems and face each day with a smile!’” She sniffled.

Dipper turned to her. “So… You’ve never had someone to comfort you at night, if you’ve had a bad dream or just can’t sleep?”

She looked at him, crying openly. “I’ve never had any comfort at all, Dipper.”

Dipper leapt across the room and held her close. To hell with it, she needed comforting and he was the only one there. “I’m so sorry, Pacifica. I’m here for you, okay?”

He almost didn’t hear her next question over the sounds of her sobs. “C-could I sleep in your bed with you, Dipper? Please?” Dipper Pines had never heard a more sad sound than Pacifica Northwest’s voice at that moment.

He didn’t reply, he just held her as he took her to his bed, laid down with her, and covered her up. She snuggled her head into his chest, and he wrapped his arms around her. “I’ll keep you safe, Pacifica.”

It was worth the teasing from Stan, the blackmail pictures from Mabel and the never ending questions from Wendy and Soos. It was even worth having to explain it to his over-protective Grandpa Stan. He smiled as he heard her, just before they drifted off to sleep.

“Thank you, Dipper.”


Cont. of 11x23

As per request, here’s what I think happened after the Omelia scene in the last episode. Just a quick one shot for y'all!

Owen held Amelia tight while she sobbed into his chest. He tried to say comforting words and just whispered in her ear while she cried. He had heard from some of his co-workers that Amelia was taking Derek’s death really well, but he knew just from what they had told him that she was taking it too well. Owen had never seen someone cry like this, not even when his one of his buddies in the military died. He assumed that it had just hit Amelia so hard because she had been holding in her hurt and feelings for so long. 

Amelia lifted her head up, and asked him through her tears, “Could you take me inside?”

Owen nodded his head, “Of course.”

He put the bag of oxy in his pocket and picked up his hat that he had dropped on the porch. Amelia let go of his neck and silently walked inside, waiting at the door for Owen to come with her. 

Amelia looked down at one of Zola’s baby dolls, “I don’t feel like I should be here. This isn’t even my house, and I’m the only one who lives here right now. I don’t know what to do with all of this quiet space.”

Owen grabbed her hand, “Just take it a day at a time. Derek wanted you here, and he loved you so much. I think he would like it that you stayed here in his dream house.”

Amelia chewed her lip, trying to keep the sobs away. With a shaky voice, she looked up at Owen and asked, “Will you please come lay with me? I don’t think I can be alone tonight.”

Owen reached down and wiped a tear from her cheek, “I will stay with you as long as you need.”

Owen led Amelia up the stairs by her hand, wishing he hadn’t left her here alone during such a hard time while he was off in a different country. As they reached the top of the stairs, he looked over to see Amelia looking at all the pictures of her brother and their family hanging on the wall. She walked up to one that had the two of them a few years back when they worked on a surgery together. She smiled at the memory of working with her brother and thought about how she will never be able to do that again. 

Owen saw that Amelia was getting upset when looking at the pictures, so he put his hand on her shoulder and began to lead her to her room, “Come on, let’s go to bed.”

They passed Bailey’s room, and Amelia looked inside to see that his favorite teddy bear was left on the floor beside his bed. She wondered how many sleepless nights he had without it, knowing that it was almost impossible to get him to sleep without it. Amelia could feel her chest tightening, and tried to contain her sobs. 

Owen put his hand on her back and continued to lead her to her bedroom. She felt her breathing begin to speed up, so she took deep breaths in order to control it. 

She could feel the pressure in her chest rising as they neared Meredith and Derek’s room, and when they reached it, she could feel Owen trying to nudge her down the hall, but she couldn’t move her body. The door was slightly open, and she looked inside to see Derek’s favorite tie folded on his bedside table, and she could see the corner of Meredith and Derek’s post-it. Her breathing quickened as she realized that he would never put on that tie again, or pick up the dirty shirt that was on the ground. She couldn’t believe that her brother would never hold his children again, or walk into his house that he built, or mess around with her about what’s going on in her life, or even walk her down the aisle at her wedding. 

It was all too much for Amelia, and her vision became blurry from all the tears. She couldn’t breath anymore, and she felt like there were bricks on her chest. She felt Owen put his arms around her and tried to speak, “I can’t-I-I-I can’t be-I can’t be here.”

Amelia broke down in sobs and clung to Owen’s shirt, her tiny body collapsing under all of her grief. Owen picked her up and carried her down the stairs, making soothing noises to calm her sobs as he silently carried her in his arms to his trailer. 

He hadn’t been inside his place in months, but everything looked exactly the same. He took Amelia to his bed and placed her down, then quickly grabbed something for her to wear. He found a pair of shorts that she had left over and grabbed one of his t-shirts. He went to his bed and took off her boots and jacket. 

“Amelia, can you put this on, please?”

Amelia nodded and took off her shirt, not caring that Owen was still in the room. She unbuttoned her pants and began to take them off, but started to hyperventilate once more. Owen sat down beside her and coached her on her breathing, trying to help her relax. He finished taking off her pants and helped her into her shorts, then kicked off his shoes. He laid down next to her in the bed and pulled her into him, holding her while she cried.

Amelia looked up at Owen with tear-filled eyes, “I don’t want to feel this. I can’t do this. I just-I just can’t.”

Owen stroked her cheek, “Yes, you can. You are such a strong person, and I know that you can do anything. And no matter what, I will always be here for you.”

Amelia put her head against his chest and cried silent tears, “Derek’s dead. He’s dead. I’ll never see him again.”

Owen pulled her closer to him and held her tight, “I am so sorry.”

Amelia looked up at him with blurry vision and place her lips on his, yearning to feel close to someone. 

Owen gently pulled away, “Amelia–”

Amelia desperately looked up at him, “Owen, please.”

He looked down at her tear-filled eyes and tear-stained cheeks and knew what he had to do. Owen put his hand under her chin and pulled her mouth back to his, deepening the kiss that she had previously began. 

Amelia put her arms around his neck and pulled herself closer, wanting to feel his warmth. 

Owen could feel her tears falling on his face, but he continued to kiss her while she began to remove his uniform. 

Forgive And Forget

There is bad news and there is good news. Everybody wants to hear the bad news first so the good news would bring them joy. Or some people want to hear the good news first so they can be happy first and choose not to hear the bad news. You had good news for your longtime boyfriend. You were expecting. You figured that something wasn’t normal the morning after the both of you had sex after a couples drinks you had came back from partying with your friends. Throwing up mainly. Your theory of being pregnant was correct when you took a test and saw that plus…also when the doctor told you that you were.

You couldn’t wait another second for Mats to return home from his game. They had won 3-1 today so you were ecstatic to add more joyfulness into Mats’ day. The idea that Mats may not want a child had not once crossed your mind. Which brings you to the present.

“Are you even listening to me?! This is your fault Y/N! You know that I hate kids so why do you think that this would be good news? I cannot actually believe that you’re pregnant. This isn’t fair! I have too much shit going on in my life right now and you decide to get pregnant now?! How stupid are you?” Mats screamed at you, pacing around the kitchen and making wild gestures with his hands as he shouted.

“It wasn’t like I had a choice,” you implied in a whisper.

“No! You don’t get to fucking talk. I’m angry at you Y/N. I don’t even know what else to do right now. I don’t know how I can be a father right now.” He leaned his elbows against the kitchen counter and hid his face with his hands. There was an eerie silence as Mats thought to himself. You took the opportunity to wipe your tear streaked face with your shirt sleeves.

This wasn’t how things were going to be. Mats was supposed to talk and places kisses on your stomach everyday until your child was born then place kisses on their little face. He was supposed to be overprotective of everything you did so nothing would hurt you or the baby. He was supposed to start throwing out names at random times to see if you would accept them, especially Mats Junior. He was supposed to remember all the little nursery rhymes and songs his mom sang to him as a kid so he could do the same to his. That was how it was supposed to be. But I guess that sounds too much like a fairytale right?

Mats finally raised his head back to you and uttered those words you absolutely did not want him to say.

“We should break up.”

You clamped eyes shut stopping any threatening tears from spilling over as you felt your body shiver. “Please Mats don’t do this.”

“I have to Y/N. I’m not capable of raising a child. Particularly at this time. Its just not going to happen I’m sorry.” He made no move to reassure you so you form your lips into a thin line and nodded solemnly. “I’ll send someone to drop your stuff off later and you can call a cab or something,” he sighed and made his way to the room you used to share.

You instantly flew out of the house into the cool night air and dialled a cab which would be about a fifteen minute wait. To pass the time, you fell to your knees and started bawling. You’ve been crying for such a long time that fifteen minutes felt like fifteen seconds. You told the cab driver the address to Jessica Melena and Ciro Immobile’s house. They have been so gracious to you and Jessica was the first WAG to become friends with you when you were seated in the same row during a BVB game.

Once the cab pulled up and you payed your fee, you pounded on their front door like there was no tomorrow. Sure you were a bad friend for waking them up at this time, especially when they probably just settled in bed after today’s match, but you needed them more than ever. The door eventually opened and revealed a yawning Jessica.

“Y/N? What’re you doing…” She stopped short when she saw black faded eyeliner now smeared down your face. Without another word she yanked you inside by your wrist and led you to the couch after putting the kettle on to boil some tea for you.

“Tell me everything.” Jessica slid onto the spot on the couch next to you and waited patiently for you to begin.

“Jess I’m… pregnant. But before you start popping bottles about this seemingly happy news, Mats wasn’t so thrilled about it. He-“ you sniffed and bit your lip harshly. “He broke up with me because of this.”

“Oh my god. That asshole. Is he for fucking real? Oh sweetie come here.” Jessica pulled you into a motherly hug which only made you start to cry again.

“I don’t want to lose him Jess. I love him.”

“Shh, hon. Okay c’mon, let’s get you to bed you need to sleep. We can talk about everything and cuss him out tomorrow.” She helped you to your feet and brought you to a guest room. “Do you want me to stay with you?”

You nodded your head yes frantically. You needed comfort from somebody and Jess was exactly that person who could be a best friend, an enemy, a sister, and a mother. You crawled underneath the covers and buried your face into the pillow, Jess rubbing your back soothingly as you drifted off to sleep.

You woke up to the sound of birds twittering outside the window. You wished you could never leave the bed but the scent of frying bacon and freshly buttered pancakes that wafted into your nostrils said otherwise. You climbed wearily out of bed and carried yourself to the kitchen. There you saw Ciro attempting to crack an egg and Jessica flipping pancakes. You forgot that you spent the night here.

Successfully cracking open the egg, Ciro spun around in delight and made a fist pumping motion when his gaze locked with yours. He gave a you a weak smile and envelopes you in a comforting hug to which you gladly accepted.

“Hey Y/N.”

“Hi Ciro.”

Ciro pulled out of the hug but kept his hands rested on your shoulders. “You’re going to be okay. You can stay with us until you’re back on your feet. Nope, you can’t refuse it. You’re staying with us.”

“Thank you guys so much.” You threw your arms around Ciro thankfully. “I mean it. You are the best.”

“Awww group hug!” You heard Jessica giggle and run over to the other side of you to hug your back so you were sandwiched in between your gracious friends.

It’s been six weeks since you and Mats have been broken up and you’ve been handling yourself much better than you thought you could manage. Thanks to Jessica and Ciro of course. Your recent check up with the doctor went steady. The baby was as healthy as one could be and it was a boy. The three of you decided on multiple names but none of them were good enough for you to call your child that for the rest of their life.

“No thanks Ci.” You walked in the opposite direction of him and ended up facing a wall.

“Please Y/N? I want your support just this once and you never have to go even if my life depended on it.”

You shot him a confused look to which he only shrugged. Today Ciro felt that everyone should have their day (and Jessica informed him that it was called a birthday) and nominated himself that today should be his day. For his day, he wanted you to support him during his match today.

“Fine. But I’m only staying for the match. No after party if you win okay?”

“Okay!” Ciro embraced you quickly before running up the stairs two at a time yelling for Jessica to inform her that you were coming with them. Her response being a shriek in excitement. You rolled your eyes and huffed out breath of air then started upstairs to change into one of Ciro’s jersey’s.

At the stadium, you couldn’t help but notice that Mats wasn’t in the starting line-up. You informed Jessica about this, her response being a ’that bitch probably knew that his face would get beat in because I’m here’ nod. You decided to just brush it off and pay attention Ciro.

The intense game ended 4-1 to BVB. Jessica had been screeching so loud, you were absolutely sure that the players on the pitch could hear her. “We need to celebrate! Let’s go back to the car and wait for Ciro to take him to a surprise dinner, yeah?”

You didn’t even have a chance to respond. She pulled your arm and manoeuvred around the enthusiastic crowd to bring you both back to the parking lot. Once the fans had dissipated from the stadium, Jessica’s patience wore thin.

“Ergh, what on earth is taking this man so long?!” She turned to you from the driver’s seat. “Do you mind going in and hauling his ass out here?”

You nodded and exited the car, jogging lightly because it was a little chilly out. You neared the locker room and pushed the door open. It smelled like fresh shampoo and soap and you saw Marco and Aubameyang just about to leave the locker rooms.

“Y/N,” Marco breathed out in a nervous voice and glanced at his friend.

“Uh long time no see.” Aubameyang awkwardly embraced you.

“Hey, I just came here to grab Ciro. Do you know where he is?”

“He’s right over there.” The duo pointed to the showers and side stepped for you to walk further inside. “It’s only him and…ouch!” Aubameyang elbowed Marco in the side before he could finish his sentence.

You hesitantly took a step forward and spun around just in time to see the two squeezing out the door. You furrowed your brows then continued walking toward the showers, cautiously so that you wouldn’t walk in on Ciro naked.

Just as you were about to open your mouth to call his name, a man who you did’t recognise was staring directly at you. The man looked like all of his energy had been drained from his body. His hair ruffled in every direction, dark circles on his eyes, and his posture was horrible. Though he seemed to be hit by a bolt of relief when he looked at you.

“Y/N…” The man whispered.

You gasped and your hands flew to your mouth as you felt tears rising. You couldn’t believe your eyes once you knew who this man was.


“Oh my God.”

Mats stood up and walked to you, making sure he was at an appropriate distance also. You could do nothing but stare at his changes.

“How’ve you been?”

Your hands were glued to your mouth as you avoided and countered his question. “How have you been?“

“I’ve been better,” Mats joked, trying to lighten the mood.

“Mats…what happened to you?”

He broke your gaze and fiddled with his hands. “Alcohol.”

You sighed in disappointment and stepped closer to him. “Why?”

He returned your gaze. “It was the only way. I couldn’t call you because I thought you would never take me back. I had no idea where you went so I got scared that you moved back to your home. I’m such a fucking idiot Y/N.”

Unsure of what to do next, he enveloped you into a gentle hug yet he still clung to you like you were his lifeline. You did your best to reciprocate the action with your shorter and thinner arms by locking them around his neck.

“I’m sorry.” Mats breathed in the scent of your hair then buried his face in your neck, peppering warm kisses along the crook, murmuring apologies. You moaned softly at the affection and cupped his chin to bring his face into view.

“I love you.” Mats exhaled and brought his mouth to yours tentatively. “This one too.” He dropped to one knee and smiled then rested his ear onto your not even noticeable bump.

You combed his hair with your fingers, carefully ridding the rough and matted tangles. “Mats, she hasn’t grown enough to move around.”

Mats’ head shot up. “She?”

“I’m hoping.” You brought your crossed fingers into his sight.

Mats leaned his head back and let out a low laugh. Then his face became serious he rose back to his feet, towering over you. “You know what I’m about to ask now.”

You nodded slowly. “I know.”

“And your answer?” Mats eyed you nervously.

Before you could answer, Ciro finally emerged from the shower room clothed and ready to go. When he saw you two together, he froze, then gradually smiled. “You two finally made up. It’s about time too, Mats was this close to his football career ending. If it weren’t for you Y/N I’m not sure that Matty would even be alive right now.” Ciro laughed at his exaggerated joke loudly and started to pack up his things.

“So does that mean you’re moving out?”

You looked from Mats to Ciro and thought about your decision with deep thought then turned your head back to Mats who was looking at you with suspense.


When you gave your answer, you swear you’ve never seen any human smile so big and bright then Mats did. At any moment, rays of sunshine would come blasting outof his teeth if he didn’t stop.

“Mats is going to have to deal with Jessica,” Ciro groaned and mumbled under his breath, making you laugh at the thought of Jessica taking all of her anger out on Mats.

Mats looked confused. “Should I be afraid?” He asked Ciro.

“Mats, if anything, you should be terrified. Matter of fact you should just move to a different country.”

You all laughed maniaclly and exited the locker room together.

Hero (requested) [Justin Bieber Imagine]

possible triggers so, you know, viewer discretion… or reader discretion? just.. be cautious okay. lol

The sound of your boyfriend’s front door slamming shut abruptly woke you up from your peaceful sleep. A familiar feeling took over your body as your mind recognized where you were. It was anxiousness, worry, and fear taking over your body all at once. This strange mixture of feelings was all too familiar to you now. You knew what was to come next every time you felt this way.

You hesitantly slid from under the white sheets that adorned his bed. The same bed that the two of you had fallen asleep in that same night. You weren’t even aware that he had gotten out of bed and left in the middle of the night, but then again, you never were.. until he came back of course.

Your boyfriend, Chance, had started sneaking out frequently, going out to clubs only to come back home sloppy drunk. He would come in making insane amounts of noise as he finished the bottle he always seem to have clutched in his hands. You didn’t know where this started or why, but you wanted to be there for him until he figured it out. You made a decision to stay by his side until he got better and you were going to stick to it.. even though things have gotten a little physical recently.

After sliding out of his bed, you slipped on your shoes. You had fallen asleep in the loose fitting tee and stretchy pants you wore that day, so if you needed to leave quickly you wouldn’t have to worry about it. It’s kinda crazy to think about how you have to think about that sort of stuff. Preparing for the worst was something you never did, but with the way Chance has been acting lately it just seemed necessary. You’d rather be safe than sorry.

You went to grab the purse that you carried to his house, only to find it wide open. After looking through it, you discovered that all of your cash was gone. Your phone, car keys and other more important things were still there, though. You let out a low sigh. This is the first time Chance has stolen from you.

It’s okay, y/n. It’s his addiction, it’s not him.

You zipped your purse and stood up before making your way to the bedroom door. You twisted the knob, pulled it open and walked through it only to stop dead in your tracks when you did. Chance’s place wasn’t big. It was like a box with dividers to make it seem a little larger in size. It wasn’t hard to hear noise from the living room in the bedroom where you were coming from. Since you were in the hall, you could hear them very clearly.

A woman’s moans echoed through the apartment along with a few grunts that you immediately recognized. Your blood boiled as you stood there trying to convince yourself that you were crazy and hearing things. You couldn’t be hearing what you thought you were, right? Chance couldn’t be having sex with some random while you were the next room. No, that just couldn’t be happening.

Despite the words you fed yourself, you decided to walk down the hallway. The sounds only got louder, much to your disliking, and what you saw as soon as you turned the corner only confirmed what you thought. There he was, his bare back towards you as he hovered over some ombre-haired girl. She saw you as soon as you came in, letting out a loud gasp before she basically pushed your boyfriend off of her. He turned around, jeans sloppily hanging from his waist and his private fully exposed. The way he stood showed you that he was more so tipsy and not the sloppy drunk you were used to him being at this time. That only made you grow more angry.

“What are you looking at?” he had the nerve to ask you. You tilted your head and ignored the itch on your hand, signaling how bad you wanted to slap him across his face. You knew he was stronger than you especially in an intoxicated state, so you didn’t want to put yourself in that position.
“I’m looking at you! A sneaky, stealing, sorry excuse of a man, let alone a boyfriend! How dare you leave me in bed to go pick up another girl and have sex with her in the same house I’m sleeping in? After all I’ve done for you? How dare you?!” you screamed.

“You ain’t done shit for me but try to fix me! I don’t need help, I’m fine! At least she thinks so.” He lazily gestured to the girl who still sat on the couch. Her skirt was pulled down now and she looked really uncomfortable, as she should be in this situation.

“Whatever, Chance. You’re a drunk, an abuser and now a cheating thief! You took money out of my purse because you’re too broke to fund your addiction anymore You’re pathetic! I should’ve left you the fi-” Your words were cut short when his fist flew to your face. It hit your eye perfectly and made you fall to the floor. You heard the girl scream before hearing the front door close shortly after.

“Don’t ever talk to me like that again!” Chance yelled. He stood over you and before he could do anything you kicked him right where it would hurt the most. He hunched over, grabbing himself before he fell on the floor not too far from you. You took this opportunity to stand up and kick him a few more times in random parts of his body, just to get some revenge.

“I can’t believe I tried to help your bitchass. We’re over! Don’t even try coming to my house to apologize this time!” You sent another hard kick to his stomach before grabbing your purse off the floor and leaving out the door. You walked to your car and got inside before you started it up.

The pain from your eye shot into your head, giving you a massive headache as you drove. It was already swollen shut so you knew you had a black eye. It made it a little difficult to drive, since you only had one properly functioning eye at the moment, but it was enough to get you to your destination that wasn’t too far from your ex’s house.

You pulled in front of your friend’s house, digging through your glove compartment to find your shades before you put them on, shut your car off and got out. You walked to the front door of his house and rang the doorbell. He opened it minutes later, looking surprised to see you.

“Hey Justin.” you smiled weakly.

“Uh, hey, y/n. You, um, come in.” he said, moving to the side. You stepped into his house and he closed the door behind you. The two of you went into his living room where the fireplace was the only light in the room and a glass of a very dark red liquid sat on the table. You guessed it was wine.

“So, I have two questions.” Justin said as he sat on his couch. You sat next to him and immediately laid your head on his chest to give him a tight hug. You needed to feel warmth and safety and that’s why you went straight to his house versus your empty apartment. He was always there for you when you needed him and right now you needed him the most.

Tears fell from your eyes as soon as Justin wrapped his arms around you. Hearing your sobs only made him hug you tighter and rub your back up and down soothingly.

“Tell me what’s wrong, y/n. What happened?” he said softly.

“Chance.. he-he c-cheated on me.”

“What?!” Justin quickly lifted you up from your position on his chest to look at you. The movement caused your shades to fall off. You quickly turned away from him when they did. “Y/n… please tell me he didn’t hit you.” You knew he saw your eye when he said this. Instead of answering him, you just turned back around to let him get a good look at you.

He didn’t say anything as he studied your eye. A few seconds passed before he brought his hand up to it, gently touching it. It stung a little, and made you flinch and back away from his touch. He let out a hard breath after this. His eyes changed from their normal hazel color to a dark, almost black color. This didn’t freak you out, you were used to it now. When it first happened you were creeped out but he explained that his eyes change color with his moods. You only noticed it when he was angry, though.

“Justin, it’s okay.”

“No, y/n! This is not okay! Not only did he cheat on you but he put his hands on you too?!” he yelled. You sighed. It’s not like you don’t understand why he’s mad, it’s just that when Justin is mad it takes him a while to cool down. He always needs to separate himself from people when he got this upset and you needed him too much to let him do that right now. “What else has happened, y/n?” You let out another sigh.

“He’s had a drinking problem for the past few months. He sneaks out in the middle of the night and when he gets home he’s sloppy drunk and angry. We usually just fight but this time he brought a girl home.” you explained to him.

“This isn’t the first time he’s hit you, is it?” Justin asked you. You thought about lying but once you looked into his eyes it was impossible for you to. Instead you shook your head and looked down at your lap.

“I swear-” Loud banging on Justin’s front door cut him off. Yelling followed it. A string of curse words was all you could make out, but you were already sure it was Chance. You looked at Justin, who was wearing a devilish grin, before he got up and charged towards the door. You followed him and stood right behind him as he opened it. A now fully-clothed Chance looked from Justin to your face and gave you a murderous look.

“I knew I’d find you here… with him. C'mon so we can go back to my place and talk this over.”

“She’s not going anywhere with you.” Justin spoke up.

“I don’t think I was talking to you. This is between me and my girlfriend so y/n, bring your ass on. Now!” Chance spoke. You could tell he still had liqour in his system and that he didn’t really want to “talk” to you. He probably just wanted to get payback for what you did to him earlier.

Justin let out a bitter laugh. He looked from Chance to the floor then back up at him. In one swift motion he grabbed Chance by the shirt and dragged him into the house, pinning him to a nearby wall. His forearm was pressed against his neck and his face was right in front of his. It all happened so fast that it seemed unreal. You swore that if you blinked you would’ve missed it.

After you were sure what just happened really happened, you closed the front door and took a few steps to get to where Justin and Chance were. They were having an intense staredown. Chance was silent for once in his life and had a strange look on his face. His eyes were wide and his bottom lip was shaking. He looked.. scared?

“You really got some balls coming to my house after what you did. I could murder you right now.” Justin told him. Chance still wasn’t moving or talking.

“C'mon, Justin, let him go.” you spoke. You kinda felt sorry for Chance. You’ve never seen him look so terrified.

“Look, I-I didn’t mean any harm. I just wanted to talk to my girlfr-”

“She’s not your girlfriend!” Justin’s deep voice roared, frightening even you. He pressed his arm into Chance’s neck more. From where you stood, you could only partially see his face. His teeth were almost protruding out of his mouth and his veins popped out of his neck as he yelled. He almost looked like another person, but you weren’t sure if your black eye and pounding headache had anything to do with that.

“R-Right. I-I just wa-wanted to-to talk.”

“Justin, just let him go.” you said again. This time you grabbed his free arm to pull him away. He wouldn’t move at first but after you rubbed his arm a bit while pulling it, he let him go.

“Apologize to her and leave. Never contact her again.” he told Chance, looking him right in the eye. Chance immediately turned to you and said his apologies before quickly leaving. It was weird seeing him that way. So scared and obedient. Even when he’s sober he’s never like that especially towards another guy..

Justin didn’t say another word, he just took your hand and led you upstairs. He took you to his bedroom and gave you some clothes to sleep in. He left the room so you could change and came back with a glass of water, some aspirin and an ice pack. You got under the covers in his bed and sat up, leaning against the headboard. He gave you the water and aspirin and you took both pills and drank half the water. He sat the glass on his nightstand and slid in next to you. You laid down and he put the ice pack on your black eye as he laid over you, resting his weight on his elbow and forearm.

“You know you deserve better than that.” he told you. You nodded your head.

“I just thought I could help him. I thought I was helping him. He was just getting worse right before my eyes and I didn’t even notice.” you said.

“Don’t blame yourself for this, y/n. You can’t help everyone.. It’s cute how you try to, though.” You laughed lightly before looking up at Justin’s face. His eyes were brown again and everything about his face now looked normal. Maybe it was just your headache playing tricks on you..

“What happened to you back there? It was almost like you were another person or something. I’ve never seen you that angry.”
“Did I scare you? I’m sorry.” he quickly told you.

“No, it wasn’t scary. It was just.. weird, I guess. I’m not used to you being that angry.”

“Yeah, well, I really care about you. I can’t stand the thought of someone hurting you. Why would anyone hurt you? You’re perfect, you don’t deserve it.” Justin’s eyes turned black again as he spoke. You took your arm from under the cover and grabbed his. You rubbed your thumb over the back of it and he calmed down. With one blink his eyes were back brown.

“Calm down, Justin. No one’s hurting me anymore.” you told him. He nodded his head before he fixed his gaze on your joined hands.

“You’re the only person who can calm me down with one touch.” he spoke softly.

“It’s a good thing we’re friends, then.” you said.

“What if we weren’t friends? What if, when you’re ready, we became more than that? Would you be open to that?” he asked. You furrowed your eyebrows as you looked up at him, wondering where this was coming from. “I’ve liked you for a long time now. I’ve never told you because you were always with.. him…” he finished. It’s like he had read your mind and answered your question before you even spoke it.

You took a moment to think about what he was saying to you. He was basically asking you to be his girlfriend when you were ready to date again. The idea was a little weird. Justin’s your best friend, you never saw him as anything more. Then again, you’ve also had a boyfriend for the majority of your friendship. You were so caught up with Chance and trying to help him that you really couldn’t put too much thought into anything else. Now that he was gone and you were considering the possibility of being with Justin.. it didn’t seem like a bad idea at all.

“How can I say no after seeing how you defended me tonight? And you’re my best friend, I’d be an idiot to not give you a chance. We’d have to take things slow, but I want to at least try.” you told him. A smile spread across his face. It was so big and bright and beautiful that you couldn’t help smiling too.

“You don’t know how happy that makes me, y/n. You won’t regret this. I’ll treat you better than that dick ever could.” He laid down and rested your head next to yours once he was done talking. He wrapped an arm around your waist and gave you a kiss on the cheek. You closed your eyes, feeling comfortable laying next to him. As you drifted off to sleep you swore you heard him say that he loves you.