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omg hello friend. just wanted to say that i caught that tag referencing the tortall/tamora pierce books and it just made me really happy??? like wow other people read these books a m azi n g. that shit defined my childhood but i never see anything about them so i mostly just reread the books and have quiet thoughts about lady knights (and aly and beka and daine, too, ofc). also your hair is p cool, congrats.

omg i love the tortall books liSten there are good tortall blogs out there you need to ALWAYS TALK ABOUT KEL BECAUSE SHES AMAZING now i want to work on my parks and rec au also thank you!!!!

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So basically, I've been watching you since you and Gina started writing together when she started Tauriel and it hurt me a lot because your Kili is beautiful. And so is your Jasper. I don't say this often, but you do PTSD for him so well. I grew up with a father who suffered from it so I know what it looks like. It's really, really wonderful to see someone put so much into a character. You give more insight to what Jasper is thinking and feeling, I can hear his voice in your writing.

Okay so I know this was intended for the “no comment” ooc meme. But I just, you made this really personal and I just have to say something. Like, I am never going to be able to put into words how much this means to me. How, like, honored I am to hear this. Blown away. I don’t even.

Like especially coming from you. That tag spiral I did yesterday, I wasn’t just throwing compliments blindly. You, Gina, Kelsey, and Brokentoy are actual Wonder Women. Like, and hearing this. From you. Plus this being something so personal?

I am simply— I got no words for this. I’m just— gonna sit here in my closet and cry happy tears.‘Cause you’re amazing and I respect you so much and hearing this from you, I just—

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they’re just jealous because your hair is AMAZING (even though you didn’t tag me)

Why thank you dear. AND OMG I DIDN’T!! See, I’m just failing at the tagging thing. I tagged specific people it pertained to without even thinking that other people might have wanted to be tagged. Everyone I didn’t tag who would’ve liked to have been tagged, just go ahead and form a line. You all get to hit my hand with a ruler.

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Did someone reblog the post and paste your amazing tags on why Zayn is being targeted in the media more than Louis? Because I'm very tempted to! Thank you so much for saying that.

nope no one did!!! but if you do would you mind just fixing the few places where I messed up :/// ((there’s a post I made RIGHT after I reblogged it correcting the tags if u didn’t see it))

but id CRY if u put my tags on it I’ve always wanted someone to do tht for me omg ilysm 💖💖

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hello i see you reblogged my "not suicidal but i wouldnt mind dying" whatever post and i want to tell u that u are a beautiful lovely perfect kitty and you deserve to be happy no matter what. u can always talk to me if u need anything and pls if ur ever feeling down go to my /tagged/happy+tag or st because u truly deserve to be happy every minute of forever. love yourself. you are perfect. i hope u have a very very very good day and remember that recovery is possible and it is AWESOME

Your messages made me so happy. They were so unexpected and just omg. You are an amazing person and ily. Thank you and I’m happy to hear that my ruling of sharks is such a good thing. 💞

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a nickname would be hella cool. who are you going to cosplay as? also babe i'm 1000% a dean!girl, like he's amazing and all i want to do is wrap him in a blanket and murder anyone who tries to harm him. but yeah, i get what you're saying because both sam and cas are awesome and just i wANT TO HAVE A CUDDLE FEST WITH THEM ALL i just love them all so much omg.. also you're a nerd and i am too and tbh nerds are sexy af, don't apologize for being one c;

hey! it’s your cute anon again! i’ve sent you two asks already but i decided that im going to start clarifying it’s me by signing my asks off with ~C. also your sidebar art is so freaking cute just agh! it makes me smile everytime i see it. it’s super cool that you’re in a band. i checked out the link to the facebook page thingy in your navi and you’re good. c: so.. what are your fav books? (if you like to read) and what about movies? :3 ~C

Sounds good! Ya know I might just call you Cutie or The Cutie bc (it’s true) and also it starts with a ‘C’ and I’m bad at nicknames :-p I’m cosplaying as punk!Castiel but w/ boobs XD omg WINCHESTER + CAS + ME + YOU SOUNDS PERFECT!! Nerds 5ever (is there a nerd high five I feel like that should be a thing) AWWWW thank you I live for TFW fanart tbh XD Ayyyyy thank you :3 

Oh dear uhhh I love to read and I have a lot of favorites (besides Harry Potter XD) I really liked Animal Farm and the entire Leviathan trilogy (Scott Westerfeld) and I have a ridiculous soft spot for cheesy bad vampire novels so I’m reading Vampire Academy and it’s amaaaaaazing. Also An Abundance Of Katherine’s is amazing and definitely one of my faves :3

Ahhh oh dear I don’t think I have a favorite movie XD I have a bunch that I put on and say ‘This is my FAVORITE movie EVER MADE’ and they’re all really different like Heathers is one and All Of Me is one and Moulin Rouge is one they’re all perfect tbh 

What about you what books/movies do you like??

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I don’t remember coming up with a really sad angel beats wedding??? but i just worked a really awful shift so maybe I forgot?

we did but this was before you got seriously engaged so it was a while ago. I can’t remember. You had all the bridesmaids and groomsmen worked out. Sometime we are going to have to write it all out as a real plan because it would be brilliant for a photoshoot or something. 

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“Tagged by wonderfulcatman!! RULES: repost and tag 10 people you want…”

Angel beats wedding? Omg that sounds amazing and super sad. Whatever it is it needs to be a thing

See above, sister and I will get it fixed eventually here… XD it would be brilliant and i do really want it.