No but I miss those fucking days where I was so fucking into reading like actual books and ignored class lessons in favour of reading whatever new book I got from the library and being so excited whenever I got an email that the book I had been waiting for months was at the library and actually just going around the novels section of the library and randomly picking a book off the shelf and going “yes I like that summary” and reading it and having the reputation of a bookworm and never being without a book ever

like okay half of that wasn’t really beneficial to my education and social reputation but books

i may be completely crazy but i’m at 100 followers and i’m giving away 19 accents. i didn’t put the last one in the header because it would look awkward o o;;

Previews are available here! (This is my general previewer. Not all accents in it are being given away)

In the Wake of Glass/Dawn - female imp

Night at Paris - male wc

White/Black Binding Thorns - female sd

Ebony Discord - male imp

Deep-sea Companion - female sd

Jubilant/Exulted Dancer - female/male spiral

Sunshine Silk - male coatl

Helia’s Luxury - female wc

shark/ducky/pink/blue/purple swimsnap - female snapper

duckyfloat - male snapper

The Blue Sea - female imp

The Scarred Sea - male imp

Here’s my pinglist if you’d be interested in any of the unlimited accents even if you don’t win anyways

Anyways, rules!

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Only reblogs with usernames and IDs count! (i’ll taunt you with your like if it happens to get picked from since I’m going to just copy+paste all the notes)

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This giveaway ends at the end of the month—midnight in EST. (8/1 00:00 EST)

for istherefoodinmyteeth, because we watched the finale together and had a lot of Tahno feels. I mentioned that I had a headcanon that Tahno wouldn’t outright want his bending back, but would start priacticing MMA or boxing, and then she demanded sketches. He would be all snotty about being good at it—my favorite sassy-pants Tahno.


im so used to the tumblr feminist community that when i go on like youtube and facebook and i read comments like “shes dressing like a whore” “what a fucking slut all she wants is attention” “why dont girls cover up their bodies for god sakes have some respect for yourself” i feel like im in a completely different fucking universe like……………..people still say things like this…………….actual human beings 

when will we finally have the fucking rights to do what we please with our bodies 

All my thanks to the receptionist who took Rin and Haru for a couple and gave them a double bed

And for holding her ground when tsundere Rin wanted to have another room or cancel their reservation

I’m starting to think that fate really ships rinharu because apparently bad things result in some rinharu scene… and that maybe 12 is their lucky number…

Because ep 12 in s1, Mikoshiba kicking Rin out of the relay team resulted in this


And ep 12 in s2, mistaking them for a couple resulted in this