April 5, 1976. Boston. The Soiling of Old Glory. Stanley Forman. 

The shit that isn’t revealed in history books or books in general when it comes to post-Civil Rights (1970s onward). Sadly enough, this incident took place during a rather tense period in America where there was an upheaval over school busing and desegregation. Simply put, there was a time when white school administrations didn’t want black children bused to white schools as well as attending predominantly white schools. This incident (shown here in photographs) became the focal symbol of the frustrations and violent tensions that defined not only Boston when it came to forced desegregated school busing, but many other cities in America. Just a fucking way to keep the system unbalanced for blacks in America. These photographs, brilliantly shot by famous photojournalist, Stanley Forman, showcase the irony and hypocrisy behind just how fucked up America had become and how the system tries to suppress the mobilization and integrity of black people. Shown here is an accomplished black lawyer, minding his own business and unfairly becoming a target, among the tense protest demonstration over anti-busing. Mind you, this was the mid-1970’s. It’s hard to stomach the violent attacks that this black lawyer suffered from the hands of white supremacists, however, this is a chapter in post-Civil Rights Movement and the black experience that shouldn’t go unnoticed. This deserves reblogs. 

More information about the famous photo: 

Stanley Forman was early for his shift at the Herald American on April 5th, 1976 and he decided to head out to an anti-busing demonstration at Boston City Hall that another journalist was already covering. It was already two years into a desegregated school-busing in Massachusetts, but the protests in favor of the old system were still raging.

Forman managed to capture an episode that was especially violent: a black attorney named Theodore Landsmark — a Yale graduate who worked for Michael Dukakis no less — was attacked by a group of white teenagers as he exited the city hall. One of the attackers, Joseph Rakes, charged towards Landsmark using the American flag and its flagpole as a lance.