The Wreck by clevedon-clarks
Another from yesterday afternoons trip to SS Nornen, wet feet again! 60 sec’s, 10-Stop ND + 0.9 hard edge grad.
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Skeleton could go to museum

A ROMAN skeleton unearthed in Weston could soon be donated to North Somerset Museum for a display on the history of the town.

The skeleton, along with coins and stone foundations, were found during a six-week excavation at Weston College’s Knightstone Campus two years ago.

The items provided archaeologists with the first clear evidence of a Roman settlement in the town.

However, the college decided not to commission a study on the finds, instead leaving it in the hands of the Avon Archaeological Unit.

But this week, the college has said it will open discussions about possibly giving the items to the town’s museum in Burlington Street.

A spokesman said: “Questions on the whereabouts of the skeleton have prompted us to consider getting in touch with the museum to see if they want it for a display.” Read more.

Save someone's life...

Many of you don’t know me, and I haven’t really been on here for ages.

I’m urging all of you to share the link below, it’s for a petition to get the street lights in my home town of Clevedon turned back on.

Boxing day last year, a young soldier lost his life in a fatal car accident on one of the main roads in Clevedon because the entire road was pitch black. A petition has been created to try and get at least half the lights turned back on, not only to potentially save someone’s life, but also to deter criminals as well.

By signing and sharing this, you could easily by saving someone’s life.

Please, spread this around as far as you can, save someone’s life, stop someone being attacked or raped. The young soldier, Ed Heale, didn’t die protecting his country. Don’t let him die in vain.

Please, everyone, reblog this as much as you can. Save someone’s life!!!