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One more week until graduation 😢

Siiike, I still have another year; but damn, it’s getting real. One more week until I finish junior year!

Jonnor AU Chapter 5

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The next morning, Jude woke to the sound of thumping on the other side of the wall.

“What the hell,” he muttered. He swung his legs off the side of the bed, slowly sitting up. The hologram clock flashed 5:15 AM. He debates rolling back over, but slowly rolls out of bed. He walks towards Mariana’s room, where the noise is coming from, and pokes his head in. Mariana is dancing, earbuds in. She has missed dancing with Tia and the other girls since graduating,

Mariana catches sight of him in the mirror, and pulls her earbuds out.

“Sorry Judicorn! I’ll be quieter tomorrow morning,” she says, putting her phone down on the table.

“Its ok Mari. I just wanted to make sure nobody was breaking in. I need to go get ready for school now,”

“You’re a good kid Jude,” Mariana says, ruffling his hair.

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Boukyaku Countdown 3 || English Translations


raws || myreadingmanga or baidu

This is just a fan translation and it definitely won’t be as professional or accurate as it could be. I take no credit for the work, the story, the characters, etc etc. If you’re interested in making an official scan, feel free to use my translations. Some credit and a link here would be nice, but I don’t really care. 
Volumes 1 & 2 have already been scanslated and are floating around somewhere. 

I plan on translating the other parts as well, and I’ll aim to do at least one a week.

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ieatkitcat asked:

i'm SO looking forward to ch 15. can't wait for the sexy times hurhurhurr thank you for your great work on this fic and your dedication to it! you're so awesome. i have no idea how you manage to update with such huge chapters ever week.

Yes!  I have been waiting to write Eren’s heat forever.  It’s the chapter I’ve been looking most forward to, besides one other one that comes a little later.  Thank you so much, really.  I really do put a ton of time into A Matter of Perspective.  There are so many other things I want to write, other ideas I have, but it really does take up a lot of my free time and it’s my priority.  How I manage to make the long updates each week… ummmm… well, hating leaving the house doesn’t hurt LOL.  Thanks again <3  I am not sure exactly what day Chapter 15 will be posted yet, I want to do at least one more of the Ereri week prompts, maybe 2 more of them (if I have time, one more might be my limit), so that might push me back a few days.  But, I really did want to participate in it because I love this fandom :-D


↳ What did you say? “Humans are ugly”?… You know us very well. That’s right, humans will do anything for their family. We’ll shamelessly lie, we’ll become a demon or even a devil. If that’s ugly, then fear our ugliness and die, vampire!