I don’t like the ocean
the water is too pure
too arrogant
too aggressive
it tosses you around 
like you’re it’s bitch
pushes you out on to the sand
and then drags you back in
just so it can throw you back out again

I like rivers
because the water has lived
It’s been stagnant and slow moving
and collected diseases and fended them off
It’s been full and has flowed over
and been sucked into the sky against it’s will 
at times it’s pulse has been strong
and at times it has been weak
the water is murky and full of shit
and it flows anyway into safer, cleaner places
and has flowed back into the shit after it thought that it had finally gotten it right
but no matter how much shit it flows through,
it still flows
and even though it has nothing to offer you
you and the moon are always welcome

It’s easy to judge a hurricane
but a hurricane is just air
that wants to be free
it’s air that’s tired of being breathed in
and used
and made into something that it’s not
it’s air that’s tired of the empty promises
that the ocean has to offer
so it rebels and fights back
takes what it needs
and goes looking for revenge
on those who have taken advantage of it
only to realize that it was wrong in those actions
and not long after that
it fades away forever
leaving miles of destruction behind
in it’s wake
I like hurricanes, too
because I understand a hurricane
I get it
I know what that feels like