Favourite Book/Trilogy/Series Tag

I was tagged by the lovely books-cute-life, so thank you!

Book: The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

A beautifully written story told by Death about a girl stealing books in WWII, which doesn’t give this book justice at all really. I don’t think any words can express what this book means to me, but try to think of that special book for you that just kind of makes everything okay and means a lot to you. Yep, that feeling. 

Trilogy: Chaos Walking by Patrick Ness

Reading these books again recently reminded me how much I love them. They’re unique, thought-provoking, weird, devastating and simply amazing. I love the themes they handle, how complex the characters are, and how I feel all of the feels.

Series: Gentleman Bastard by Scott Lynch

If you were following me when I read the books last year, you’ll know how obsessed I was with them. I’ve not read a series that I’ve loved this much in so long, and I’m so excited/terrified for the next book. I actually miss not having Locke and Jean in my life, y’know?

I’m tagging anyone who’s reading this and my bestie negative-pessimist because I make a point of tagging her in everything. If you don’t want to do it, that’s okay but I’d love to hear what your favourite books are. You can always reply to this post. :)

no okay but real talk: i love that i follow people on here that are genuinely excited about the new star wars trilogy. people that see the new trailer and immediately make gifsets and textposts and screencaps about it. people that have so much enthusiasm and love for this franchise that they get excited about the new characters and the new storylines and idk it’s just a really nice community of enthusiasm. 

like i’ve experienced so many people irl (or in other areas of the internet) that are so extremely negative concerning any addition to the star wars universe. people who refuse to consider the possibility that any new aspect of this franchise could possibly be worth watching.

so idk i just really love that there’s such a great group of people on here that are genuinely excited about “the force awakens” and anything that might follow. you guys rock <3

anonymous asked:

you need to draw taki or make someone else draw him cuase I WANT TO SEE THE EMOTIONLESS PRETTY BOY WITH THE BLUE EYES AND PRETTY HAIR CLIP!!!!


Okay, but seriously, thanks so much for the strong interest in Taki, Anon~! This really made me smile!

Huh, I’ve never seen any of my OCs garner as much attention as Taki, Anri, and the Gearhead Trilogy is getting…Is it just because of the whole robot thing? I know Tumblr has a very interesting relationship when it comes to robots.

Anyways, I would draw a picture of Taki AND Anri myself, but my drawing skills leave a LOT to be desired. I would never be able to make something I was satisfied with enough to show you guys. I would love to commission someone to draw them, but I honestly can’t afford that either.

Well, maybe one day I’ll be able to afford to commission someone to do a drawing my darling babies~! Until then, sorry, Anon!