OWS anniversary


10 Arrests in 87 Minutes: The Anatomy of the NYPD’s Protest Dispersal Process

Do you homework; Fight strong 

“The spectacle of the arrest is a tactical display of force”

OWS and the Art of Possible

Once upon a time, I was a girl who believed that the only way to make the biggest change in the world was to go to college, major in social work or some variation, get a degree, get a job, and THEN begin working my path.

Despite my good intentions and diligence, it never worked out that way for me. Life threw me a bunch of banana peels; instead of walking forward and steady on my path like a soldier, I undulated back and forth and sideways like a dancer.

It wasn’t until Occupy Wall Street that I discovered that to make real, effective change in your community and in the world – you simply have to walk your talk. You do not need a career or a degree to do so. You make it an artful, meaningful, part of your life. You join advocacy groups, grassroots political movements, volunteer, write op-eds, create flyers and blogs, have discussions with your friends and family, educate. Yes the work is unpaid, but it sure feels good to be part of a collective conversation and to put your beliefs into real, physical and meaningful action.  

Advocating for things that you believe in takes gusto and the people in the streets protesting deserve a lot of credit for putting their physical bodies on the line like that. As a single mother, I have to consider the risks involved with protesting. Instead, I’ve turned to writing, joining advocacy groups, working within the Texas Green Party (a platform which, I believe, forms the essence of OWS political action) and volunteering my skills as a photographer and artist. I hope to go deeper, I hope to go international, I hope to open schools. That last goal is important – it’s the point where my twisting, turning career path intersects with my political and social ideals.

At the end of the day, I can look my daughter in the face knowing that I am doing what I can to fight for HER generation and her FUTURE, her WORLD. There is a well-known quote among progressives - “Politics is the art of the possible.” We are here to make our ideals possible, to make a new world possible.  



Kathleen Hanna’s first post about Occupy Wall Street dated 9-23-2011

People are fed up with the rich 1% controlling everything and not having to pay their fare share while everyone else is forced to walk around begging for jobs that don’t exist. Last night this group, along with many others marched through NYC in response to the wrongful execution of Troy Davis.  It’s raining now and they are all camped out on WallStreet getting wet! Seriously these people are LIVING on Wallstreet. I hope Michael Moore shows up, I hear Roseanne did.

More than 180 arrested on OWS anniversary

Yesterday was the official anniversary of OWS this article says protesters were dragged off the sidewalk into the street then arrested and reporters and photo journalist were arrested as well. Up to 50 protestors are still incarcerated today. My thoughts are with them and my sincerest thank you to them and everyone at the financial district that day showing Occupy and the ideas behind the movement are still very much alive.