When people call me a (2D) animator, all I can think of is this:

My Drawing skills (traditional/Photoshop, 2012): 

My Digital Compositing skills (Adobe After Effects, 2015):

My Editing skills (Final Cut Pro X, 2014):

My 3D modelling skills (zBrush, 2013):

My 3D animation skills (Cinema4D, 2012):

And then there is this…

My 2D animation “skills” (Adobe Flash, 2015): 

So ler me clerify this; I am not a traditional animator! X,D

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Kind of odd AU list
  • “You’re super famous and hiding from the paparazzi after something embarrassing just happened and I just seem to notice you and help you” AU
  • “We’re both late to class and whoops, just as I opened the door we ran into each other and accidentally kissed in front of our class” AU
  • “You’re the only other person in the theatre in this movie because my date ditched me, so why not sit together?” AU
  • “The hotel gave me your suitcases by accident and likewise, whoops here you go, but wow are you my true love?” AU
  • “Both our older siblings are graduating and we met at the ceremony but our families thought we’re dating.” AU
  • “You work at the drive through and your voice is just so attractive hello.” AU
  • “I just have thoughts that you’re a really good hugger and so I just hugged you and I stand corrected.” AU
  • I’m at disneyland with my family and this character keeps bumping into me and it’s my younger siblings favourite, shit, but underneath you’re really cute and we go to the same school what.” AU
  • You fell asleep in public and started sleep talking, I tried to wake you up but now I have a bleeding nose.” AU
  • I dropped my ring and you came to pick it up at a party, but everyone thinks that you’re proposing oh god.” AU
  • “See I did not mean to leave the blinds open and change but now that you’re staring at me…” AU