Expanded nominations would reduce the damage done by allowing a show like Nurse Jackie to be considered a comedy, or Showtime’s other overt drama, Shameless, to shift into the comedy category. Yes, it got William H. Macy a nomination but did nothing to help the fact that Emmy Rossum has been one of the best drama actresses of the last few years with nothing to show for it.
—  The Hollywood Reporter (x)

Edie Falco, star of Nurse Jackie, was nominated this year for outstanding actress in a comedy series. She won for Nurse Jackie in 2010 and three times for her role as Carmela Soprano on The Sopranos. She joined us this spring to talk about addiction, parenting, and her big break.

Here’s Falco on her Sopranos audition: 

"I went in, and I just did exactly what this character should be in my mind, from my estimation — also knowing that there was no way I’d get cast because I was not the stereotypical Italian-American-looking actress, and I knew who was. There’s something very powerful about going in to just do it for the heck of it.

You know, there’s a huge lesson in there. The pain in life is contingent upon one’s expectations for the most part. … So I was calm and relaxed. … I think I got a call that day or the next day. … It was a monstrous sum of money for me at the time, and all I thought was, “I cannot believe I can pay off my student loans with one check.” … I broke out in a sweat at the size of that relief.”

Edie Falco, star of the Showtime series Nurse Jackie, joins Fresh Air to discuss life in scrubs, addiction, and the years she spent as Carmela Soprano on The Sopranos. Like her character Jackie, Falco herself struggles with addiction. Terry asked if that’s what made her interested in the role: 

"I have to say, I never really know what makes me want to do a role. It’s some sort of wordless place, you know? I imagine that everything I’ve ever been through is contributing on some level to the decisions I make, but I’m not privy to them. …

The addiction piece, I have to say, is a huge part of my life. Not just my own, but that of many people I love. The helplessness around that, and learning to deal with that, and all the various 12-step programs I’ve been a part of over the years, and how much they’ve helped me, and how hard it is to love somebody who is going through that, and remain distant enough to not let it crush you each time. All that stuff is of tremendous interest to me. That keeps me very deeply involved in Jackie’s journey.”

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