AU: The Raven and Crimson Peak

Sir Thomas Sharpe is a millionaire business man with ambitions and secrets. Murders unleash in the streets of London and Detective Fields must find the killer before it is too late.

"What is it that you do Sir Sharpe?" Detective Fields asks

"There are many things I do, but business is where all my expertise are."

"What sort of business exactly?"

"Curious are we?" Sir Sharpe smirked "Wine. I export wine all around the world. One must share England’s finest wines."

"Yes of course. Where were you on October 10th at midnight Sir Sharpe?"

"Home of course, with my beloved wife."

"Have you heard rumors going on with previous murders?"
Detective Fields asked.

"I have Detective. Everyone is running scared because we morals do not fear Gods we fear
m o n s t e r s.”

A look at the DC comics featuring Wonder Woman released in the week ending 10th October 2014. The Medium Is Not Enough is a UK media blog with daily news, views, exclusive reviews and good conversation. There’s a bit of a bias towards the latest and greatest US TV, but we also cover UK/British TV and look for the best in international TV as well. Add in film, theatre, art, books, comics, events and media journalism and you’ve (hopefully) got one of the best places on the web for media lovers.

So long Charles Soule. You’ll be missed. You were here too briefly and even then, the latter half of your run was unfortunately dominated by both the ‘Superman Doomed’ and ‘Futures End’ crossovers. You did your best with those, giving us by far their best issues, but some things you just can’t polish.

All the same, in your brief time, you did more to give both Superman and Wonder Woman real depth and nuance than their own titles have done since the nu52 started, especially Wonder Woman. You gave us a balanced relationship of equals that allowed both characters to shine. I wasn’t a Superman fan at all when I started reading Superman/Wonder Woman, but I was by the end.

#Gamergate From A To Z: Anita Sarkeesian to Zoe Quinn


Gamergate has been in the news a lot lately, most recently for the harassment Felicia Day received after she dared create a Tumblr post on the subject. Most people have heard the word “Gamergate” and other related terms being thrown around but may not actually know what they mean or why they’re being used. Consider this glossary a resource to help you understand some of the more important details related to Gamergate.

A: Anita Sarkeesian - Cultural critic and creator of Feministfrequency. She was driven from her home on August 27th.

B: Brianna Wu - Developer and founder of Giant Spacekat. Driven from her home after being doxxed on October 10th.

C: Collusion - Transgression alleged by GamerGate of games journalists and game developers.

D: Doxxing - Term for making one’s private documents and information public. Latest tactic in the culture wars.

E: The Escapist - Published an interview with members of #GamerGate to illuminate their side of the story.

F: Felicia Day - Popular YouTuber doxxed after posting an opinion about Gamergate on Tumblr.

G: Gamergate - Hashtag started by Adam Baldwin on August 27, created the name for the leaderless online movement ostensibly devoted to eradicating corruption from game journalism.

H: Harassment - Allegedly used by Gamergate to silence females and social justice warriors.

I: Internet Aristocrat - YouTube Channel that published The Quinnspiracy Theory videos tweeted by Adam Baldwin

J: Journalism - Gamergate believes that games journalism has been corrupted by a cozy relationship between journalists, large gaming corporations, and game developers.

K: Kotaku - Website for which Nathan Grayson writes. One of GamerGate’s biggest targets.

L: Leigh Alexander - Her article about the end of Gamer Culture led to a successful campaign by Operation Disrespectful Nod to get Intel to remove its ads from the website, Gamasutra.

M: Mundane Matt - YouTube Creator whose video about Zoe Quinn was removed due to a copyright claim. The removal of his video led directly to the creation of Internet Aristocrat’s The Quinnspiracy Theory videos.

N: Nathan Grayson - Kotaku writer believed to have had his reporting influenced by a sexual relationship with Zoe Quinn. Disproven.

O: Operation Disrespectful Nod - concerted effort by Gamergate to convince advertisers to remove ads from sites not deemed friendly to Gamergate.

P: Patreon - Crowdfunding site used by many freelancers and indie developers. Often used to allege collusion between games journalists and game developers.

Q: Quinnspiracy - Hashtag predecessor to Gamergate, used to discuss Zoe Quinn’s alleged indiscretions and alleged attempts to influence public perception of her game, Depression Quest.

R: Reddit - Redditors removing comments related to Zoe Quinn helped spur Quinnspiracy

S: Social Justice Warriors - Pejorative used by Gamergate to demean games journalists who care about social equity and progressive ideals in gaming.

T: Threats - Tactic alleged to be used by Gamergate against critics, especially women.

U: Utah State University - The university at which Anita Sarkeesian was slated to speak until threats derailed her talk

V: Valleywag - Valleywag editor Sam Biddle’s tweets led to Gawker’s losing ads from Mercedes Benz

W: Wikileaks - Wikileaks’ Julian Assange tweeted

X: X-Boyfriend - Eron Gjoni published The Zoe Post on Wordpress, a chronicle of his relationship with Zoe Quinn, which was the spark that blew this powder keg

Y: YouTube - YouTube videos by Mundane Matt and Internet Aristocrat are the link between Quinnspiracy and GamerGate

Z: Zoe Quinn. Developer of Depression Quest. Details of her personal relationship with Eron Gjoni led to the beginning of Quinnspiracy and Gamergate

Earnest Pettie, YouTube Nation Sr. Curator and one voice of many against saying #StopGamerGate. Follow me on Twitter @earnestp!

Today marks the 4th year since My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic first premiered on The Hub (soon to be rebranded Discovery Family) on 10th October, 2010.

Although I didn’t discover the show until sometime in May the following year, the show’s influence had already begun to make its move across ages and genders, with its bright, colourful characters and messages and lessons on what it means to make friends.

The idea of me liking such a show would not be too far-fetched, but to say that I would be a fan of “My Little Pony” as it was before I first saw it, would’ve been pretty laughable.

I enjoyed the show for the primary reason of the involvement of Lauren Faust, based on her previous work with Craig McCracken; Tara Strong, and its use of Flash animation. The messages and characters were actually secondary, but that eventually got to me as well. 

Three years in, the show has had its fair share of scuffles and heat, mainly from the temperature of the fanbase, but you cannot deny that the show has made its impact and has changed lives through friendship and charity. I still enjoy every bit of it, and I’m glad there are those that still too.

If you haven’t seen the show for yourself, give it a go.

Happy October 10th, MLP:FiM.
Until You All Shared Its Magic With Me on deviantArt


Bullying is defined as:
“Repeated verbal, physical, social or psychological behavior that is harmful and involves the misuse of power by an individual or group towards a person.”

Bullying can happen anywhere:
- home
- school
- sport
- workplace

Have you ever been bullied?
Have you seen someone get bullied?
Did you do something about it?

Most people don’t realize what a big problem bullying is today. Most people also don’t realise that over time bullying breaks a victim and rips them apart. Labels and the pressure put on people by the bully and today’s society can lead to teens developing deep depression, anxiety, eating disorders, self harming and contemplating; in a lot of cases, even attempting, suicide.
Victims begin to feel hopeless and lost. Questioning themselves:
“Is there something wrong with me?”
“Am I really what the say?”

Purposely inflicting pain unto and hurting others, whether it be physical, social, cyber out even verbal is wrong, yet so so common. Tens hide behind computer screens where they believe they can do or say what they please without repercussions.

Telling someone they are stupid doesn’t make you smart.
Telling someone they are fat doesn’t make you skinny.
Telling someone they are retarded doesn’t make you the pinnacle of normality.
Labeling someone doesn’t make you instantly better then them.

Freedom of speech does not give you the right to verbally abuse syndrome. What it’s your reason for making someone feel as though the want to die? If you think that it’s ok, then your beliefs are screwed.

Something NEEDS to be done to stop people using the power of bullying to make others feel bad, to say the least. Victims aren’t the problem, bullies are.

"Who are you too judge someone because they are different to you?"

"You ARE not what they speak of you!"

"I hope bullies feel absolutely horrible for the rest of their lives."

I chose to post this today, October 10th 2014, because it is the anniversary of a now well known ten bully victim’s death. Amanda Todd was bullied until the day she committed suicide, this day. Everyone makes mistakes, yet she wasn’t allowed to move on and learn from hers because of her bullies.
I’m not posting this just for Amanda, but for every one who was bullied and believed their only choice left was to kill themselves.
If everyone could stop and imagine what that felt like for a minute.
If I posted a speech/dedication/tribute (and I’m sure some will just call it a rant) like this for every child, teen and adult who felt that way; I would be posting one everyday for the rest of my life.

Please reblog and share this as much as possible. This message needs to get out there. BULLYING HAS TO STOP. Equality and respect should not be seen as unattainable. Xx


Pierre-Elie de Pibrac: Backstage at L’Opéra de Paris

From September 2013 to July 2014, the photographer Pierre-Elie de Pibrac spent his days with the ballet company of the ‘Opéra National de Paris’, for an entire season, a historical and pivotal one, since it marked the departure of both Nicolas Le Riche  (star ballet dancer) and dance director Brigitte Lefèvre, who passed the reigns to Benjamin Millepied. During these major events, the photographer was able to blend into the background, emerging with three series of photographs.

This abstract pictorial series, Catharsis, is the product of research into the “translation” of the energy of the dancers and its diffusion into the surrounding space. The power that characterizes the ballet is given to the viewer in a new and transcendental form.

The exhibition will be on display at the Galerie Clémentine de la Féronnière through November 23rd, 2014.

In situ - Dans les coulisses de l’Opéra de Paris
Photographs by Pierre-Elie de Pibrac
October 10th - November 23rd 2014
Galerie Clémentine de la Féronnière