October 10th

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Name: Gabriella
Nickname: Gabbie, Gaggo, Gabbz, Gabbi

Birthday: October 10th

Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: VideoGames, no I like boys c:

Height: 5’6 (167cm)
Favorite Colour(s): Turquoise, Pastell colors, Skyblue

Lucky Number: 3
Favourite Fictional Character(s): Delsin Rowe, Fetch, Ajay Ghale, Pagan Min, My DA:I character, Iron Bull, Connor Kenway, Yeah add in all hot/awesome/cool/badass here

Favourite Beverage: tea, chai latte from starbucks <3
Favourite Food(s): A bloody steak with pepper sauce, fries and asparagus

Last Movie I Saw: The Green Hornet
Dream Wedding: On the beach with fireworks and all my friends and a hot dude next to me.

Dream Job: Game Designer at Sucker Punch <3

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name: sarah

nickname: pooh bear

birthday: october 10th

gender: female

sexual orientation: :)

time and date @ current moment: 9:55pm january 24th

average hours of sleep: school week: 5 tops, weekend: 14 tops

last thing i googled: movie times for selma

first word that comes to mind: princess tiana

one place that makes me happy: the cheer mat :’)

how many blankets i sleep under: 2

book: wintergirls

anime: ???

tv show: the challenge, the walking dead, the strain, teen wolf

beverage: lemonade, or liams cum

last movie i saw in the theater: interstellar 😒

dream holiday: going to louisiana with my family for the bayou classic

dream job: a kindergarten or high school teacher, or a pediatric neurosurgeon

Today marks the 4th year since My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic first premiered on The Hub (soon to be rebranded Discovery Family) on 10th October, 2010.

Although I didn’t discover the show until sometime in May the following year, the show’s influence had already begun to make its move across ages and genders, with its bright, colourful characters and messages and lessons on what it means to make friends.

The idea of me liking such a show would not be too far-fetched, but to say that I would be a fan of “My Little Pony” as it was before I first saw it, would’ve been pretty laughable.

I enjoyed the show for the primary reason of the involvement of Lauren Faust, based on her previous work with Craig McCracken; Tara Strong, and its use of Flash animation. The messages and characters were actually secondary, but that eventually got to me as well. 

Three years in, the show has had its fair share of scuffles and heat, mainly from the temperature of the fanbase, but you cannot deny that the show has made its impact and has changed lives through friendship and charity. I still enjoy every bit of it, and I’m glad there are those that still too.

If you haven’t seen the show for yourself, give it a go.

Happy October 10th, MLP:FiM.
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Bullying is defined as:
“Repeated verbal, physical, social or psychological behavior that is harmful and involves the misuse of power by an individual or group towards a person.”

Bullying can happen anywhere:
- home
- school
- sport
- workplace

Have you ever been bullied?
Have you seen someone get bullied?
Did you do something about it?

Most people don’t realize what a big problem bullying is today. Most people also don’t realise that over time bullying breaks a victim and rips them apart. Labels and the pressure put on people by the bully and today’s society can lead to teens developing deep depression, anxiety, eating disorders, self harming and contemplating; in a lot of cases, even attempting, suicide.
Victims begin to feel hopeless and lost. Questioning themselves:
“Is there something wrong with me?”
“Am I really what the say?”

Purposely inflicting pain unto and hurting others, whether it be physical, social, cyber out even verbal is wrong, yet so so common. Tens hide behind computer screens where they believe they can do or say what they please without repercussions.

Telling someone they are stupid doesn’t make you smart.
Telling someone they are fat doesn’t make you skinny.
Telling someone they are retarded doesn’t make you the pinnacle of normality.
Labeling someone doesn’t make you instantly better then them.

Freedom of speech does not give you the right to verbally abuse syndrome. What it’s your reason for making someone feel as though the want to die? If you think that it’s ok, then your beliefs are screwed.

Something NEEDS to be done to stop people using the power of bullying to make others feel bad, to say the least. Victims aren’t the problem, bullies are.

"Who are you too judge someone because they are different to you?"

"You ARE not what they speak of you!"

"I hope bullies feel absolutely horrible for the rest of their lives."

I chose to post this today, October 10th 2014, because it is the anniversary of a now well known ten bully victim’s death. Amanda Todd was bullied until the day she committed suicide, this day. Everyone makes mistakes, yet she wasn’t allowed to move on and learn from hers because of her bullies.
I’m not posting this just for Amanda, but for every one who was bullied and believed their only choice left was to kill themselves.
If everyone could stop and imagine what that felt like for a minute.
If I posted a speech/dedication/tribute (and I’m sure some will just call it a rant) like this for every child, teen and adult who felt that way; I would be posting one everyday for the rest of my life.

Please reblog and share this as much as possible. This message needs to get out there. BULLYING HAS TO STOP. Equality and respect should not be seen as unattainable. Xx