What Your Cat Really Thinks About You

Catsass is run by a self-professed cat lady, who has infiltrated the mind of cats in order to create a fictional sassy cat, hence the name. She has used her ailurophile skills to decode most cats’ sneaky and cunning body language. Beware, what you will read next will not be so pretty or peppy as you may have hoped.

Catsass is serving you with a harsh dose of reality. Remember that cute, fury things aren’t necessarily nice. Hilarious and heartbreaking, we laugh because it’s true. 

Creepy Human

Get A Dog

I Do What I Want

Lucky? Really, Human?

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daikaiju-danielle asked:

I really liked how the 'Cool Kids' legitimately care about Steven. Usually in cartoons all popular teenage characters are jerks, and I like how they changed that up a little.

yea, I loved that too! I like how this show avoids a lot of ‘obvious’ tropes, like jerky teens. I remember being really worried they’d be mean before “Lars and the Cool Kids” aired but it turns out they were really sweet and also total dorks but so casual with each other you can also understand why they’re seen as the cool kids. It’s nice, too, because they’re kind and friendly toward Steven but they’re also prone to the sort of irresponsibility you expect from teenagers, just without the malice you usually seen in teens in media. Like they ignored the police tape in “Lars and the Cool Kids” and messed around with the escape pod in “Joy Ride”, which were definitely irresponsible things to do but they only did them because they thought it was harmless fun.

anonymous asked:

I read a theory (with no spoilers as far as I know) that Hook "bringing Ursula her happy ending" means that he's a savior (like Emma). What? I really really hope that that's not what A&E will write because I just can't see Hook as a savior.

If you’re the person that set up the bad thing in the first place you’re not a hero/good guy/savior for ‘fixing’ it.

Hook is not a nice guy for returning Aurora’s heart.  He took it.  Returning it is less than the bare minimum standards for being a decent human being.

Hook is not  a savior for returning the voice he stole from an innocent girl.  And not even because it was the right thing to do but only because he wanted something in return.

Emma wants to save people because it’s the right thing to do and because she’s a good person.  She could have walked away at any point and had an easier, safer, happier life.  But she stays and she helps even those that have hurt her.  And she doesn’t demand things or expect things.

Hook is not a fucking savior.  That’s such a massive joke.

Ariel, selflessly helping both Hook and Ursula could be a savior.  She got nothing out of saving Hook from drowning or going to get Poseidon.  Hook was shown to use and abuse Ursula when she was an innocent girl and kept her voice all these years.

I swear if Emma were to tell him she needed to be on her own and focus on her relationships with her son, brother, and parents, or if Graham/Neal/Lily were to come back and she were to be romantically interested in them Hook would stop trying to be good in an instant.

On internet hate...

I see awful awful comments on peoples various social media accounts, and youtube is no exception.

What confuses me is why people think that because its a public forum, that they can say whatever the hell they like no matter how awful.

When the person on the receiving end responds or blocks the person, they are then attacked for “not liking it when someone doesn’t agree”.

To those people, let me ask you this- if you had a friend IRL who always disagreed with what you did, told you that you looked bad, called you names and ripped apart every life choice that you made: would you still want to be in their presence?

Probably not because that shit is whack.

If you disagree with what someone is saying or doing and feel compelled to tell them, there are ways of wording things nicely- give it a go sometime.

Alternatively you can just move on along because chances are, it doesn’t affect you AT ALL!

For these reasons, let me make it clear that if you leave me shitty comments, i have no issue with blocking and deleting you. I don’t need to justify those actions to anyone and i want my youtube channel especially to be a NICE PLACE.

As far as what you’re meant to do with all the hateful shit that i won’t tolerate… go for a run or take up knitting.. do something constructive.

Update on the art theft issue

So as some of you may know I recently found out that someone stole my art and is reselling it. This is a bit tricky because I don’t own the rights to Kill la Kill so I can take this down as easily, so I decided to ask him nicely to take it down instead.

He DID respond… by crediting me. Yeah, real virtuous of you.

If you look at his store he clearly has stolen others’ work too but only when I message him, he credits mine only.

I suppose the only thing I can do now is to file a DMCA claim about this, but how would I write around it?

I shouldn’t be giving time to this but

When I say you should stop following depression bloggers I’m saying there are people who want others to feel bad. So they post self harming, mia, ana etc.

They are PROMOTING it

There is a difference between that kind of people and people who are simply victims of their own emotions

And there is ALSO a difference between these people and people who reblog depressed things once in a while because they relate to it. 

You shouldn’t unfollow someone who is struggling. You should help them.

I’m at least 2% sure you can tell the difference

Now if you can please stop sending me hate trying to make me feel bad because I reblog sad stuff, that would be nice. I have feelings, you know?

Have I hurt yours? Nice, you’re gonna hurt me back? That’s edgy.

iknwrite asked:

Why do people on okc use the word fun in that way? They have ruined the word completely and utterly. I'm starting to actually prefer the ones who come out and say what ever vulgar thing it is they want because at least they're being more open about how disgusting they are. Is that weird?

YEP. I never want to “have fun” again now. And they always insist on following it up with a ;) … just in case you were confused into thinking they might be interested in having a nice time with you that DIDN’T involve boning.

thethaumas asked:

fic meme: Drarry and 13!

13: things you said at the kitchen table.

this was really fun, actually! i love writing my ships all domestic-y. i hope you like it! c:

“You really should teach me how to cook.”

Harry looks up, raising an eyebrow as he does. “Why would you say that?”

Draco shakes his head. “If you’re trying to be nice, you can stop that right now.” He pauses, then adds, “Potter.”

Harry snorts. “Okay, yeah, yourr cooking is rubbish, but why would you want me to teach you?”

“Because your cooking is wonderful?” Draco shrugs. “And I like the idea of learning to cook in an entirely Muggle way, you know? It would certainly be a thorn in my father’s side.”

“I think your father probably doesn’t care much anymore about something as small as cooking. You probably struck the final … whatever when you moved in.”

“Yes, well, that’s beside the point. Wouldn’t it be interesting? And, anyway, you can’t cook all the time.”

Harry frowns, searching his boyfriend’s eyes for any indicator that he’s not being serious, but comes up with nothing. But Draco is guarded, so maybe there’s something else there … He knows Harry doesn’t mind cooking, after all, and actually really enjoys watching Draco eat it.

“I have so far,” Harry points out.

Draco sighs. “It’s not like it’s a huge request. I don’t see what the problem is. And you’ve said so yourself that sometimes you’re just too tired to cook. It’s why we have takeout three times a week.”

“Not three times a week,” Harry mumbles, but it seems like he’s very much losing this argument. And, indeed, why is he arguing? It’s not like he really cares. He would probably still cook all the time, anyway, because some people just aren’t meant for it. Those are the people like Draco, who burn everything they try to cook.

“So, will you, then?”

It must be something in his tone, maybe the slight glint in his eyes, or the small half-smile on his lips. Maybe it’s a combination of it all, but either way Harry gives in. “I’m not sure I would be a good teacher, but I can try.”

“You’re a good teacher at everything else you do. Why wouldn’t this be any different?”

“Because it’s one-on-one?” Harry suggests. “And also because if you—”

“Don’t you dare finish that sentence.” Draco’s eyes narrow, but his tone doesn’t seem overly threatening.

“You didn’t even know what I was going to say,” Harry says innocently.

“I have an idea.”

Harry rolls his eyes, but lets it slide away, anyway. “And there’s the fact that I didn’t exactly have the best teacher, either,” he adds.

“Your aunt?”

He nods. “Yeah, she wasn’t exactly kind about anything, but when I messed up at something …” He pauses, at a bit of a loss for words. “Well, let’s just say I didn’t exactly mess up often. She made me do most of the cooking, especially once I got my Hogwarts letter. If they were trying to impress someone with some fancy dinner, she took credit for cooking when I usually did it myself.”

“So you’re afraid you’ll wind up being like that?”

“Maybe. I don’t know. I mean, it’s ridiculous, but I just . . .”

Draco sighs, and takes his hand across the table. “I don’t think it’s ridiculous. And you what? If I think you’re acting out of sorts, I always do know how to fix that.”

A burst of laughter escapes Harry’s throat. “Well, I can’t turn down an offer like that, can I?”

And in that moment, Harry allows himself to think that maybe the way he was raised doesn’t need to define who he is right now.

ask-fnaf-humanoids asked:

How do you come up with such awesome and cute clothes for your characters?

Oh thank you! To be honest I had to examine some kids at my school to see what style each of the four characters would have.

Paphy has a hipster style.

Renga has kind of like a punk rock style

She was a little harder because she has spider legs so I thought dark Victorian dresses or some sort of Gothic lolita look.

Thing has a laid back look when he’s home with nice comfy oversized sweaters but when he’s out and about with the gang he wears hooded jackets and work out pants cause those are really comfy.

……… Can you tell that I love talking about my art ?

theo-oface asked:

*Rolls around* I wish Seto Kaiba were a real person and that he were my friend I would smother him with friendship and love and he would hate it and secretly love it at the same time and it would be fantastic and Mokuba and I would scheme ways to do nice things for him sneakily like hide candies in all of his pockets and it would be a game to try and make him laugh or smile but we would succeeeeeeeeed. >:3!!!!!!! *Headcanons* Wheeeeee~

YES !!




Alright, now that I’m home, going to start churning out the last of the Awakening stuff I’m working on! Then I’m probably going to take a break from making stuff for it. I’ll still reblog others stuff, but drawing anything for it myself has been pretty… off putting for a while. Semi-mini (?) rant under the cut, feel free to ignore as it’s just the things bothering me.

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Sims 4 players...

For some reason a lot of you have started following me lately, that’s fine and nice if you’re here just to see pictures but just heads up; my creations only work in Sims 2 so don’t try to install those to your games because they won’t work. Also no, I have no interest in Sims 4 so I also won’t be making things for it in the future either.

And for anybody looking to convert my items: I’m fine with that, just tag me or drop me a link to show me what you did and never ever ever put anything that uses parts of my creations behind, any site that pays per download or other shady pay link or file host like that! I’m not making money from my creations and neither should you! (added that bit to my FAQ page too)

anonymous asked:

You need to have more self confidence. You are handsome, funny, intelligent, kind, nice to your followers, and run a dang good blog. Never feel like you aren't any of those things because you are. I am so happy I follow you. We love you, never ever feel like you are not good enough.

I love you too <3 :)

hello everyone! it is apparent that for the amount of activity i have here, i have somehow managed to garner myself a follower count that i don’t deserve. i’m really really thankful for all of you who have decided to follow me despite my lack of activity all this while. in the grander scheme of things, i do know that 700+ followers is meagre to some others, but to me it means the world because i don’t know what i’ve done to deserve all of you. 

so right now i won’t be doing a follow forever, since i’m sure all of you do know who makes nice gifs and edits and graphics and all, so what i’m gonna do is to thank you people, especially those who i’ve seen so much on my tumblr activity.

we’ve never spoken before, but i do want you to know that i’m grateful that you’re all following me.

so here goes (not in any order, not even alphabetical because i’m that unorganised):

depanlaptop, huang-shit-tao, itsmyturntocryy, riolanx, koroshiyas, bubblctea, flowerboysandramyun, otp12exo, selupsis, senpaiz, the-kpop-effect, miraclesinyehet, @jaeeunilan, exonerateme, wuyifancy, yeahetsehun, exozhang, bobbyfckshanbin, kyungnini, helenstern, kkamlu, seharem, xiingxingg, kyungsoocositabonita, 9493kaisoo, bassileka, kimchill1415, tsukishimuh, in-do-isle, sadeggtart, wheeeiffeltower, @kai-soon, dvosa, tenshimyeon, taohvn, yeol-nicorns, crazy4ks, chenpagne, sleepnssn1ghts, @findingsoo, jongini88, ifuckedkyungsoo, dreamwolfhl, dokyunnie, yeqon

there are of course many more people i wish i could thank, but i don’t have the luxury of time to type the whole list out, so i do hope that all of you know that i love you! also, many thanks for the edit kyungseouls and go follow her too hehe!!

anonymous asked:

Ur making making dissy being annoyed with pinkie in the show sound like a bad thing it's kinda annoying me don't do that. Just because a character is annoyed with another character doesn't mean anything. Friends get annoyed by each other all the time but they still like each other. It's just being annoyed isn't a good enough reason to dismiss a ship nice try though

But…. no?

Every time Pinkie and Discord is on screen together, they rarely get along. Discord would pry her off or she’d yell at him and be suspicious. Really she’s more fond of his magical candy clouds than him when you think about it.

They’re still friends but it’s not really much of a ship. I actually find it really boring. :’)

Ship what you wanna, not gonna stop you. But nice try dismissing my dismissal of a ship <3

Okay so Eurfloria is a super awesome game (currently in humblebundle too) and it’s really mellow and trippy (but in a good way, not a headache inducing way).

I really, really recommend it as a game for anyone that suffers with anxiety, because it’s not only mega soothing (pretty pastel colours and laid back beats) but you still have to focus so it’s also really great if you’re struggling with intrusive thoughts or are having a bit of a manic patch and need grounding.

There’s also like, an extra mellow mode if you just need to chill and not worry, because at times it can be challenging, so if you want more focus, do the normal mode, if you need just some immersion in an environment that’s safe and relaxing, just switch over.

I mean seriously look at this thing.

Super pretty space flowers~

So many soothing colours and sounds

It’s just really nice to look at~

So yeah. Anxiety or intrusive thoughts or mania? Try it. None of the above? Meh, I’d still recommend it. Which is unusual for me of this type of game.

EDIT: Oh and the sounds aren’t like, memorable melodies either, so you don’t have to worry about getting sound loops stuck in your head.

anonymous asked:

Hey hun, Catia here! Too lazy to log off the spamano blog so eh, I'm on anon. Anyways, passing by to tell you how amazing you are because everyone needs to be reminded of that now and then yeah? Your face is absolutely adorable and I just wanna protect you forever tbh, you're so cute ;A; you're also so nice whaaat? Like seriously how can you be so nice?? Anyways have a nice day yeah? Ps: I wanna pinch your cheeks ughh