Finally get to post some new work!
Edition of 50 reg & 30 variant
More info HERE
These are ONLY available through galerief

Check out the video they made to show how the inks react to the light depending on how you view it.

So happy to show off new work. I’ve been holed up in my studio and have only been able to show sneaks of the inks. So yeah, I will NOT have these at my #NYCC booth (número 120 in the BLOCK area with Jason Edmiston) NO A/Ps and not even the original art. (But i will have a plethora of other sold out and unique prints & originals!!!) So please go through #galerieF if you’re vibing on this print.
Today has sucked. No power all day. So I spent whatever natural light I had prepping for #newyorkcomiccon and being on hold with my landlord and the electric company. #oyvey finally got my power back on and can continue inking another piece for my solo show #screamwithme nov. 7th at (you guessed it) #galerief in Chicago.
We ( #brianewingxhateball) at #metacrypt Will also be releasing a new anime-inspired #Shubzeroth for #NYCC and it will only be available through the Lulubell Toy Bodega Booth.
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