• Mom:*Sorting through the washing, picks up a pair of my knickers* Zoe.. why do you have a pair of size twelve knickers?
  • Me:Hmm? oh I've had those for years, bought them ages ago when I went clothes shopping without you
  • Mom:You're a size ten Zoe..
  • Me:What? knickers come in sizes?? I thought they were a one size fits all kind of thing??
  • Mom:*facepalms*
  • Me:... does this mean socks aren't one size fits all either?
  • Mom:*Walks away*

We’ve got the blues, in the best way possible. In support of Autism Awareness Month, select NYC Shacks will be spinning Blueberry Streusel Shakes through the entire month of April. $2 from every limited edition shake will go to local partners devoted to helping children with autism through individualized educational services: http://bit.ly/autism-awareness-month

When people say Ian doesn’t love Mickey anymore or doesn’t love him as much as Mickey does did they just miss every episode before season 5??

Wasn’t it Ian’s love for Mickey that made Mickey brave enough to come out to his abusive father?

Wasn’t it Ian’s love for Mickey that allowed Mickey to finally accept and be comfortable with who he is? 

Wasn’t it Ian’s love for Mickey that meant Mickey could reciprocate that love out in the open regardless of what anybody else thought?

Ian loves Mickey with every fibre in his body but right now he needs the time and space to learn to love himself again and I don’t think people understand that.

i just finished dinner (aw yeeeeeee) but while i work on my awesome next sketch, i was wondering if any of you all are on wattpad?

i was thinking that maybe i might put this story up there. the first book is already finished and the second book is two-thirds of the way finished, and since i have a swag cover already??? i don’t know??

[I have an idea for a rather large-scale project, which I’d like to try and gauge some interest on. Basically, what I’m thinking of would be a big collaborative project among members of the Shipyard (and, indeed, anyone else with the talent and interest to get involved) comprising of a comprehensive guide to Tamriel and its environs. This would be a mixture of canon lore and (lore-friendly) worldcanons from the community, in which people could chip in on areas of expertise or particular interest. For example, roleplayers of characters of Breton nobility could work on the section about the upper echelons of High Rock society, or those whose characters are particularly esteemed mages of Destruction/Restoration/Alteration/etc. could pen the sections on those.

Basically, what I’m proposing is something like the Pocket Guide to the Empire, but bigger - as all-encompassing as we could achieve, trying to cover the history, geography, society and politics of Tamriel (and the outlying lands such as Akavir, as much as possible, and even the outer planes of Oblivion/Aetherius) in as intricate detail as possible. This would be no small task, as we would need plenty of writers, editors to make it all fit into a cohesive text, and even illustrators and/or graphic designers to make it look all pretty-like. So I’d like to see who might be interested in contributing to something like this.

My working title is: Encyclopaedia Tamrielica, Volume One; by The Imperial Shipyard Folio Society.]