From Nigerian fashionistas to pan-African designer wear and South African street style, Afrikablog.dk has assembled a goodie-bag of African fashion bloggers, stylists and online stores, you should know.

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Meet Cookie Caven from 4 Aces Date, Terence Sambo from One Nigerian Boy and Milisithandu Bongela from Miss Milli B | LIVE via Google Hangouts on Feb 19th, 2013

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Kenyan designer and self taught painter and sculptor, Cyrus Kabiru, portrays contemporary living in Kenya through his artwork. He uses his life as inspiration and often creates humorous paintings as an output of his experiences. His current focus is a series of dope artistic bifocals called C-STUNNER. They depict African nature by using thousands of bottle caps sewn together, capturing the attitude of the youthful generation in Nairobi. They also portray the aspiration of popular culture while reflecting the resourcefulness and ingenuity of the people of Nairobi.

via One Nigerian Boy.

Ohema Ohene Menswear Spring Summer 2013 Collection

London based Ghanaian label Ohema Ohene recently released its menswear ss13 collection featuring dazzling print -Ohema Ohene Style- in interesting cuts for blazers, suits and casual shorts and tops. There was an interesting tie & dye fusion in the fabrication as well. Looking forward to the new men accessories and shoes which would drop soon.


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One Nigerian Boy - an insight into Africa's fashion scene

[By Niccolò Montanari]

Africa has bigger concerns than establishing a creative scene. Yet, creatives are born all over the world, and their need for expression may or may not be satisfied depending on their circumstances. We decided to find out about about the continent’s dreams and desires, and talk to the established fashion blogger Terence Sambo, founder of the blog One Nigerian Boy.



FM: “Terence, tell us a little about yourself.”

TS: “I graduated with a BSC in marketing, then became involved in the fashion industry by founding the blog Men’s Fashion and Lifestyle Aficionado three years ago. That wasn’t enough, and a year ago I launched One Nigerian Boy.”



FM: “What exactly is One Nigerian Boy about?”

TS: “I started One Nigerian Boy out of the urge to promote everything that is African in arts, culture, design and style. One Nigerian Boy serves as a medium to display these elements whilst promoting the best of African craftsmanship, heritage, and style. One Nigerian Boy‘s mandate is putting African arts, design and style content on-line.”


FM: “This is a unique opportunity for us to talk to an insider about Africa’s creative scene. Please enlighten us.”

TS: “Fashion at a first glance may seem over saturated, but if you have enough talent, are open to innovation, and are backed up by sound management, then your market share is guaranteed. Some people may have a biased view of what fashion is about in Africa, but we should not forget that it is a global and ancient language, and holds as much value here as anywhere else.”


Angel Van Mol

FM: “How is the fashion industry developing?”

TS: “Africa’s most influential countries for the industry are Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, and Kenya, but the whole continent plays an important role internationally for its fabrics. However, it still has a long way to go in terms of fashion schools and support for young designers. Still, an influx of more African students in design schools in Europe and America can only mean a bigger creative pool, which would lead to a phenomenal growth.”



FM: “Anyone in particular that you would like to highlight?”

TS: “Angelo Van Mol, a half Ghanaian half Belgian designer based in Antwerp, is in my opinion the future of menswear. But let’s also not forget about IamISIGOWana Sambo, Orange Culture, Vonne, Obsidian, VLR.”




FM: “How do you see One Nigerian Boy evolving?”

TS: “One Nigerian Boy is only a starting point, something to build on. I am thinking fashion PR, but this only one of many options.”

Thanks for your time Terence.