"The bond between siblings is everlasting."

Stiles knows what to say to get Derek to do what he wants.

I’d want to dedicate you cheesy songs,
Hold your hand as we star gaze,
Talk about weird things in the dark,
Make funny faces when we skype,
Scream along to our favorite songs,
Make you laugh when you’re sad,
Watch movies until we fall asleep,
Cook for you when I can,
Take you to all your favorite places,
But I don’t know you yet so for now I’ll just wait, I hope you’re not running late.
So we’ve slept together, now what?
A simple friendship is now a complicated mess.
I guess I found your soft spot
When you lifted up your dress.
It’s all so vague
That drunken haze
Of dubious morality,
Is your boyfriend in a frenzy?
Does he want to fight me?
For years I prayed for a woman like you,
A one night film that’s blue.
I shouldn’t have done that,
Shit, here he comes with a snapback
And a baseball bat.
I’m sorry, although I never meant to do what I did,
I meant what I said, every word was true.
He may be imprisoned for murder, but he’s lucky to have you.

One Night Stand

By Ryan Havers