Lydia Inspired Rompers/Playsuits by veterization featuring a romper jumpsuit

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Imagine telling Alex you’re pregnant…

"Hey babe, why are you home so early?" Alex smiles at you. "I got sick… I’ll be fine though." You smile back at him. "Oh! Well if you’re sick go get in bed (Y/N)!" He takes your purse and goes to grab you a glass of water, when he come back from the kitchen and notices you with a trashcan next to you while watching TV he gasps. "(Y/N) if you’re sick please go get in bed?" He drags out the ‘e’ in please. "I’ll be fine!" You say. But what Alex doesn’t know is that you won’t be fine for another at least 8 months. You’re pregnant. You just don’t know how to tell him. "Come on love, off to bed you go." He walks over, scooping you off the couch in his arms. "Alex!" You shriek as he brings you to your bedroom. "Shh, just take a nap or something. I love you!" "No! Wait!" You say, if you were going to tell him, nows your chance. "What’s wrong love? Do you need me to check under your bed for monsters?" He sticks his tongue out at you. "N-no. I have to tell you something… Important." His face pales slightly as he sits on the end of the bed. It goes quiet for a couple seconds before you decide how to say it. The words are hard to say, like there’s a rock caught in your throat. "Well, I um… Remember about a month ago? That night… Uh…" He smirks. "How could I forget?! Why?" You stutter. "W-well I um, A-Alex, I’m pregnant." His eyes get big, and then he sighs quickly and smiles. "You’re pregnant?! Oh my gosh (Y/N) this is amazing!" He jumps up. You laugh at him. "I’m going to be a daddy! A daddy!" You stand from the bed and run into his arms. He picks you up and twirls you. Setting you down ever-so-carefully. He leans down to face your stomach. "Hello little baby. I’m your daddy. You’re going to love me, Oh goodness I hope you get your mother eyes… Because they’d be perfect. You’ll get all the boys, and I’d let uncle Jack look after you on some days. You’re going to be perfect. I love you baby!" He kisses your belly. Then he kisses you. "I love you too (Y/N), we’re going to be great parents.

You and Alex spend the rest of the night betting on a boy or girl, and arguing about baby names.

Lydia Inspired Topshop Outfits by veterization featuring a pink cardigan

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