[I have a feeling that, in the User World, Tron would have a pretty big inferiority complex, especially with the guilt that comes with post-Legacy. Most of the time, he would keep his head down and think that he’s not “worthy” of anything or anyone there, even as Sam/Quorra/Alan/whoever tries to help him with all the other problems he has (depression, and most likely at least one form of PTSD, among other things). He’d probably end up doing a lot of work around the house even when he’s told repeatedly to let someone else do it and actually relax for a change because his duty is still to serve, and he knows his place, even though, in reality, that logic no longer applies.

It would mostly be because all his life, he thought of the User World as sort of a realm of the gods, so I’d expect that perspective to stick with him and make him think that he can never really be one of Them, even though they’ve probably already accepted him.]

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