Okage: Shadow King


Bill Sienkiewicz 1985: The New Mutants #31
Color: Glynis Oliver

Sienkiewicz’s final issue of interiors for New Mutants. He left us with an astonishingly grotesque obese incarnation of Karma, possessed by the Shadow King, who was missing in action since the earliest issues of New Mutants.

This was so heartbreaking to me: I remembered Karma from her first appearance in the awesome Marvel Team-Up #100 by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller (If you haven’t read it, seek it out. Seriously.)

That it affected me so intensely is credit to Sienkiewicz’s art.

It turns out I’m abandoning this painting after all, but as vague compensation have the other cow I painted. Luckily it’s not a total loss, I learned some MAJOR stuff during the production of this piece, but what I learned isn’t actually present in any of the bits that I’m posting. Oh welp!

Me and my Shadow, by Dreamworks, set to be released in 2013

"The story follows Shadow Stan, an extremely frustrated shadow who years for a more exciting life but happens to be stuck with Stanley Grubb, the world’s most boring human. Pushed to the brink, Shadow Stan breaks the most important rule of the Shadow World — "They lead, we follow" — and takes control of Stanley."

  • Shadow
  • Named Stan
  • Stuck with world’s most boring human
  • takes control of said human

Heyyyy, doesn’t that sound familiar?

Alith Anar. Former prince to one of the mightiest Elven houses of the Asur, Alith had such high hopes for his life like any young noble. The dark elves changed that. When his family, home and people are systematically shamed, defiled, tortured and murdered to the point of near extinction, the young elf is forced upon a dark path of revenge. 

Whilst other elven nations still had land to call there own,and their own land to die for, Alith Anar had nothing. Action needed to be taken. Striking from the shadows, gathering survivors and whatever kin was left, Alith Anar soon becomes known as the shadow king, and his daring actions of sheer defiance and brutality upon the hideous dark elves become the stuff of legend. 

Several thousand years later, after the sundering and the deaths of many great and noble kings, no one truly knows his fate. many times have the traitors claimed to have killed the Shadow King, and many times still has he been seen soon after such a claim. Some believe his name is passed down, whilst others believe that he is indeed the same being, now nothing more than a spirit of vengeance  cursed to stay until the day the one being he put all his trust in is dead, the one who was supposed to unite his nation, but instead chose to betray and kill so many hundreds of thousands of his kin. 

In fact, the only solid fact regarding the shadow king is that whenever dark elves invade Ulthuan, there are always entire regiments of the traitors who are found dead, black and blue fletched arrows in their corpses, and their leaders bodies unceremoniously left in highly visible places as grim trophies, so that all can know a small taste of the horror and sorrow the Shadow king himself felt upon finding the remains of his home.


Guess who started reading shadow king again!