"Even little things like yesterday can be hard to leave behind, but carrying them with me is even harder".

~ Lena Slaughter

Everyone in your life was meant to be there at one point or another, but not all of them are meant to stay.
—  Lena Slaughter

Me and my seven year old niece were at Starbucks today and I was telling her about the gruesome details of the great skeleton war. She was adamant that there was no such thing, so I turned to my total stranger of a barista, asked her to verify that there was indeed a glorious battle taking place amongst the mightiest of skeletons, and she wholeheartedly confirmed that there was.

Hours later, the niece calls me up. She’s incredibly concerned about her skeleton’s battle techniques, as it is still young and inexperienced in such matters. Don’t worry, kiddo. It’ll learn with time.

I have not been very fond of myself lately. I have indulged in negative thinking and have been very short on patience. I have let people annoy me and allowed my nerves to unravel. I have spoken unkindly of others and have harbored resentment. All of which create within me, depression and the desire to drink.

Perhaps this is because my routine has been interrupted or because I have been unable to practice yoga. Maybe three weeks of rain has taken its toll and a cold has got me down. Maybe everyone has gone crazy except me. Obviously, I can create a multitude of excuses. I can pretend that my behavior is caused by forces outside of myself, thus making it acceptable. But that will only create more problems, anxiety and resentment. Unfortunately, the only way back to self love is not an easy route. I must do the work and look internally. I have to accept responsibility for my happiness, reject negative thoughts and correct my own behavior.

Please excuse me, it appears I have much work to do.

~ Lena Slaughter

Non Intelligent Box says…
182! I lost one pound this week bringing my total to 74 pounds lost in 7.5 months. I am grateful! Xoxo