This is an image that was sent to me via email… what does it mean?

There is a rumor going around that some of our members of our Message in a Bottle Exhibition are affiliated with a secret society. We have noticed that our web designer had embedded something weird things in our Message in a Bottle page of our website, but we had overlooked it until today, when I found that there is a hidden section of the site only accessible with a password. 

I tried in vain to unlock it, but I think I need to look somewhere else for the clues.

I received a note today in my email from someone tipping me off that some of the artists involved may be quite involved and might know something we don’t know. They told me to ‘look for the letters that reveal’ and that ‘the mix of clues will open the passage.” They asked to remain anonymous. 

I am thinking that I might look and see if I can find any clues in their sites or blogs. I hope I can solve this and see what’s going on. I’d like to get to the bottom of this.

If anyone finds anything, let me know. 
I’ll keep you posted on what we find out and if we see any other clues to who or how this got here. Until then, we’ll be looking ourselves.

Good luck.


Olympian All Male performing at Dance For a Cure 2012.

On A Mission||Lily and Natasha



She’d finally managed to decode the message, through her sleep deprived brain, and headed over to the Tower. She doesn’t bat an eyelid at heading in now, and she’s thankful that the security ignores the hip flask in her bag (although, y’know, it’s Stark Tower, bringing booze in wouldn’t be unreasonable.) It was a pretty good place to hide important information, if she does say so herself. She’s no spy, but it’s the best she could think of. She’s directed to the lift, after saying she’s headed to floor ten. 

Being escorted around the place by an omnipotent robot is somewhat less odd now. Except when he starts taking her past floor ten, and much, much further up the building.

"Hey! Yo! Robot dude! Wrong floor! What are you doing?" This is either a shitty Stark prank or I, Robot in real life. Fuck’s sake. 

She swears the robot sounds almost smug when he opens the doors. 

"For your security, Miss Russell."

She rolls her eyes. “A little warning would be nice, robot boy.” Stepping into the room, she catches sight of Natasha.

"Sorry - I was just, er, arguing with a robot?" Smooth, Lily.