These Shoes Pinch My Feet, But I Love Them…

I like Vans. A lot. So when my sister bought me a pair for Xmas that were too small, I made a mad dash to the Madewell sale section to grab these suede olive Sk8-Hi Slim pair instead.

Except…they hurt(?!). I mean, every shoe I have (including all of my Nikes) are uncomfortable, but why do these pinch my feet?!

Because I have sausage feet, that’s why…and also because a men’s size 7 ½ is too small and 8 is too big and I always try to fit into whichever size is on sale. Ha. I still love ‘em though. :P

Happy Tbt,
Fashion Brownie

anonymous asked:

5'9 Short brown curly hair Brown eyes Beard Olive skin Slim built with a small amount of stomach podge. Not massively athletic but I do enough to keep fit and healthy Mostly a stay at home guy, preferring movies and a night in than anything else But I enjoy a night out occasionally

lmao I think you just described my type?? like down to the small amount of stomach podge haaa come make an honest man out of me